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  1. math

    1.The sample space for a roll of two number cubes is shown in the table. (1,1)|(1,2)|(1,3)|(1,4)|(1,5),(1,6) (2,1)|(2,2)|(2,3)|(2,4)|(2,5)|(2,6) (3,1)|(3,2)|(3,3)|(3,4)|(3,5)|(3,6) (4,1)|(4,2)|(4,3)|(4,4)|(4,5)|(4,6) (5,1)|(5,2)|(5,3)|(5,4)|(5,5)|(5,6) (6,1)|(6,2)|(6,3)|(6,5...
  2. math

    1. Tammy mixes the letters S, C, H, O, O, and L thoroughly. Without looking, Allen draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that Allen will not select a consonant. 5/6, 0.833, 83.3% 2/3, 0.667, 66.7% 1/3, 0.333, 33.3%**? 3/2, ...
  3. Science

    When 2-propanol was used as the developing solvent, two substances moved with the solvent front (Rf = 1) during TLC analysis on a silica gel plate. Can you conclude that they are identical? If not, what additional experiment would you perform?
  4. Chemistry

    A solution contains I-, Br- and OH- ions. If Ag+ is added, what will the precipitate(s) be?
  5. morgan

    A Gantt chart is good for planning but not an effective tool for control. . True False
  6. chemistry

    If the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas are known, which can most likely be found by using the ideal gas law?
  7. Algebra

    Simplify each polynomial. 6g + 8k - 9g + 2k
  8. Math

    A florist sold bouquet of red roses to 15 of the first 20 customers who came into his shop. 1. What is the experimental probability that a random customer in that group bought a bouquet of red roses? 2. Based on the experimental probability, how many bouquets of red roses ...
  9. Math

    A florist sold bouquet of red roses to 15 of the first 20 customers who came into his shop. 1. What is the experimental probability that a random customer in that group bought a bouquet of red roses? 2. Based on the experimental probability, how many bouquets of red roses ...
  10. Math

    3m/2/3=7 can someone help me with this question.
  11. Math

    Thank you
  12. Math

    3m/2/3=7 How can I solve this problem? I need your help
  13. chemistry

    If 14.50mL of 0.25M sodium hydroxide reacts completely with 25.0 mL of hydrochloric acid, what is the concentration of the hydrochloric acid?
  14. Math

    Amman hikes 2 3/4 miles of nature trail in 1 hour and 15 minutes. How many miles of trail does Amman hike per hour?
  15. 8th Grade Social Studies Unit test

    What is all the answers? please help 1. What significant affect did the Treaty of pairs, signed after the french and Indian War, have on France? a.France had to Withdraw to its empire in central and South America. b.France had to allow the British to claim and settle the Ohio ...
  16. Math

    The variables p and q have the same numerical value but the opposite sign; that is, one is positive and the other is negative. If -3*p + 4*q is positive, what can you say about p and q?
  17. Math

    A deep-sea exploring ship is pulling up a diver at the rate of 25 feet per minute. The diver is 200 feet below sea level. How deep was the diver 10 minutes ago?
  18. Math

  19. Math

    An elevator is on the twentieth floor. It goes down 11 floors and then up 5 floors. What floor is the elevator on now?
  20. Math

    When Steve woke up. His temperature was 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Two hours later it was 3 degrees lower. What was his temperature then?
  21. Math

    What's the missing number? 5+3-6-8+4-?= -9
  22. physics

    A basketball rolls to the right with a velocity of 4 meters per second. It is pushed up and accelerated up for 2 seconds with an acceleration of 4 meters per second . Then for 1 second it is pushed and accelerated down with an acceleration of 12 meters per second . What is its...
  23. math

    A kite flying in the air has a 12ft line attached to it. Its line is pulled taut and casts an 11 ft shadow. Find the height of the kite. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  24. Chemisty

    8g of hydrogen is burnt in the presence of excess oxygen.the mass of water formed is?
  25. Mayh

    76 times a number minus 72 equals to -65 less than a number
  26. social studies

    Yes I think it's D
  27. Math

    Consider the following series: 1,2,3,4,5,10,20,40....which starts as an arithmetic series? ...but after the first five terms becomes a geometric series. Prove that any positive integer can be written as a sum of distinct numbers from the series. I know how to do the base case
  28. kenowa hills

    When should the interviewer gather and organize the tools needed for the interview? A. during the pre-interview stage B. during the interview stage C. during the post-interview stage D. during the presentation stage
  29. HISTORY HELP plsssssssss

    ofcourse its b
  30. algebra

    so the cabin cruiser caught up in 3/2 hours?
  31. algebra

    a boat leaves the harbor and travels 11 mph toward a small island. 3 hours later, a cabin cruiser leaves the same harbor and travels 33 mph. how many hours after the cabin cruiser leaves the harbor will be next to the motorboat
  32. calc

    the verticale line on the velocity time graph is in the negatives
  33. calc

    what does a straight vertical negative line mean on a velocity and time graph?
  34. Genetics/Bio

  35. Maths

  36. math

    b.9cm I had this question on my math quiz.
  37. physics

    A truck loaded with sand accelerates along a highway. The driving force on the truck remains constant. What happens to the acceleration of the truck as its trailer leaks sand at a constant rate through a hole in its bottom?
  38. math

    As part of a​ 3-day workout plan to prepare for a​ triathlon, an athlete ran 7 and one eighth718 miles​ Monday, 11 and one third1113 miles​ Tuesday, and   14 and one sixth1416 miles Wednesday. How many miles did the athlete run in the​...
  39. Economics

  40. Geometry

    S is in the interior of ∠PQR, m∠PQS = 87°, and m∠SQR = 33°. Find m∠PQR.
  41. Math

    Which list shows the pattern you would get if you used the rule 12n? A. 12,14,16,18 B. 12,24,36,48 C. 12,13,14,15 D. 12, 22, 42,52
  42. Math

    Joy put 6 photos on each page of her album. When she was done , she had 2 pictures left over. She put 38 pictures in the album. Which equation can be used to find how many pages joy filled?
  43. Math

    a person who is 6 feet tall is standing 108 feet from the base of the tree, and the tree cast a 120 foot shadow . The person's shadow is 12 feet in length that is the height of the tree
  44. Math

    Lily made 3 pounds of cloe slaw for a picnic .Each serving of cole slaw is 1/8 pound.How many 1/8 pounds servings of Coles slaw are there ?
  45. Math

    A male African elephant weighs 7 Tons. If a male African lion at the local zoo weighs 1/40 of the weight of the male African elephant, how many pounds does the lion weigh?
  46. Math

    Eddie measured his aquarium using a small fish food box. The box has a base area of 6 inches and a height of 4 inches. Eddie found that the volume of his aquarium is 3,456 cubic inches. How many boxes of fish food could fit in the aquarium?
  47. Math

    A mail truck picks up two boxes of mail from the post office. The total weight of the boxes is 32 pounds. One box is 8 pounds heavier than the other box. How much does each box weigh?
  48. Math

    If you divide this mystery number by 4, add 8, and multiply by 3 you get 42. What is the mystery number?
  49. Math

    Maurice lives 4 miles east of Drew. Chris lives 1 mile east of Maurice. Randy lives 2 miles east of Drew. Everyone lives on the same road. How far away from Drew does Chris live?
  50. Math

    Wendy is building a set for a school play. She is putting up a fence around a rectangular plot of fake grass measuring 3 feet by 5 feet. She needs a fence post every foot. How many posts does she need?
  51. Math

    Wendy is building a set for a school play. she is putting up a fence around a rectangular plot of fake grass measuring 3 feet by 5 feet. She needs a fence post every foot. How many posts does she need?
  52. Math

    Maurice lives 4 miles east of Drew. Chris lives 1 mile east of Maurice. Randy lives 2 miles east of Drew. Everybody lives on the same road. How far away from Drew does Chris live?
  53. Science

    What are the classification of a Emerald Rock?
  54. math

    Straub's Bakery makes 200 Danish cakes that cost $2.70 each. Straub's needs a 66% markup on cost and normally discards 10% of what it makes. At what price should Straub's sell the Danish cakes?
  55. Math

    Yes all water
  56. Math

    Polar ice is about 3/4 of the 3% of Earth's fresh water. What fraction of all of Earth's water is polar ice?
  57. Math

    How do you change 97% into a fraction?
  58. Math

  59. Math

    [Key: /= a fraction bar] Olga ran 5 kilometers in 37 minutes. Which could Olga use to determine m, the number of minutes she would take to run 25 kilometers at this rate? A. 37/5 = 25/m B. 5/m = 25/37 C. 37/5 = m/25 D. 5/m = 37/25
  60. Math

  61. Math

    I'm not sure how to this
  62. Math

    Find the product 14.4/5 of 30 A. 24 B. 8 C.30 4/5 D.20 15. 14 * 3/5 A.42 B. 20 C. 8 2/5 D.28 3/5 16. 3/10 * 2/10 A.3/50 B. 1/10 C.3/5 D.1/10 17. -4 1/3 * 1 3/5 A. 4 1/5 B. -4 4/15 C. 5 1/5 D. -6 14/15 18. 2 3/7 * 2/3 A. 1 17/21 B. 2 1/21 C. 1 4/7 D. 1 13/21
  63. Math

    Thank you Ms. Sue
  64. Math

    Kevin had 3/4 yd of string. He used 1/3 of it on a school project. How much string did he use? A.5/12 yd B.1/3 yd C.7/12 yd D.1/4 yd (numbers are all fractions)
  65. Science

    i got it. sorry. i was on this one website and it gave me the answer i was looking for. thanks though.
  66. Science

    Which sequence of process must occur for an atom of carbon to go from a car to a tree? A. respiration, decomposition B. combustion, photosynthesis C. fossilization, decomposition D. fossilization, photosynthesis
  67. Algebra II

    A restaurant sells about 330 sandwiches each day at a price of $6 each. For each $.25 decrease in price, 15 more sandwiches are sold per day. How much should the restaurant charge to maximize daily revenue? Explain each step of your solution. What is the maximum daily revenue?
  68. Physics

    Two forces are applied simultaneously to a crate sliding in a horizontal plane: 36.8 N to the right and 20.2 N to the left. What is the net force on the crate? Let a force to the right be positive and to the left negative. Give your answer in Newtons.
  69. Math

    Marla and her mom cooked 21.3 liters of spaghetti sauce. They used 18 jars of the same size to can it. About how much did each jar hold?
  70. Create math equation

    Anthony leaves kingstons at 2:00 pm and drives to queensville, 160mi distant, at 45 mph. At 2:15 pm Helen leaves queensville and drives to kingston at 40mph. At what time do they pass each other on the road?
  71. math (create equation)

    A homeowner wishes to fence in three adjoining garden plots, as shown in the figure. If each plot is to be 80 ft^2 in area, and she has 88 feet of fencing material at hand, what dimension should each plot have? ---------- I I I I I I I I I I I I ----------
  72. math (create equation)

    Abbie paints twice as fast as Beth and three times as fast as Cathie. If it takes 60 min to paint a living room with all three working togather, how long does it take for Abbie if she works alone?
  73. Chemistry

    1.50g of NaHCO3 is dissolved in 17.1g of water. Express the solubility of NaHCO3 in grams per 100g of solvent and calculate the % composition of NaHCO3 and water.
  74. Accounting

    Accounting 1 Help! 1. An accountant records a transaction when cash is paid or received under which basis of accounting? cash deferred accrual liability 2. When unearned revenue is initially recorded as a revenue, the adjusting entry would include a credit to a liability. ...
  75. Math

    1 5/6
  76. Math

    4 1/3 - 21/2
  77. Math

    4 1/3 - 2 1/2 Thank you for your help
  78. Math

    3 1/10 + 14 2/5
  79. Math

    4 2/9 + 2 1/3
  80. Math

    7/12, 3/4, and 2/3 in order which one is the smallest to the greatest?
  81. Math

    Is 2/3 greater than 3/4
  82. Math

    Vicki bought an ice cream cake cut into 6 equal pieces. Vicki, Margo,and Elena each took 2 pieces of the cake home. Vicki says she and each of her friends took 1/3 of the cake home. Is Vicki correct? And
  83. Math

    A greenhouse at Alice's nursery has 340 planters. Each planter holds 10 plants. Alice has 1,092 plants in the greenhouse. How many planters are completely empty?
  84. Science

    1.A 2.D 3.A 4.A
  85. math

    1/6 of a box of paperclips are red, 5/12 of them are blue and 2/5 of the remainder are black. If there are 10 black paperclips, how many more blue paper clips are there than red ones?
  86. science

    1. B 2. C 3. A 4. A
  87. Math

    Javier rode his bike for a total of 41 minutes. Before lunch, he rode for 1 minute less than 5 times the number of minutes he rode after lunch. How many minutes did Javier ride before lunch?
  88. Math

    Together , Tom and max have 72 football cards. Tom has 2 more than 4 times as many cards as max has. How many football cards does Tom have ?
  89. interpersonal communication

    The best empathic listening response below is
  90. comm

    The best empathic listening response below is
  91. physics

  92. Statistics

    i just need help
  93. finance

    David will retire to Florida in ten years. After he retires, he wants to take out $28,000 at the end of each year for 15 years. If he can invest the money at 8% annually, what amount must he invest today?
  94. math

    A grocer mixes a premium blend of coffee worth $17/kg with a coffee blend worth #7/kg. A mixture of 36 kg worth $11/kg is produced. How many kilograms of each type of coffee are included in the mixture?
  95. public speaking

  96. Math

    the sum of 5 consecutive whole numbers is 2005. what is the sum of all the digits of these 5 numbers
  97. math

    In slow- pitch softball the ball is pitched in an underhand motion. A batter in a softball game is pitched a ball that has initial vertical velocity of 35 feet per second. a. Write an equation for the height h (in feet) of the ball as a function of the time t (in seconds) ...
  98. Interpersonal Communication COM200

    The best empathic listening response below is
  99. ss

    1.Artic Ocean 2.Mount St.Helens 3.Mississippi River. I just took this test :)
  100. Math

    What about taking $58.62 *45% = $85.00
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