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The area of parallelogram with base 2.5 cm height 3 cm equals to triangle its side length 5 cm Find the height of triangle.

Compare the three types of bonds based on valence electrons. Explain why S-H bond lengths are longer than O-H bond lengths. Which element has a greater bond energy, oxygen or nitrogen and why. Determine if the following compounds are likely to have ionic or covalent bonds. a...

Physics and chemistry
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Physics and chemistry
Chapter 1 & 2 Review Questions 1. Compare and Contrast the two main branches of physical science. 2. Distinguish between scientific laws and scientific theories. 3. Describe the steps of the scientific method. 4. Explain the objective of a consistent system of units, and ...

how the earth was made
Video Guide: How the Earth was Made Section 1: 1. What did James Hutton discover as proof that the Earth was an old Earth? 2. What is the scientific explanation for how the Earth was formed? 3. What did Kelvin not take into account as far as the Earth cooling? 4. What are ...