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A converging thin lens made out of crown glass (n=1.52) has a focal length f=1.0m An identical lens (same radius for the spherical surfaces), made out of a high-index plastic with n=1.70 will be ... A. Converging with a focal length smaller than 1.0 m B. Diverging with a ...

sorry, another question. what would f be in the len makers equation?

oh nevermind i got it

how did u get that do=108cm?

Calc ..basic integration
I forgto how to integrate...its been to long. integration(Sqrt(1+2t^2+t^4))

writing skills part 1
which sentences contains a prepositional phrase

college chem
haha..i thought i needed to use torr instead of atm that's how i got that M Thanks a whole lot =)

college chem
A 1.10g- sample contains only glucose and sucrose . When the sample is dissolved in water to a total solution volume of 25.0ML , the osmotic pressure of the solution is 3.78atm at 298K a.What is the percent by mass of glucose in the sample? b.What is the percent by mass of ...

university-health economics
Medical care is so special that normal economic forces do not apply and normal economic tools are not always used. In view of what you studied, explain the above statement.

One-fourth of the world's population is Chinese and one-fifth of the rest is Indian. What percent of the world's population is Indian?

all the mumbers from 1 to 99

all the nubers from 1 to 99 are multiplied together. Use a pattern to determine the last digit of the product. Justify your answer.

Social studies
Who nominates judges for the Supreme Court

how do you solve 2a in construction

After sliding into second base Alex realized the outfielder had dropped the ball.

what do you call it when someone pays back a loan quickly

how does animal waste effect the environment?

Could someone please provide me with reliable sites or comments to the following task: write an essay on the character of Aimee Thanatogenos in The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh and explain how Waugh uses her for his satiric purposes. Thank you!!

Business Ethics
The multi-media presentation helps out a lot. It gives you the case study about Jed and his concerns.I am going to have fun doing this assignment...

us history/english
when told to include 5 documents how can i include do i say according to document 1 .what can i say?

us history
i don't get what the task means when it says discuss problems or injustices that were present in american life...what does injustice mean ...can some one explain it

I need help writing a DBQ

us history
I need help on writing an dbq for us history

us history
we..propose.."effective legislation to prevent industrail accidents ,occupational diseases,overwork,and fix minimum standards of health and safety in industry...and to provide a living wage throughout industry....." state 2 reforms that were ...

who were the bosses of the senate?

us history
discuss specific problems or injustices that were present in american life during the late 1800s and early 1900s? Explain how reforms proposed during the Progressive Era attempted to address these problems.

this is what I got so far.... 3x-5(3x-7)=2(x+9)+45 3x-15x+35=2x+18+45 -12x+35=2x+63 -35=2x+63-35 -12x=2x+28 -2x=28 -14x=28 -x=-2 Is this correct?

I need help on the following Problem: 3x-5(3x-7)=2(x+9)+45

why are you so revolted by idiotic and helpless people. Is it because you are so smart? If so, you should leave googling for the idiotic and helpless!!!

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