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  1. english

    A is the correct answer. (on PLATO)
  2. Chemistry

    The emission of high energy particles from the nucleus of an atom is called A. radioactivity B. electromagnetism C. transmutation D. radioactive dating I said A. as my answer. The definition of radioactivity is worded differently in my book though so I wanted to check if my ...
  3. Physics

    How much energy is need to raise 50 kg of warm water from 45 celcius to 80 celcius?
  4. 11th grade

    a particle is completing 5 revolution per second in a circle of radius 6 cm.calculate its linear velocity and the centripetal acceleration acting on it.
  5. math

    Hose A can fill a pool in 4 hours. Hose B can fill the pool in 2 hours.If both hoses are turned on at the same time, how long will it take the pool to fill?
  6. Help ASAP

    pay back, Net present value, and Internal rate of return methods. Nucore company is thinking of purchasing a new candy wrapping nachine $370,000. The machine should save the company approximately $70,000 in operating per year over its estimated useful life of 10 years. the ...
  7. Accounting

    Lock boxes Anne teak, The finanicial manager of the furniture manufactures, is considering operating a lock box system. she forcasts that 400 payments a day will be made to lock boxes with an average payment size of $2000. The bank charge for operating the lock boxes is $.40 a...
  8. Accounting ASAP

    Forcasting Payments If firm pays it's bill with 30 day delay, what fraction of it's purchases will be paid for in the current quarter? I following quarter? What is it's payment delay is 60 day. Assuming that this company opened its doors on Jan 1st (no previous ...
  9. Accounting

    Working capital Management Indicate how each of the following six different transactions Dynamic mattress might make would would affect I) cash and II)Networking capital A) Paying out a $2 million cash dividend B) A customer paying a $ 2500 bill resulting from a previous sale...