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There are 2 vehicles. Vehicle 1 a ford taurus at 3400 pounds is traveling 50mph headed east. Vehicle 2 is a dodge ram truck at 6400. The truck hits the car head on and the car is pushed back 35 feet from point of impact. The truck is 90 feet from point of impact. How fast was ...

7. The main difference between block letter style and modified block letter style is/are the A. left and right margin settings. B. punctuation style. C. position of the date and closing lines. D. line spacing. 8. What word processing feature protects against printing the last ...

1. When keying, it's important that you keep your eyes on the A. computer monitor. B. source copy. C. keyboard. D. home row keys. 2. In the inside address of a letter, how many times do you space after a period following the abbreviation Ms.? A. None B. One time C. Two ...

Keyboarding and Wording processing?
18. To start keying a new page of a document before the current page is filled, you can insert a page break by A. hitting the End key. B. pressing Enter until you insert a soft page break. C. pressing CTRL + Enter. D. changing the bottom margin. Would it help us if we knew ...

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