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Two blocks are connected by a string and pulley. On the left side the block weighs 90 grams while on the other side it weighs 110 grams. Assuming that the string and pulley are massless, the magnitude of the acceleration of each block is?

Sarah wants to install new carpet in her living room. The small square is titles 2yd by 2yd and will not be carpeted. How many square yards of carpet will she need if its 6yd by 4yd? ---------------6yd---------------| |. | |. I ______ I 4yd I I 2yd I I_2yd_I_______________|

Solve the system by graphing. x+y=−2 y=13x+2 Thanks jiskha,com :)

let x width 3x+6 its length 6x+2x+12=188 or 8x=176 or x=22m width length 22*3+6=72m please search GOt it in itunes app

H S Algebra
Kelly made a 94 and an 80 on the first two science tests. What does she need to make on the third test to have at least a 90 average in the class?

Account -2
Based on the financial statements for Jackson Enterprises (income statement, statement of owner’s equity, and balance sheet) shown below, prepare the following financial ratios. All sales are credit sales. The Accounts Receivable balance on January 1, 20--, was $21,600. ...

Calculus Help Please!!!
Find dy/dx for the following: a. y = x^π b. y = π^x c. y = x^x d. y = π^π e. xy = π

social studies
For real this argument is freakin crazy.

leadership skills
The trait approach to understand leaders.


The solution to the equation 3/8 = 5/16+x-1, how do you obtain the answer x = 17/16

44% of adults say cashews are their favorite kind of nut. You randomly select 12 adults and ask each to name his or her favorite nut. Find the probability that the number who say cashews are their favorite nut is (a) exactly three, (b) at least four, and (c) at most two.


electricity and electronics
when all parts oof a circuit are composed of conducting materials,the circuit is said to be A.parallel B.shorted D.closed

Suppose that you’re facing a straight current-carrying conductor, and the current is flowing toward you. The lines of magnetic force at any point in the magnetic field will act in A. the same direction as the current. B. a clockwise direction. C. the direction opposite to...

which of the following will result in a chemical change?A.melting ice to obtain water B.evaporating alcohol into vapor.C.drying wood in ashed D.burning coal in a furnace

Stickman is driving a dragster. He does the quarter mile in 4 seconds and at the finish line is speed is 100m/s. He deploys his parachute after he crosses the finish line and wished to slow to a speed of 10m/s in 10s. What diameter parachute does he need if the drag force is ...

Which of the following values represents an index of refraction of actual material?A.0 B.1/4 C.1/2 D.5/4

an oceanographic research vessel comes across a volcano under the sea. The top of the volcano is 450 ft below the surface and the sea floor is -6700 ft. What is the height of the volcano. I believe it would be this true

Math Help
How can you turn this word problem into an equation: One number is twice another number. The larger number is also 32 more than the smaller number.

The substitution of a monosubstituted benzene is regioselective. If it had been completely random, what would you expect the ortho:meta:para product ratio be? And why?

Ap Chemistry
thank you, i understand now! that was so much clearer than my instructor's explanation.

Ap Chemistry
Hi, I'm working out this question for homework, but i'm a little stuck. How many g of sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3) and 4.836 g of sodium carbonate must be dissolved in 750 mL of H20 in order to make a buffer with a pH of 10.27?? the ka of sodium hydrogen ...

John's present age is five years more than thrice the present age of his son. Five Years hence, John's age will be fifteen years more than twice the age of his son at that time. Find the present age of John and his son. J=3*S +5 J+5=15+2*(S+5) Find J

can anyone help with this? suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y Step 1: Solve for y in equation (...

suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y what class/level is this for 8th grade math

2x+28<6x Step 1: Subtract the ones with the same variables... 2x+28<6x -2x. -2x -------------- 28<4x Step 2: Divide the numbers 28/4=7. 4/4x=x Answer: 7<x OR x>7