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X ki power6 - y ki power 6 factorise

Sol: Given 25x^3-36x Factor out the common term x =x(25x^2-36) =x[(5x)^2-(6)^2] We know that a^2-b^2=(a+b)(a-b) so,now =x(5x+6)(5x-6) Final answer: =x(5x+6)(5x-6)

a wheel with a diameter 63 cm, when goes round 1000 times will cover a total distance of


A) solve for the number of grams of Ca2+ ion in a solution prepared by adding 1 gram of calcium oxalate powder to 100 mL at pH 9. (B) explain what happens to the dissolved Ca2+ calculated before if you reduce the pH of this solution to 2.

a log that is 50 cm long is cut into 2 pieces one of the pieces is 8 cm shorter than the other one. how long is orginal log and if the original log is cut into equal pieces how long would each piece be

Concentrations of Cs-137 reached 29KBq/kg in reindeer meat after the 1986 Chernobyl accident. How many grams and picograms of Cs-137 were initially found in 1kg of meat in 1986?

Chemistry, Physics (Radiation Toxicology)
a) Na-22 decays in two ways. In 100 atoms of Na-22 decaying, how many would decay by positron emission and how many would decay by electron capture? Why is the yield of photon gamma (+/-) so high? b) In 100 decays of Ra-226, how many decays would result in emission of one ...

I need 10 questions of how to prevent/help children from performing violent actions towards others at school