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solid mechanics
A Piece of material 15 cm long by 2.5 cm square is in compression under a load 100 KN. If the modulus of elasticity of the material s 105 GPa and Poisson¡¯s ratio is 0.25, find the alteration in length if all lateral strain is prevented by the application of uniform...

A car covers a distance of x,while moving at 54km/1 in 15sec.Find the value of x

oin AC and DE. Triangles AFE and DFC are similar. so AF/FC = AE/CD = AE/EB also AE + EB = AB ie AE +234AE =AB so AE/AB =1/235 so AF/FC = 1/235 FC = 235 AF now, AC = AF +FC = 236AF ie AC/AF = 236/1 ie AC : AF = 236 : 1

There exists only one solution and the whole challenge is in proving the fact that there does not exist any other solution. So here we go... Let's add both these expressions. Then as per the problem, 7(a^2+b^2)=c^2+d^2 Clearly LHS is a multiple of 7 and so RHS must be a ...

0.935 divided by 0.5

A sphere of radius 4 cm iss carved from a homogenous sphere of radius 8cm and mass 160g. the mass of the smaller sphere is

mgh=1/2mv^2 To find h sin 20= h/3 Put h and g in above equation and you are happpy :)