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If a line segment of OP makes angles of ð/4 and ð/3 with y-axis and x-axis, then what are the direction cosines

life orientation
five ways in which the human or environmental impact fire on the community


How does Kent’s reaction to Lear’s banishment of Cordelia introduce the theme of sight and insight?

Chemistry 105
What is the molarity of a solution obtained by dissolving 10.35 g of KNO3 in some water and diluting to exactely 1 L in a graduated flask?

social studies, english
what is drought? give 5 adjectives, 5 nouns, 5 verbs. write antonyms for 3 adjectives you have mention.

how to arrange these numbers from least to greatest -2, -2 1/4 ,-2.3 ,222% ,-2 1/9

Gap kids has several options: 1 run a loyalty program in which customers who spend $500 dollars in a year gets$50 off on a coupon for their next purchase of $100, the total cost is $25,000 to manage and implement this program. 2 a direct mail campaign costs $10,000 for every ...