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What volume of oxygen gas at STP would be needed for the complete combustion of 39.0 grams of octane ?

I need help with a poem with a Subject,Rhyme,Rhythm,Alliteration,Assonance,and a Metaphor. with 6 lines. This was due 3 weeks ago and I have no clue what to write about or do.

AP Chemistry
Q - An electrochemical reaction occurs between an unknown element and zinc. The half-cell reaction for the zinc is: Zn(s) ? Zn2+(aq) + 2e? The cell potential for the reaction is Eºcell = 1.83 V. Is the reaction spontaneous or nonspontaneous? Explain. What is the half-cell...

How do you find the least positive angle that is conterminal to 3pie

In the case of a negative externality: Select one: a. the private market does not produce enough of the good. b. market price reflects the social costs of production. c. efficiency requires that the government impose a subsidy. d. market price reflects only the private costs ...


A test consists of 12 multiple choice questions with 5 choices for each question. As an experiment, you GUESS on each and every answer without even reading the questions. Probability of getting less than 4 questions correct on this test is:

Ali needs to fix plug inside the wall, he then buy a steel plug that is going to be placed in a ring made of aluminium. At 15 degree celcius, the diameter of the plug is 10.765 cm and that of the inside of the ring is 10.432 cm. What common temperature must both steel and ...

Eelectrons, like all forms of matter, fall under the influence of gravity. if a electron is projected horizontly with a speed of one-tenth speed of light, how far will it fall in traversing 1 meter of horizontal distance.

thank you bobpursley

How many ml of water should I add to a 5 ml NaOCl ( 5.25%) to make it 1.0%. Thank you.

economics please help
The majority of the world’s diamonds comes from Country A and Country B. Suppose that the marginal cost of mining a diamond is $1,000 per diamond and that the demand schedule for diamonds is as follows: Price Quantity $ 6,000 5,500 5,000 6,500 4,000 7,500 3,000 8,500 2,...

calculate the % (w/v) for the following solution: 28.0 g of solute is dissolved in 200.0 ml of water to give the solution with a density of 1.10 g/ml

i couldn't figure this one out. Materials, such as water, that become gaseous easily at room temperature are called volatiles. How does the complete lack of volatiles in lunar rocks support the impact theory of moon's formation? please help and thank you

how does the size of the moon's core support the impact theory of the moon's formation? please help and thank you

space science
how does the size of the moon's core support the impact theory of the moon's formation? please help and thank you

alg 2
If the b is not part of the exponent, my last response was incorrect.

alg 2
I answered this question in your last post.

(5/6)(-8/1) Multiply the numerators together to get the new numerator. Multiply the denominators together to get the new denominator. Simplify to get the answer.

Alg 2
You only factor out what all of the terms share. Not all of the terms share 2b as a factor (only the -16ab and +32b terms can have a 2b factored from them. The 2b in the 2a^2b term is in the exponent, which can't be used as a factor.) So what do all 3 terms share? That'...

Alg 2
2a^2 - 16ab + 32b = 2(a^2 - 8ab + 16b^2) = 2(a^2 + 8(2b - ab)) (DanH made a mistake: The 32 should be a 16 since a 2 was factored from it)

implicit differentiate this equation in terms of y x^2y^2=(y+1)^2(4-y^2)

Math- brain teasers!
why is it 13?

physics/algebra HELP!!!!
i am having so much trouble rearranging these equations! i know the answers to them but i don't understand how to get them.. The original equation is W= Q(B-C)/C what is B? what is Q? What is C? B is supposed to be C(W+Q)/Q Q is supposed to be WC/(B-C) and C is supposed to...

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