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A car traveling 56 km/h is 21.0 m from a barrier when the driver slams on the brakes. The car hits the barrier 2.17 s later. a)What was the car's constant deceleration before impact? b)How fast was the car traveling at impact?


I am trying to figure out a lettern pattern and what comes next A,Y,C,W,__ __ ___ I need to explain the rule for this pattern but I am having a hard time

two tuning forks are struck at the same time. one tuning forkhas a frequency of 20hz while the second tuning fork has a frequency of 226 hz. How many beats will result?

two tuning forks are struck at the same time. one tuning forkhas a frequency of 20hz while the second tuning fork has a frequency of 226 hz. How many beats will result?

A significant difference between monopoly and perfect competition is that: A. free entry and exit is possible in a monopolized industry but impossible in a competitive industry. B. competitive firms control market supply but monopolies do not. C. the monopolist's demand ...

What is the probability that a random sample of 25 swimmers results in a sample mean of 49 seconds or less?

Two readings are taken from an aircraft's flight record Time - 08:55 Distance travelled - 957 Time - 09:07 Distance travelled -1083 For the period of time between the two readings, how do i calculate a)the distance travelled in kilometres and b)the average speed of the ...

0.0256 over 25

Using your knowledge of atoms describe reasons the paper's physical properties are different from the water's physical properties...Please Help

"18 M sulfuric acid is need to prepare 250 ml of a 6.0 M solution" - this is an M1V1 = M2V2 type problem. For help have a look at Meanwhile, using chemCal on the iPhone ( the answer is: 83.3 ml

"5.61 moles of KCl and 2.11 kg of water?" Well, water has a density of 1g/ml. So, 2.11 kg, is 2.11 liters. Therefore you have 5.61 moles in 2.11 liters. Molar is moles per liter, therefore, 5.61 / 2.11 = 2.66 M. For help on moles and molar have a look at cal.culate....

the formula said 23%

Multiple Choice: For each of the given family incomes, find the maximum amount the family should be able to spend on a house. Family income: $61,575 a)$163,936.50 b)$153,836.50 c)$153,937.50 Family income: $54,800 a)$138,500 b)$137,000 c)$138,000

I can't figure any of these problems out any help would be nice peace. Show all steps used to solve the problem. 1.5n + 6 = -4 3.b/-3+5=7 4.17-x/4=-10 5.If 3a - 9 = 6, what is the value of 4a - 1? 6.

please, can anyone help us?

Here are some descriptions and I need to know the correct character: 1.I complained and became a leper 2.I was able to interpret dreams because God revealed them to me 3. I was Jacob's deceptive uncle 4.I was the father of Israel's second King 5.I stole some gold from ...

MBA Econ
Business Week, in an article dealing with management, wrote, "When he took over the furniture factory three years ago...[the manager] realized almost immediately that it was throwing away at least $100,000 a year worth of wood scrap. Within a few weeks, he set up a task ...

MBA Econ
Engineers at a national research laboratory built a prototype automobile that could be driven 180 miles on a single gallon of unleaded gasoline. They estimated that in mass production the car would cost $40,000 per unit to build. The engineers argued that Congress should force...

For information on moles and molar have a look at: and

a compound that has positive and negative ions in a regular pattern or crystal is an_______________

spanish sra jmcguin
1. a toy that I had, when young, was a black bear, that I bought in a store. 2. una amiga de infancia ( literally is: a friend from when I was an infant) however is one of those translations that you adapt to the language, so I would say: Sarah is a friend that I know since ...

chemistry help
Molecular weight os AgNO3 = 169.87 You have 29.66 g, therefore you have 29.66 / 169.87 moles = 0.174 moles. This is in 100 ml. Molarity is moles per liter, so, 0.174 x (1000/100) = 1.75. Concentration of the solution = 1.75 M. Worked out with chemCal for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Science (urgent)
Suppose 13.7kJ of heat are removed from 33.5g liquid sample of ethanol at 26.8^oC. When all this heatis removed from the substance, at what temperature and in what states will you find the substance?

Well for the first part I know you need a verb (ser) so I think son should be in there and i am pretty sure it is mis since lasses is plural. and for the second part you could say you don't like them instead of you don't enjoy them which would be no me gusta.

How did you find that value for K?

I am not quite sure how to do this problem, it doesn't seem to fit into any of my given equations: A gas has a volume of 35.5L and a pressure of 765mmHg at standard temperature. If the same sample is placed in a 56.0L container and the pressure is measured at 0.92atm, ...

Economyst, why do you bother posting things like "I agree" for mutiple choice questions? Your opinion doesn't matter if "agree or disagree" aren't even options for a viable answer champ.

college physics
why nobody is answereing for physics

college physics
An oscillator consists of a block attached to a spring (k = 299 N/m). At some time t, the position (measured from the system's equilibrium location), velocity, and acceleration of the block are x = 0.0817 m, v = -16.9 m/s, and a = -108 m/s2. Calculate (a) the frequency (in...

spanish to english
two sports that are needed ball to ball

5th grade
T-table Y X 1 -3 3 1 5 5 7 9 a) y=2x-5 b) y=3x-4 c) x=4y-3 d) y=7x-2 which equation does relate to the t-table???

world history
what was the document posted to the door of the University of Wittenberg by Marin Luther, that challenged the beliefs of the catholic church.

world history
who is the Italian explorer that traveled to the Caribbean on three occasions but was never convinced that he had discovered a new world.

IN Beef Flat


social studies
What is china's involvement in the World trade Organization?

Re - gurublue
its not writing an essay im having trouble with its writing about baptism in different churches. thanks anyway.

Re - bobpursley
i am so sorry to ask again for help but i am struggling a bit with my homework.thanks for finding the website before. i need to write an essay about baptism in different churches. i have used some of the information on the website you kindly found. i was off school when we ...

Re - Re teachers
Thankyou for your help .

Re - bobpursley
Sorry typing error. what happens during a baptism in a catholic church ,anglican church ,ortodox church and a baptist church. if there are any websites that explain it simply it will be a great help. thankyou for answering so quickly

Re - Re teachers
what has during baptism in a Orthodox church , a baptist church, an anglican church and a catholic church? thanks

I am doing a power point on hydraulic brakes but I can't find any diagrams of a simple hydraulic brake that points out all the parts but isn't to hard to understand like th ones in the textbook. Does anyone know of any good pictures on the web? thanks:)

chem, balance
Need 25.25 g of each reactant for CO2 +O2 + CO2

correct answer for C is 1.8

appliance repair
The rotor in a shaded-pole motor consists of a. coils energized by alternating current b. a short-circuited loop of copper wire c. a permanent magnet d. an iron cylinder

How many volts does a Printer have? thanks

Ap Physics
3 N

What does it mean to vary the sentence pattern within a written work?


U.S. History
What are two things the Cherokee did to fit into Georgia's society

the corresponding sides of similar polygons are ?

Physics (Motion)
A ballon rises at 14m/s, a boy in the ballon throws a ball straight up at 24m/s. How much later does he catch the ball?

So is the answer 74.2g? Or did i do something wrong?

What am i supose to do here? A chemist performs the following experiment: 2FeCl3 + 3CaCO3 ---> Fe2(CO3)3 + 3CaCl If he starts with 105g FeCl3 and excess CaCO3 how many grams of CaCl2 will he obtain? Thanks, ~Nick

Ohhh, thanks Damon!

Can someone help me with this calc problem? lim as x->0 (tan^3 (2x))/(x^3)

Thanks for the help, I know what to do now. :D

Also , another similar question that I am having trouble with is lim as x->0 (tan^3 (2x))/(x^3)

How do I evaluate lim as h->0 [5((1/2)+h)^4 - 5(1/2)^4]/h

10th grade
the corresponding sides of similar polygons are?

mass of star = 3.80 x 1030 kilograms mass of planet = 6.35 x 1024 kilograms mass of moon = 7.63 x 1022 kilograms average distance from star to planet = 1.56 x 1011 meters average distance from planet to moon = 4.26 x 108 meters Use the data above to determine the net force ...

in/out function rule
input is 0,1,2,3 output is 5,5.5,6,6.5

The earth orbits the sun once a year (3.16 multiplied by 10^7 s) in a nearly circular orbit radius 1.50 multiplied by 10^11 m. With respect to the sun, determine the following. (a) the angular speed of the earth

At t = 0, a particle moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration has a velocity of vi = (3.00 i - 2.00 j) m/s and is at the origin. At t = 2.00 s, the particle's velocity is v = (6.60 i + 4.00 j) m/s. Find the acceleration of the particle at any time t. (Use t, i, ...

i am having trouble caculating denisty, volume and mass with solid shpes and liquids. can you help

.109mL times 3.68kJ released for every mL = .40112kJ released by reaction 3.68kJ is given already. It is the amount of energy released per mL Take the calculated .401kJ and divide by moles of Zn which is mass\molar mass This gives delta H per mol of Zn

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
Dr. Bob222 I am sorry for my improper use of grammar. (not intended in a smart alike way.) you are buying beads and string to make a necklace. The string coast $1.50; A pack of 10 decorative beads costs $0.50; And a pack of 25 plain beads costs $0.75. You can only spend $7.00 ...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
you are buying beads and string to make a necklace. The string coast $1.50; A pack of 10 decorative beads costs $0.50; And a pack of 25 plain beads costs $0.75. You can only spend $7.00 and you need 150 beads. You wish the necklace to be as decrative as possiable. How many ...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
you are buying beads and string to make a necklace. the string coast $1.50 a pack of 10 decorative beads costs $0.50 and a pack of 25 plain beads costs $0.75 you can only spend $7.00 and you need 150 beads you wish the necklace to be as decrative as possiable how many packs of...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
i solved for the longer equation and got a=b+4 i put that in the smaller equation and got b-2=b iam confused

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
when i solve for the variables i cancel everything and i don't get an answer

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
the tens digit of a two digit number is 6 more than the units digit. the number is 36 more than the number when the digits are reversed/ what is the number?

2nd grade
Let's see 3+1= 3+2= 3+3= etc...

In the sentence: After school, we ran to the playground. is After a preposition?

is the word homework a prefix

7th grade
what is 2.56 grams equals _____ miligrams

social studies
i need help on this west verginia ohio valley river

home ec
What should you always use when handling hot utensils?

english maybe?
unscramble this word rashpkbao means nosey word

A hot air balloon has just lifted off and is rising at the constant rate of 2.2 m/s. Suddenly one of the passengers realizes she has left her camera on the ground. A friend picks it up and tosses it straight upward with an initial speed of 11.6 m/s. If the passenger is 2.5 m ...

does anyone know how to do the "train switcheroo" problem?

social studies
why was it difficult to gain ratification of the articles of confederation

Kayla, D is the answer. The correct sentence should be "I credit my success to luck and determination". That answer is probably in response to the question "who do you give credit to for your success?"

6th grade
can anyone help me I need to know how to get the prime factorization of a number using exponents

mentor high
What is the density of carbon dioxide gas if 0.196 g occupies a volume of 100 ml?

Research Writing
This is an example of an annotated bibliography below. First, you put the reference, then a very short summary about the main points of the essay. Without the summary, it's just a reference, get it? Hope this helps. 1) Wilson, A.M. (1998). Public Schools Dress Codes: The ...


Two approaches to measuring patient outcomes are: 1) Applying process management to occupational medicine – this process involves frequency and timing of patient visits, referral patterns for consultation and diagnostic testing. 2) Communication: physician-employer-...

What is a convex polygon and a nonconvex polygon?

Health-care facilities, such as Partners Health-Care use EMRs (Electronic medical records) to boost patient safety, manage chronic illnesses, and improve the efficiency of their practice. The EMR technology used at Partners HealthCare is secure. It gives their caregivers the ...

Ethnic Diversity
Slavery is an issue that creates animosity between many people. The equal rights, Black Power, and desegregation movements are all products from this idea. The concept of glass ceiling, walls, and escalator (this is a concept where one person can not move forward, upward, or ...

critical thinking
in the future how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: read, write, process information

how can the period from 1783-1789 be viewed as simply a transitional period instead of a critical time. Please i need a lot of information about how it was simily a transitional period with some developments.

Nicotine (mg) Filtered Kings Nonfiltered Kings n1 = 21 n2 = 8 sample mean = 0.94 sample mean = 1.65 s = 0.31 s = 0.16 Suppose you were to conduct a test (at the 0.05 significance level) to test the claim that king-size cigarettes with filters have a lower mean amount of ...

Critical Thinking
You're right Brandon. It is more important to be sound than valid when building arguments of importance.

IT 210 Pseudocode (Help needed ASAP)
I believe you would have to convert the hours to minutes than add the two: Input Reading Time Hours Input Readig Time Minutes Input Assignment Time Hours Input Assignment Time Minutes ReadingTime = (hours * 60) + minutes AssignmentTime = (hours * 60) + minutes Total Time = (...

research writing
Full-sentence outlines are more beneficial than topic outlines because an outline can be vague while a detailed sentence can serve as a great tool to help you write a better paper. If someone asked me “Wouldn’t it be simpler for me just to write my paper than to ...

research writing
Full-sentence outlines are more beneficial than topic outlines because an outline can be vague while a detailed sentence can serve as a great tool to help you write a better paper. If someone asked me “Wouldn’t it be simpler for me just to write my paper than to ...

health care administration
De-institutionalization of the mentally ill has had an enormous impact on the mentally ill, the community, family members and taxpayers. The family members of the mentally ill were adversely affected by the De-institutionalization of their mentally ill relatives as they have ...

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