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Liz spent 1/10 of her allowance for a gift and 2/5 for a movie ticket.what part of her allowance did she spend in all

Which of the following was not raised as a criticism of the James-Lange theory of emotion? Question 1 options: The body's responses are too similar to trigger the various emotions. Emotional reactions occur before the body's responses can take place. The cognitive ...

Psychology im stuck
L. L. Thurstone identified seven clusters of primary mental abilities including word fluency, memory, and reasoning. He claimed that word fluency: Question 1 options: underlies all of our intelligent behaviors. is the most difficult mental ability to assess reliably. involves ...

he heritability of intelligence refers to: Question 10 options: the extent to which an individual's intelligence is attributable to genetic factors. the percentage of variation in intelligence within a group that is attributable to genetic factors. the extent to which a ...

AP psychology
Regarding the impact of watching television violence on children, most researchers believe that: A. aggressive children simply prefer violent programs. B. television simply reflects, rather than contributes to, violent social trends. C. watching violence on television leads to...

6th Grade Math

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