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  1. Chemistry Help Please!!!

    Which two orbitals overlap to form the sigma bond between C and H in C2HF?
  2. Math 7 A

    Thank you Ms. Sue
  3. Math 7 A

    Walter had 2/4 yard of string he used 1/2 of the string for a school project. How many yards of string did he use for his project?
  4. Chemistry

    For n=5 l=2 we get 5d, which has 5 orbitals and added s and p (1 and 3) we get 9.
  5. Math - fractions

    Name 4 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7
  6. Physics

    A 50-kg ice skater moves around a bend at 8 m/s. The radius of the bend is 8 m. Centripetal force is provided by friction between the blade of the skates and the ice. What is the amount of centripetal force?
  7. Math

  8. Science


    a swimmer develops an average of 200 watts in a distance of 100m in 80 seconds. what is the force resistance in the water?

    79X190 find (a) the net electrical charge of the nucleus, (b) the number of neutrons, (c) the number of nucleons, (d) the approximate radius of the nucleus, and (e) the nuclear density. I have already determined B and C. I only need to know the equations for A, D, and E Thank you
  11. geometry

    The sides of a quadrilateral are 3, 4, 5, and 6. Find the length of the shortest side of a similar quadrilateral whose area is 9 times as great.
  12. calculus

    4. You are at Lowes and a man is leaning against three sections of fencing that are 6,7 and 12 ft long. A Lowe’s person tells him to discard the 12 ft section and buy a 10ft section. She informs the customer that this would save money and would fence a bigger triangular ...
  13. calculus

    3. Your neighbor puts tiger on his flat roof shed. You and another neighbor argue over the ht of the tiger. At a distance of 80 ft from the shed your angle of elevation from the ground level to the top of the shed is 5.74 degree. The angle of elevation to the top of the tiger ...
  14. calculus

    2. A spin balancer rotates the wheel of the car at 480 revolutions per min. if the diameter of the wheel is 26 in what road speed is being tested in the miles per hour? Round to the nearest tenth
  15. calculus

    1. A hill with a 35 degree grade (incline with horizontal) is cut down for a roadbed to a 10 degree grade. If the distance from the base to the top of the original hill is 800 ft., How many vertical ft will be removed from the hill rounded to the nearest ft
  16. College Algebra

    Which of the following is equivalent to (2x-3)^2=25 ? A) 2x - 3 = 5 B) 2x - 3 = -5 C) 2x - 3 = 5 and 2x - 3 = -5
  17. math

    how do you make 9=6 (using roman numerals ) be equal on both sides
  18. physics

    In the ballroom of a historic palace near Paris, a chandelier hangs from the ceiling by a cable. The mass of the chandelier is 390 kg. Find the tension in the cable.
  19. physics

    A 10-kg duffle bag is undergoing a vertical acceleration of 0.050 m/s2 (positive for up, negative for down), while its owner is holding it with an upward force. What is the magnitude of this force?
  20. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  21. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  22. physics

    Actually I didn't know that formula haha. Thanks!
  23. physics

    A 32.0-kg penguin on frictionless ice holds onto the end of a horizontal spring with spring constant 250 N/m and oscillates back and forth. What is its period of oscillation?
  24. physics

    A 50-kg penguin stands on ice. A helium balloon is attached to the penguin by means of a harness and pulls upward with a force of 90 N. What is the normal force of the ice on the penguin?
  25. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  26. Math

    How do we know the ith of an invertible matrix B is orthogonal to the jth column of B^-1 , if i is not equal/unequal to j?
  27. Math

    What is the simplified sum when you evaluate 10/15 + 1/4
  28. 12th grade

    Id say... b
  29. algebra 1

    x^2-18x+___=( )^2
  30. 12th grade agebra 2

    For the first one : You put X = x² Then you have (variable change) : X² - 6X + 8 = 0 And you use common tools to solve that (use delta). You find X = 2 or X = 4. You have x² = X, so x = sqrt(X) or x = -sqrt(X). Here, the solutions are sqrt(2), -sqrt(2), 2, -2. ...
  31. 12th grade

    Simple equation : X = -sqrt(2)/sec(1/4) = -sqrt(2)*cos(1/4) It's not a round value.
  32. 12th grade

    I don't agree Anonymous. To solve 2nd degrees equations (aka find the roots of a trinomial function), you have first to put it to this form : ax² + bx + c = 0 (where a, b and c are reals) Then you have to calculate its discriminant (its delta) : Δ = b² - 4ac...
  33. science

    What holds atoms together in a molecule?
  34. science

    What is matter in which every particle is identical?
  35. science

    what is the increase in volume as temperature increases?
  36. Geometry

    I need help on the things like tevrey square is a rectangle please helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Geometry

    I know that a rectangle is a square but I am not sure of the rest.
  38. Geometry

    IS Evrey rectangle a square or is evrey rhombus a paralleogram. I forgot these things need help!
  39. Fourth Grade Geometry

    Is evrey rectangle a square? Or is evrey parallegram a rhombus I forgot.
  40. AP CHEM FULL ?

    could you please explain how you know that compound E is NH3 and compound A is nitric acid