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how many chloride ions are in 0.28 mol MgCl2?

Science help ASAP
didn't help but thank but nnnnnnnoooooooo.....

Two identical small spheres of mass 2.0g are fastened to the ends of an insulating thread of length 0.60m The spheres are suspended by a hook in the ceiling from the centre of the thread. The spheres are given identical electric charges and hang in static equilibrium, with an ...

Dress code

Dress code
What are some cons about dress codes?

language arts
'C' can work too. both 'c' and 'd' can be seen openly. not 'a' and 'b'

language arts
in a way an interrogation can be heated. emotionally and physically that is.

language arts
i agree with Writeacher on the second question. the answer is 'd'

language arts
for the first question i believe the answer to be both 'c' and 'd'

First of all, you have two opinions to choose from. either the 22 pages per day or the 35 pages per day. In my opinion, i suggest finding a number in the middle of the two options; either 28 or 29. I'd go with 28. now 90 divided by 28 gives us about 3.2 days.

ok, im not good at physics but i'll give it a try. this may be a silly question but the ground they are on is snow right?

poetry, please comment
Thats is really good.

world history
correct? 17. Toyota's remarkable growth as a multinational company is uniquely associated with which of the following? A. Kaizen and jidoka *B. Kaizen and chaebols C. Jidoka D. Chaebols _______________________________________ 18. From 800–1200, the Khmer and Mon ...

The answer is in joules but I have no idea how to get there using the sound intensity formulas :(

At a rock concert, the sound intensity 1.0 in front of the bank of loudspeakers is 0.10 . A fan is 30 from the loudspeakers. Her eardrums have a diameter of 8.4 .How much energy is transferred to each eardrum in one second?

Three point charges have equal magnitudes, two being positive and one negative. These charges are fixed to the corners of anequilateral triangle. The magnitude of each charge is 5 microCouloumbs, and the lengths of the sides of the triangle are 3.0cm.Calculate the magnitude of...

earth science
surface ocean currents located at 40 degrees south latitude 90 degrees west longitude generally flow toward the northeast?

Not really, I mean that literally translates to "he learns rapidly because he is intelligent." In English that doesn't sound redundant. I guess it just depends on how it sounds to you.

english: critical thinking
I just made a 100 0n this quiz and the answers are as followed. 1.D 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.B 6.B 7.A 8.A 9.A 10.D