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two vectors have unequal magnitudes. can their sum be zero? explain

answer is not 324

What is the sum of all the possible values of a for which 25x^2+(a−15)x+9 has exactly one distinct real root?

The difference of the cubes of two consecutive odd positive integers is 400 more than the sum of their squares. Find the sum of the two integers.

Evaluate lim x→−∞ (−7x/√x^2+14)+8

Gymnasts can do all sorts of ridiculous tricks on various equipment. In the rings event, the gymnast is supported by two rings attached by cords to the ceiling (see a picture here). If a gymnast weighs 75 kg and is motionless on the rings, what is the tension in each cord?

Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball quite hard. A golf ball just after being hit by Mr. Woods has a kinetic energy of 100 J and a momentum of 3 kg m/s. What is the mass of the golf ball in grams?

A mouse runs 3 m east and 4 m north in 5 seconds. What is the magnitude of the mouse's average velocity during its run in m/s?

Out on my street, there are a certain number of pigeons sitting on telephone poles. If there were exactly 2 pigeons sitting on each telephone pole, then 1 pigeon would have no space to sit on. If there were exactly 3 pigeons sitting on each telephone pole, then there would be ...

math 6
Jordan has 4/5 as many DVDs as Joseph means joseph has more DVDs than Jordan. number of joseph's DVDs * 4/5 = 56 so number of joseph's DVDs= 56 * 5/4 = 70

how did you get that???

To pass her English Test, Lucille must get 75% of the items correct. Out of 80 questions, how many must she correctly answer?

social studies

General mathematics
A population starts with 1000 individuals and triples every 80 years. a. give an exponential model for this situation b. what is the size of the population after 100 years?

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