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A cannon ball is fired straight up into the air at a speed of 80 ft/sec from a height of 2 ft. a)when will be the cannon ball be 98 feet in the air. b) when will the cannon ball hit the ground?

hi PETER, In the first question you didn't say anything about how the risk is measured,and at what level of plasma chloesterol concentration the risk starts with . and in the second one , how many times that person smokes per day , and how it is effective on the risk i ...

algebra help mrs. Sue
3)there are two medians -2 and 3 , so the median is the mean of -2and 3, that's (-2+3)/2 = 1/2=0.5 mode is an average , you can not say there is no average for a given data , so here any value can be taken as the mode 8) the mean = -1.25 median = mean of -1 and 0= -1/2= -0...

5th grade english