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A system does 3.7 × 104 J of work, and 8.5 × 104 J of heat flows into the system during the process. Find the change in the internal energy of the system.

okay can someone explain what conservation of mass is to me? my teacher told us but wasn't clear. i had a test with it in today so i want to know so i can tell my teacher i do understand it now.

7th grade math
okay i'm doing stem and leaf diagrams now so i might not be clear there will eb a key telling you somit like 8l3=83 that's how you figure it out look for the key i think that's what your getting at i'm not sure from your little british helper(lol)

7th grade
its a corner on a polygon i think

okay i have a question which is on a key assesed piece explain the physical and chemical changes when a candle burns using the big idea of energy? what is the big idea of energy?

masculine and feminine i think i'm not AMAZING at spanish because i used to do french but masculine and feminine are the main culprits

waiting for the bus was like waiting for the world to end. waiting for the bus was like waiting for a tortoise to finish the 100 metres i dunno whether these are similes i reckon they are cos theyhave like in them hope they help

7th grade
eat fruit(seriously it helps) keep away from the computer if you don't really need it(they are serious distractions) don't do it all straight away do it over a few days you'll be able to concentrate more on harder questions go out for a walk before so you have ...

1st grade
don't you just grind it up?

use flash cards and get one of those talking books that's what my mum used with me and i started talking at 1

i have this homework too