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if you wanted to simplify, we would get 5t--2t = 5t+2t = 7t

look at above answer

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Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!!
calm down: first expand 2 (8a^2 + a -1), so we get 2*8a^2+2*a-2*1 = 16a^2+2a-2. Then we expand the second expression 3 (a+3) to get 3*a+ 3*3 to get 3a+9. Then we add both expressions together to get 16a^2+2a-2 + 3a+9 =?

holy heart
herpity derp. If a number is divisible by 5, it must have five or 0 in its ones digit. Thus, five must be in the ones. 6 can be in 1 of 4 places. So can 5 and 4 and 3 and 2. So, the answer is....

you should proably first simplify 64t-16t = 48t. Then, 48t=s. Plug it in, see what you get.