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8th Grade Social Studies Unit test
1 is d im not shure about two


4. The legs of a right triangle measure 24 feet and 45 feet. What is the length of the hypotenuse? (1 point) 51 ft 69 ft 38.07 ft 8.31 ft 5. Which of these cannot represent the lengths of the sides of a right triangle? (1 point) 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft 6 in., 8 in., 10 in. 16 cm, 63 ...

math 035
The area of a rectangular garden is 140 square meters. The width is 3 meters longer than ​one-half of the length.

Social Studies
4. Two languages spoken widely in Canada are (1 point) A.Spanish and English.-my answer B.French and Spanish. C.French and English. D.Dutch and English. 5. How do Canada's native peoples intend to preserve their cultures? (1 point) becoming independent nations -my ...

Consider the diprotic acid H2A with K1 =1.00 X 10-4 and K2 = 1.00 X 10-8 . Find the pH and concentrations of H2A, HA- , and A2- in: (a) 0.100 M H2A; (b) 0.100 M NaHA; (c) 0.100 M Na2A.

science(check answers)
1. Which of the following is a correct description of a tornado? (1 point) a large swirling, low-pressure system that forms over the warm Atlantic Ocean a winter storm with wind speeds of at least 56 km/h and low visibility a violently rotating column of air in contact with ...

A Van de Graaff generator is a device for generating a large electric potential by building up charge on a hollow metal sphere. A typical classroom-demonstration model has a diameter of 30 cm. How much charge is needed on the sphere for its potential to be 530,000 V?

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A player passes a 0.600-kg basketball down court for a fast break. The ball leaves the player's hands with a speed of 8.20m/s and slows down to 7.30m/s at its highest point.Ignoring air resistance, how high above the release point is the ball when it is at its maximum height?


Quantum Physics
BTW, it is meaningless to talk about cheating in this course. The problems are not authentic. They are taken from a set of quantum mechanics/ quantum computing problems that is moving from a course to a course. Some "non-cheaters" had no quarrel with the course ...


if an averge current of 5.5 Amp is passing through aconductor for 2 min . what is the charge in Coulomb ( C ) crosstional areaed any cross sectional area

College Algebre
An object moving vertically is at the given heights at the specified times. Find the position equation s = 1 2 at2 + v0t + s0 for the object. At t = 1 second, s = 146 feet At t = 2 seconds, s = 98 feet At t = 3 seconds, s = 18 feet

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when marble undergoes CaCO3+ H2SO4 = CaSO4+H2O+CO2, what happens to it and where can one see the evidence of this effect?

Employee's Earnings statement Name: Martin Fischer Earnings Regular Pay- $225.86 Overtime pay- $88.90 Gross Pay-$314.76 Total Deductions-$107.95 Net Pay-$206.81 Taxes Withheld Federal State Local FICA Other $48.20 $6.88 $4.55 $23.64 $0.00 Personal Deductions Pension-$12.55...

William Bennett earns $12,800 per year. He is paid 12 times per year and claims 1 exemption. His state taxes him at a 3% rate. How much tax is withheld per pay period?

pre calculus
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pre calculus
x^2+y ^2+ 4x + 6y - 12 = 0 how do i find the domain?

Chem Apps
3400 g

11th grade
did the roman catholic church have a great influence to new spain?