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  1. history

    Which identifies continued French colonial interests following World War I? France exerted authority over its colonies through elevating local puppet dictators in an attempt to regain control. France supported self-determination movements to allow their colonies to reach ...
  2. history

    In what ways did New Imperialism negatively impact colonial holdings? (Select all that apply.) Imperial powers often suppressed local religious beliefs and practices in favor of Christian faiths. The removal of resources and construction of railroads often led to deforestation...
  3. history

    I'm going to go with C I think that goes with the question more than the others
  4. history

    it says that it expanded economic aid to other countries but a is wrong it doesn't say anything about communism and the expansion
  5. history

    What impact did the Reagan Doctrine have on the Soviet Union? The Reagan Doctrine extended economic aid to first-world nations in an attempt to supplant Communist leanings. The United States extended the Roosevelt Corollary to include the Soviet Union from expanding ...
  6. history

    How did social media shape the Syrian civil war? The Free Syrian Army held national debates on social media to determine the next leader of Syria. Both factions used video footage from battles on social media to gain political and economic support internationally. The Syrian ...
  7. history

    How has the use of e-commerce impacted local markets? Virtual economies have emerged to meet the needs of online shoppers that favor the use of digital currency, causing inflation and reducing the size of local markets. Internet-based shopping has consolidated spending and led...
  8. history

    Which option most accurately identifies characteristics of Operation Barbarossa? a It was the attempted aerial and amphibious assault on the British Isles by Germany. b It was the German invasion of the Soviet-controlled Poland during World War II. c It was the Nazi rescue ...
  9. history

    is it A
  10. history

    What led to conflict in Bosnia between the Bosniaks and Serbians? Free elections in Bosnia promoted a Serbian Revolution that sought to rid the region of Bosniaks through mass deportation. Expansion of the European Union led to tighter controls over ethnic diversity throughout...
  11. history

    Which most accurately describes the overall international response to the crisis in Darfur? No nations sent military aid, and few held benefit rallies. Many nations sent food, but no one sent medical supplies. Many nations sent financial aid, but few sent military aid. Some ...
  12. history

    thank you so much
  13. history

    Which defines Sharia? social status among fundamentalist Muslims the strict interpretation of the Islamic law code a discarded custom of ritual military aggression an interregional association to aid lost travelers B?
  14. history

    no A was incorrect that's what the system said
  15. history

    it's not C, or A the right answer is D,B,E
  16. history

    is the other one states that had been...
  17. history

    What options best indicate ways in which the collapse of the Soviet Union affected other governments? (Select all that apply.) States that had been under Soviet control became free to plot their own futures. Ambassadors to the former Soviet Union had to be reassigned to the ...
  18. history

    is it A
  19. history

    Which shows a way in which Muslims attempt to maintain their cultural identity in today’s diverse world? maintaining traditional customs and dress, as well as the Islamic faith organizing marches to protest policies of nonbelievers reconciling the principles of the Koran ...
  20. history

    Which most accurately explains how the Pacific nations of Vietnam and Indonesia became economic powers? They followed the Japanese model of success, and shipping became fast and affordable. They exploited the abundant natural resources of Southeast Asia to corner the ...
  21. history

    Which identifies the term for the genocide of more than 6 million Jews by the Nazi Regime during World War I? the Holocaust Nanking Massacre the Killing Jewish Massacre is it A?
  22. history

    What was the significance of the Gothic Line? a It was a line of convoy trucks that supplied the Allies as they attempted to take Italy from Axis control. b It was a set of fortifications in Italy that gave the Allies the upper hand when they broke through to wrest control of ...
  23. history

    can you help me with more
  24. history

    scratch that out it's A ? forget i said c
  25. history

    When the stock market crashed in 1929, it had a ripple effect that impacted European nations, among others. In what specific way were European economies tied to the US economy? a.They all adhered to the gold standard. b.All were awaiting repayment by Germany. c.Their economies...
  26. history

    do you have a phone number so you can help me I'm taking an exam and I want to make sure my answer are correct
  27. history

    What impact did World War I have on Russia? Russia’s territorial losses in the Baltic region led it to sign the Versailles Treaty to end its involvement. Russia’s shattered economy forced the sale of territory to finance its war efforts on the eastern front. Russia&#...
  28. history

    can you help me with more questions
  29. history

    How did World War I contribute to political change in Russia? Russia’s victories in World War I led to Czar Nicholas’s abdication and retirement. War on the western front devastated Russia’s army, causing Czar Nicholas to abdicate. Fuel and food shortages caused...
  30. history

    Which offers one reason for how industrialization led to imperialism? a British factories eliminated the need for inexpensive human labor. b British factories eliminated the need for overseas agricultural development. c British factories required the raw materials that could ...
  31. Algebra

    I’m confused. Please show your work. Mine keeps getting 12.2
  32. physics 2

    the primary coil of a transformer has N1 = 375 turns, and its secondary coil has N2 = 1,875 turns. If the input voltage across the primary coil is ?v = (120 V)sin ?t, what rms voltage is developed across the secondary coil?
  33. Business calculus

    The RideEm bicycles factory can produce 100 bicycles in a day at a total cost of $10,100, and it can produce 120 bicycles in a day at a total cost of $10,700. A)Find a linear function that models the total cost for RideEm to produce x bicycles B) what are the companies daily ...
  34. Math

    Ok.... :(. Thank you I guess we will just leave it blank?
  35. Math

    There weren’t any fractions either, I wrote the problem just as it was on the worksheet.
  36. Math

    There was no graph
  37. Math

    Adam used three fractions to make a circle graph and colored each a different color. What fraction of the graph is not colored? Explain your answer.
  38. Algreba

    Solve the following linear equation and simplify your answer. ?18(y+34)=38(y+18)
  39. spanish

    A simple route to appreciate other languages and cultures is to explore how your own language and culture have been influenced by other cultures. To help you do this, take a few minutes and discuss in Spanish (1-2 paragraphs) aspects your culture has borrowed from Spanish ...
  40. Math

  41. physics

    There is a van that is being pushed by a car. The car is pushing the van from the van's behind. The van's mass is 4M and the car's mass is M. If the max force that the ground can provide to the car's tires is F, then what are the max forces between the car and ...
  42. calculus

    Use series to evaluate the limit. limit as x approach 0 [1-cos(5x)]/[1+5x-e^(5x)]
  43. calculus

    Evaluate the indefinite integral as an infinite series. [cos(x)-1]/x dx
  44. math

    Greg's age is 2 years more than 1/3 of steve's age. Molly is 5 years older than Greg. Which equation can be used to find Molly's age, m, based on Greg's age, g, and steve's age, s?
  45. Calculus/Optimisation

    A skateboarded decides to jump off a ramp. The path of the jump from the ramp can be approximated by: h = -3t^2 + 6t + 1 Where h is the height above the ground in meters, s is the horizontal displacement and t is the time after leaving the ramp in seconds. Find the maximum ...
  46. Calculus/Optimisation

    Yes the question is typed correctly but thank you!
  47. Calculus/Optimisation

    A real estate manages 80 apartment units. When the rent of each unit is $180 per month, all units are occupied. However, for each $6 increase in rent, one of the units becomes vacant. Each occupied unit requires an average of $18 per month for service and repairs. What rent ...
  48. Physics

  49. Algebra

    given two consecutive integers. The sum of three times the first integer and four times the second integer is 95. Find the integers
  50. College Algebra

    given two consecutive integers. The sum of three times the first integer and four times the second integer is 95. Find the integers
  51. chemistry

  52. chemistry

    How much energy is required to increase the temperature of 755 g of iron from 10 ?C to (40,679 J)?
  53. Math-Geometry

    Thank You, I will try to do well on my test tomorrow.
  54. Math-Geometry

    AB=3/4 BC=-4/3 CD=3/4 DA=-4/3 Paragraph Beginning-In Order to Prove that the rectangle ABCD is a quadrilateral, there must be four right angles. Middle-AB=3/4 BC=-4/3 CD=3/4 DA=-4/3 AB=CD BC=DA End-Since each of the two segments are an opposite reciprocal to each other, the ...
  55. Please I have struggled and i am unable to find the answer

    Please I have struggled and i am unable to find the answer
  56. Math-Geometry

    For coordinates A(1,-4) B(5,-1) C(8,-5) D(4,-8) Prove ABCD is a rectangle through the use of a coordinate paragraph.
  57. math

    Eight friends went to a hockey game. The price of the admission per person was $x. Four of the friends paid an extra $6 each for players guide book. Write and simplify an expression that represents the total cost.
  58. Math

  59. Math

    Alan wants to spend 1/5 of his money on a toy and 1/4 of it on a book. If he has $20, how much money will he have left over?
  60. Chemistry

    A calcium sample weighting 607.4 mg was precipitated as oxalate and calcined calcium carbonate giving 246.7 mg. What the percentage of calcium in the sample? Calcium molecular weight: 40.078 g/mol CaCO3 molecular weight: 100 g/mol
  61. Chemistry

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  62. Chemistry

    In the reaction of formation of sodium chloride (NaCl), 15 g of sodium is placed in contact with 20 g of chlorine. What is the reactant in excess and its mass in excess?
  63. Math

    How do you get $1.60 out of 23 coins that are only nickels and dimes
  64. Chemistry

  65. Chemistry

    If 0.250 L of aqueous solution with a density of 1.00 g/mL contains 13.7 g of pesticide, express the concentration of pesticide in (a) ppm and (b) ppb.
  66. Chemistry

    The density of an unknown gas is 1.23 g/L in 330K and temperature 25.5 pressure kPa. What is the molar mass of the substance?
  67. Algebra 2

    You and a friend take turns driving on a 450 mile trip. Your friend drives for 3.5 hours at an average speed of 60 miles per hours. What must your average speed be for the remainder of the trip if you want to reach your hotel in 4 more hours?
  68. Chemistry

    What substance is acting as the Brønsted-Lowry base in the forward reaction below? H2O + NH3 yields NH4+ + OH-
  69. algebra

    how to solve this problem using grouping symbols. 4^2 -5 x 2+1=1
  70. math

    DeWitt Company sells a kitchen set for $320. To promote July 4, DeWitt ran the following advertisement: Beginning each hour up to 4 hours we will mark down the kitchen set 8%. At the end of each hour, we will mark up the set 3%. Assume Ingrid Swenson buys the set 1 hour 30 ...
  71. math

    An Apple Computer Center sells computers for $1,192.80. Assuming the computers cost $10,080 per dozen. a. Find the dollar markup for each computer. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Dollar markup $ b. Find the percent markup on cost for each computer. Percent markup % ...
  72. math

  73. Mathematics

    A shop offered a special on socks and handkerchiefs for Father's Day. For k50 you could buy 7 pair of socks and 3 boxes of handkerchiefs or for K24 you could buy 3 pair of socks and 2 boxes of handkerchiefs. A. From a pair of simultaneous equations for the given ...
  74. Math

  75. Urgent =Math

    Tell whether this survey describes a good sample and if so, name the method of sampling used. A phone company randomly calls 6 names from the phone book to find whether the person is satisfied with the phone service. yes, random yes, systematic***** yes, stratified not a good ...
  76. Urgent =Math

    17. Tell whether this survey describes a good sample and if so, name the method of sampling used. Every sixth person leaving a restaurant is surveyed to determine their favorite food from the menu. yes, random******** yes, systematic yes, stratified not a good sample 18.Tell ...
  77. math

    it would take the roach 23 seconds to scurry away
  78. Stats

    WOW, I worked on that for 25 minutes.. It took you only a few.. I'm just staring at these questions and painting nails... lol. Thank you so much ;)
  79. Stats

    The host of a dinner party purchases wine based on the weighted average of clarity (10%), bouquet (5%), friendliness to the palate (5%), storage ability of opened bottles (40%), and price (40%). Suppose that Bone Ranch Wave has scores in these categories of 4, 5, 3, 8, and 9, ...
  80. Chemistry

    3 x 10^23 molecules of element Z have a mass of 38 g. What is the mass of 1 mole?
  81. Chemistry

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  82. Chemistry

    To neutralize 8.34 ml of HCl 36.5% by mass and density = 1, 2 g/cm3, the required volume of 5 mol/L NaOH will be?
  83. Chemistry

    To neutralize 8.3 4 ml of HCl 36.5% by mass and density = 1, 2 g/cm3, the required volume of 5 mol/L NaOH will be?
  84. Pre-Calculus

    suppose y is directly proportional to x. if y=6 when x=4, find the constant of proportionality and write the formula for y as function of x. Use your formula to find x when y=8.
  85. Chemistry

    Determine the mass, in grams, of water contained in 0.25 litres of aqueous solution that has 10% dissolved salt and density equal to 1.10 g/cm3
  86. Anyone Help ASAP!!

    I found out my mom is right it is B
  87. Anyone Help ASAP!!

    During the Civil War, all of the battles and most of the population of Florida were' A.) in the interior of the state B.) in the north of the state C.) in the south of the D.) on the coasts of the state Everyone in family disagrees. My mom says B. I say D. Sister says C. ...
  88. Chemistry

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  89. Chemistry

    Knowing that the milk of magnesia contains 8 g% of Mg (OH)2, using 1 g of milk of magnesia and added 50 mL of 0.100 M HCl, determine the required volume of a solution of 0.105 M NaOH to titrate the excess HCl 0.100 M.
  90. Chemistry

    20 mL of a solution of HCl concentration, neutralized 0,50 g of Na2CO3. What is the Molarity of the acid solution?
  91. Information Technology

    Hope this helps: An executable virus is a non resident computer virus that stores itself in an executable file and infects other files each time the file is run. The majority of all computer viruses are spread when a file is executed or opened.
  92. Urgent Plz Help?!?!?!?

    Thank you @Ms.Sue is: 1.)D 3.)B 16.)C
  93. Urgent Plz Help?!?!?!?

    you asked me to post my answers and you would check them but you won't check them so much for helping me
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    I updated my answers
  95. Urgent Plz Help?!?!?!?

    1.) A 2.) B 3.) C 5.) A 6.) C 11.)B 13.)B 16.)C 18.)B Can you check these Reed sorry
  96. Urgent Plz Help?!?!?!?

    1. which factor contributed most to increase importance of literature in American culture during the 19th century? A.)the success of major social-reform movements B.)the spread of utopian communities throughout the nation C.)the migration of European intellectuals to the ...
  97. History

    2.The writings of Transcendentalists had the greatest influence on which of the following movements? A. Labor movement B. Women's movement C. Civil rights movement D. Counterculture movement I am stuck between 2 answers: B and C which is correct?
  98. Review

    Here is my answer that I have submitted: When I encounter a part of a lesson or math problem that makes me feel stuck or confused I just skip it and come back. I only have a limited time to complete everything so when I see a problem I can't figure out I skip it and come ...
  99. Review

    I just skip over it and ask for help but I don't want to put that because I don't know what she will think of that can you give me an example and I can explain it?
  100. Review

    When you encounter a part of a lesson or math problem that makes you feel stuck or confused, what do you do? How do you help yourself get unstuck and back on track?