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density = mass/volume rearrange to mass = volume x density mass = 550 mL x 0.0013 g/mL = xx g.

How can it be correct if you used C instead of Kelvin? V1/T1= V2/T2 V1 = 3.0 L V2 = solve for this T1 = 22 + 273 T2 = 45 + 273

Why should it decrease. Charles' Law says that volume increases if T increases. T went from 22 to 45. That's an increase and V should increase. The only think you have done wrong is to use degrees C for temperature. Charles' Law works only for KELVIN.

V1/T1 = V2/T2 It doesn't seem right to me either. You haven't used the 291 at all AND you used 350 C without converting to Kelvin. 1/291 = V2/623 Solve for V2