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Shopkeeper got the discount so,listed price was Rs 3000 then 3000-30% of 3000 3000-900 = 2100 without tax Consumer got 10% discount on list price then 3000-3000×10% 3000-300 = 2700 (ii)Tax paid by him = 2700×6% + 2700 162+2700 = 2862 Profit of shopkeeper =2700-2100...

Centipetal force = frictional force mv2/r=Rmu m will be canceled and thus v will be equal to under root of ugr putting the values 80*700*10=560000 taking the under root answer will be 748.33

Which of the following statements about Mendel's breeding experiments is correct? a. None of the parental (P) plants were true-breeding. b. All of the F2 progeny showed a phenotype that was intermediate between the two parental (P) phenotypes. c. Half of the F1 progeny had...