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  1. English- Subject/Verb Agreement

  2. math

    what is the slope of the linear function
  3. math

    The data in the table illustrates a linear function. x, -3,0,3,6, y, -6,-2,2,6
  4. math

    ok thats what i thought thank you
  5. math

    Simplify 4!
  6. maths

    ohhh nevermind, I understand that scott was doing. my bad lol
  7. maths

    scott is correct although I don't think B is.
  8. history

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States A)industrial jobs B)inexpensive land C)the promise of freedon D)expensive land in home country
  9. Math

    A large university is interested in learning about the average time it takes students to drive to campus. The university sampled 238 students and asked each to provide the amount of time they spent traveling to campus. This variable, travel time, was then used conduct a test ...
  10. history

  11. history

    thats what im stuck on
  12. history

  13. history

    the question was about lincolns assassination
  14. history

    reed that is the text
  15. history

    Explain why Lincoln's assassination put the future of the nation in question.
  16. Social studies

    its for connections academy
  17. Social studies

    it is the unit 2 lesson 12 test the marshall county contract
  18. Social studies

    “What kind of arrangement is agreed to in this contract?”
  19. math

    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invest some money at 5%, and $1600 less than that amount at 3%. The investments produced a total of $144 interest in 1yr. How much did he invest at each rate?
  20. spanish

    explain the significance of the song guantanamera
  21. Math

    I have tried to look up some but it’s no use google just sucks for me and here’s a couple -13x=-65 r/7=-8 b-10=-14
  22. Math

    I really need help with unit 5 lesson 14 Equations and inequalities unit test I have been working on this for days but I just don’t get it
  23. 9th grade math

    i spelt my name wrong lol
  24. Physics

    Find the de broglie wavelength of a 1500-kg car when its speed is 80 km/h. How significant are the wave properties of this car likely to be?
  25. Physics

    Can someone tell me what the mass of mars is compared to the earth? Mars mass is 6.39 × 10^23 and Earth mass is 5.972 × 10^24 thanks. :3
  26. Math

    How many squares with sides that are 6 inches long are needed to cover a square with a side length of 30 inches without overlaping?
  27. algebra

    also can anyone solve this A printing company uses the formula C=0.5x+10 to find the cost of printing x business cards which equation correctly solves the formula for x?
  28. algebra

    Rearrange the formula KE = 1/2 mv^2 for m
  29. math

    Which number can be added to a rational number to explain that the sum of two rational numbers is rational? a: pi b: 3 7/8 c: square root of 8 d: square root of 47
  30. Physics

    A rocket that weighs 7840 N on earth is fired. The force of propulsion is + 10 440N. Determine a) the mass of the rocket, b) the acceleration of the rocket, c) the velocity of the rocket at the end of 8.0 s.
  31. math

    Beth leaves her home on her bike, traveling down a long country road, at the rate of 8 mph. Her brother, Brandon, left 15 minutes after Beth on his golf cart along the same country road, traveling 12 mph. How long will it take Brandon to catch up with Beth?
  32. algebra

    When using the big hose and the small hose, Sam can fill her pool in 15 minutes. The small hose when used alone takes 60 minutes to fill the pool. How long would it take Sam to fill her pool using only the big hose? Don't understand how to set up equation.
  33. Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech

    someone is correct of course comeone has to be correct naruto
  34. Math

    Answer should be on pg 858 in your book
  35. Calculus

    My question is with a multi-part homework assignment that we got in class. The information given is : A factory manufactures widgets. The rate of production of widgets after t weeks is widgets/ week. The equation for this is dx/dt=30(1-(20/((t+20)^2))). The actual questions ...
  36. Physics

    1)We consider a hot-air balloon of mass 251 kg (basket and envelope). The spherical envelope of the balloon has a diameter of 19 m when fully inflated. To what temperature (in °C) must the enclosed air be heated for the balloon to carry five standard men? Assume the ...
  37. geometry

    A rectangle has a length that is 2 less than 3 times the width. If the perimeter is 84, find the dimensions of the rectangle.
  38. geometry

    Help!!! Line segment EF in the xy-coordinate plane has endpoints with coordinates (-4,9) and (6,4). What are two possible locations for point G so that G divides EF into two parts with lengths in a ratio of 1:4?
  39. geometry

    I have no clue to this. Please help. Line segment CD has endpoints with coordinates (1,2) and (9,6). What is the location for point E so that E divides CD into the ratio 3:1?
  40. Math

    Write the ratio in simplest form. 50:10 A.25:5 B.10:2 C. 5:1 D.1:5 Is the answer C?
  41. math

    you have an account which pays 10.4% annual interest, what is the minimum amount which must be invested to have $4,000 in 11 years, assuming you compound a. daily b. continuously
  42. Math

    If 1 bag of mulch covers 2 cubic feet, how many bags of mulch do you need to cover a garden three inches thick, eight feet long, and four feet wide?
  43. Math

    you use ttm dont you
  44. Government

    its right
  45. Life Orientation

    For my question
  46. Chemistry

    I know this is pretty general, but it is the question. What can you say about the energy spread of the radiation emitted by an atomic gas?
  47. Physics

    An organ pipe that is open a t both ends has a fundamental frequency of 382 Hz. What is the length of an closed end pipe that has a fundamental frequency exactly one octave higher? Report your answer in m.
  48. partail fraction-maths help!plz

    x^4+3x-2/[(x^2+1)^3(x-4)^2]=Ax+B/(x^2+1)+Cx+D/(x^2+1)^2+Ex+F/(x^2+1)^3+G/(x-4)+H/(x-4)^2 find A,B,C,D,E,F,H thank am tired of solving holy jesus!!!
  49. sociology of

    i can not access the web page at bobpursley..and yes am a university graduate...
  50. math

    Your company recently made a purchase of 25 identical tables. The purchase price after adding 5% sales tax was $1,706.25. You later realize that you only needed 20 tables. If you decide to return five tables, what would be the refund amount before tax?
  51. Math

    What shape has 21 faces and 14 vertices
  52. Algebra A

    I, agree with Steve so the answer would be 76. Please do not post Aops alcumus problems on other websites. If you need help, go to the alcumus forum and post there.
  53. One Math

  54. Mathematics

  55. Math

    What are the true answers?
  56. Math

  57. Chemistry

    Everything is correct, except "E" is Hydrogen Bonding because there is a Hydrogen directly bonded with the Oxygen.
  58. algebra

    Complete the table below to solve the equation 2.5x − 10.5 = 64(0.5x). x f(x) = 2.5x − 10.5 g(x) = 64(0.5x) 2 3 4 5 6
  59. Mathematics

    The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 165 and a variance of 16. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 156.2 pounds. What is the probability that a single, randomly selected ...
  60. Math

  61. math

    can someone tell me why 9/15 is equivalent to 3/10 I cant seem to figure it out,??
  62. Psychics

    a ball is projected horizontally from the edge of a table that is 2.00m high and it strikes the floor at 2.40m from the base of the table. what is the initial speed of the ball
  63. World history

    What is the difference between the Sunni and the Shiite Muslims? Why did they split?
  64. World history

    What role did caliph play in history ?
  65. algebra 2 A

    someone please give me some inital velocitys for fireworks lolol
  66. Social Studies

  67. Math

    6.5 feet
  68. math

    the ratio of gas to ethanol is 17 to 3, how much ethanol is in 600 gallons of mixture
  69. PreChem

    Classify each of the reactions. precipitation, acid-base neutralization, redox C2H4(g)+3O2(g)----> 2CO2(g)+2H2O(l) Cu(s)+FeCl2(aq)---->Fe(s)+CuCl2(aq) HI(aq)+LiOH(aq)---->H2O(l)+LiI(aq)
  70. civics

    it is libel
  71. Algebra please help

    koop is real is right i just toke the test and i got a 100%
  72. Chemistry

    I figured it out, the numbers a really 0.236-0.141, I was looking at the wrong Reduction half-reactions.
  73. Chemistry

    Consider the following description of a voltaic cell: A 1.0 M solution of Ni(NO3)2 is placed in a beaker with a strip of nickel metal. A 1.0 M solution of SnSO4 is placed in a second beaker with a strip of Sn. The two beakers are connected byba salt bridge and the two ...
  74. Science

    ud my man it's obviously D because it looks complicated
  75. Chemistry

    a solution of 25 ml of HCL is neutralized by 42.5 ml of 0.10 M concentration of NaOH.Need to write a balanced equation for the reaction
  76. math

    @no name. i’m really sorry, i think it depends on what state you’re in because i’m in texas :p my bad bro
  77. math

    these are the real answers. i took the test. D C D C C C A D A C B D C C D C A A
  78. math

    Two people start from the same point. One walks east at 4 mi/h and the other walks northeast at 3 mi/h. How fast is the distance between the people changing after 15 minutes? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)
  79. physics

    hummingbirds beat their wings 1500 times in 30seconds calculate frequency and the period
  80. Chemistry

    when electricity is passed through water, the water decomposes into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. when 10.00 kg of water were decomposed this way, 5788 l of oxygen gas were produced at 25 degrees celsius and 1 atm pressure. what is the percent yield of oxygen by volume?
  81. Chemistry

    If the density of ethyl alcohol is 0.789 g/mL, how many quarts can be produced by the fermentation of 100.0 lb of sugar?
  82. physics please help

    Two carts with masses of 4.20 kg and 2.44 kg move toward each other on a frictionless track with speeds of 4.92 m/s and 3.87 m/s respectively. The carts stick together after colliding head-on. Find the final speed.
  83. Business Statistics

    Customers arrive at a movie theater at the advertised movie time only to find that they have to sit through several previews and prepreview ads before the movie starts. Many complain that the time devoted to previews is too long (The Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2012). A ...
  84. science

    the neuron that transmit the signal to your foot to kick a soccer ball are called reflexes motor neurons sensory neurons interneurons
  85. science

    the neuron that transmit the signal to your foot to kick a soccer ball are called reflexes motor neurons sensory neurons interneurons
  86. Chemistry

    hey i have that question too!! is urs on a test by chance??? I'm confused by e
  87. chemistry

    If you mix 50 grams of NaHCO3 in 2.0 liters of water, calculate molarity & molality
  88. Check my social studies(PLEASE)

  89. science

    thx james
  90. social studies

    Yes thank you I got 7/7!!
  91. geometry

    My problem is with a parallelogram that has three numbers which are 88 degrees,104,and 80. Then the fourth on is 8x minus 2 how do I slove this
  92. Health part 2

    The answers is B. becuase I took the test
  93. science help plzzz

    thx, I got a 100% the answers are a,c,a,c,d
  94. physics PLEASE HELP ME

    6.49 m/s
  95. Astronomy

    Cheating on the final exam, I see. :P Dont. Try to figure the answer out yourself!
  96. Astronomy

    Cheating on the final exam, I see. :P Dont. Try to figure the answer out yourself!
  97. math

    suppose that a, b, c ,and d are positive integers whose sum is 100 and a-c=5.What is the greatest possible value of ab-cd answers
  98. math

    Joel walked 2/5 of a mile to the store, 3/10 of a mile to the library, and 1/20 of a mile to the post office. let X = the total distance Joel walked. how far did he walk?
  99. Math

    PLEASE HELP! Im in 3rd grade!
  100. Math

    Stefan drove 558 in 9 hours. He then drove 120 miles in 3 hours. What was Stefan's average speed for the whole trip???
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