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So should I write that as the temp increases, pressure decreases and that volume & number of moles stay constant ...?

Describe what happens to a can of carbonated soda when it is left in a hot car. Be sure to explain the relationship between the number of molecules, temperature, pressure, and volume. I know how temperature is related to all of the above but I am not sure if the conditions ...

(Paper Chromatography) 1. What carrier solution might work well to separate newspaper inks? Why? 2. What carrier solution might work to separate different salts? Why? 3. What carrier solution might work to separate different fatty acids? Why? I really have no idea what the ...

A plane travels east from San francisco towards St. Louis at 500 miles per hour, and a turbojet travels north from new orleans toward St. louis at 600 miles per hour. Find the rate of change of the distance between them when the jets are 300 miles apart, and the plane is 100 ...

A person 6 feet tall walks at a rate of 150 feet per minute toward a light tower whose searchlight is located 40 feet above the ground. Find the rate that the length of the shadow is changing.

Gina works at a diner. She earns $6 each hour plus tips.In one week,she worked 37 hours a week and earned $43 in tips.How much did she make altogether? Write an equation. Use a variable for the unknown.Solve.

I do not know the answer what is the answer

write a 1,000-word report on two different ways that you, as a young citizen, can become active in politics that would help promote causes that you believe in. You may choose a specific organization that is politically active. In the report, tell the goals of that organization...

come up with 2 real world examples of situations that use function rules. think about daily life, your home, or the community you live in for ideas.

4th Grade Math
I have an 8 in the ten thousands place, My hundreds digit is greater then my ten thousands digit, My ones digit is the number of right angles in a rectangle, my tens digit is the difference between thirteen and my ten thousands digit, my value is less that 87 thousand but ...

Electricity and Electronics
If one body is positively charged and another body is negatively charged, free electrons tend to A. move from the negatively charged body to the postively charged body. B. move from the postively charged body to the negatively charged body. C. remain in the negatively charged ...

College Chemistry
I have no idea how to do this problem, and I've been searching through my book for an hour. Help please? An energy of 2.0x10^2 kJ/mol is required to cause a cesium atom on a metal surface to lose an electron. Calculate the longest possible wavelength of light that can ...

a 2500 kg car accelerates from rest under the act of two forces. 1.) a forward force of 1400 N between the wheels and the road. 2.) 1140 resistive force due to various frictional forces. Use the work-kinetic theorem to determine how far the car must travel for its speed to ...

6th grade

6th grade

multiply by 3, add 4, divide by 5, subtract 6, result :1 whatis the n

AP Physics
A cord runs around two massless, frictionless pulleys; a canister with mass m=20 kg hangs from one pulley; and you exert a force F if you are to lift the cord. a) What must be the magnitude of F if you are to lift the canister at a constant speed? b) To lift the canister by 2 ...

i think the same cause orbits are comets

algebar 2
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