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As a result of chemical or physical reactions when heating/cooking foods: 1.will it make certain fruits(example plums,durian,banana,apple) to change from sour to sweet or vice –versa? 2.will it help to make foods that has gone slightly bad to be safer for eating? Please ...

Calculate how much charcoal(carbon) is needed to reduce 40kg of Fe2O3

Thank You

Thanks, I appreciate your help

I'm sorry ,I just needed an example on the differences between the two.

Examples of why city people are more educated and open-minded whereas the country people are usually illiterate?

What skills do you learn living on a farm to living in a city ?

How Do I think of One Specific and Significant question as I was reading The Book , My Brother Sam Is Dead by Christopher Collier & James Lincoln Collier

I Need To Write a 1 1/2 page on a personal narrative about an incident in your life.Though it does not have to be entirely true, select a familiar topic that you are comfortable with. I need help on deciding what topic I want to write about, and also help on writing my essay. ...

Jessica Zelinka, a Canadian heptathlete won a gold medal in javelin throw at the Pan American games in 2007. Suppose h(t)= -5t^2+15t+1 represents the approximate height, in meters, of a javelin t seconds after it is thrown. a) Write a statement that corresponds to the quotient...

English dialogue
i want english dialog question & answer

For the reproduction of yeast which sugar is best,regular suger,splenda,equal or sweet and low?give the reason why it is best.why do splenda don't produce carbon dioxide during yeast fermentation? splenda, equal, are not sugars that yeast can digest.

For the reproduction of yeast which type of suger is best,regular suger ,sweet and low,splenda or equal? regular sugar

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