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The answer is 36

A cell is 1/1,000 of an inch. How many cells in an average human body, which is 66 inches (5'6")?

What is 30mm=?cm

i desperately need some tips and techniques with memorizing/using declensions in latin. PLEASE HELP!!

brit lit
In Frankenstein, Victor and the creature have a debate over the creation of the companion. I was asked whose reasoning do i think is the most 'sound' and to explain why i think this.

Social Studies
Well probably because i have to create my own solution i would have to go with the suggestion of government paying money to the south. Just hope i can expand on it

Social Studies
to separate from an alliance..

Social Studies
Well i know that the union of states was preserved, slavery ended and african americans gained few rights. So are you saying the consequences act as a solution rather than the civil war? Or was Ms. Sue's suggestion of government paying money to the south a better solution?

Social Studies
Right, i know all of those events that happened. I just don't understand how succession or even the civil war acted as a solution to those problems. Sorry i'm just really lost.

Social Studies
i guess the failures of legislation would be being unable to compromise and end slavery?

Social Studies
It may be interesting but i am having so much difficulty with this. I can see how the suggestion of Succesion might play in, but i don't understand how succession addresses the failures of legislation. I have to write a 2 page solution and I just don't know where to start

Social Studies
I was also thinknig that Civil war was in a way the solution of the 1850s. i was asked to create my own solution for ending the crisis, but i wasn't sure exactly what to do since there were so many problems. What major problems do you think the civil war ended?

Social Studies
What is a possible solution of ending the 1850s crisis? A solution that will address the failures of Congressional/Executive leadership, legislation and subsequent public reaction.