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  1. Chem -Bob Pursley Please Help!

    Consider the following reaction: 2 HI (g) ? H2 (g) + I2 (g) Assume that an experiment is carried out in which the starting concentration of HI (g) is 0.100 mol/L. No products are present at the beginning of the reaction. When equilibrium is established, the concentration of H2...
  2. Chem -Bob Pursley Please Help!

    Chlorine dioxide decomposes to chlorine and oxygen according to the following mechanism: ClO 2 ? ClO + O (fast) ClO 2 + O ? ClO 3 (fast) ClO 3 + ClO ? Cl 2 + 2 O 2 (slow) (a) What is the overall reaction? (b) What is the molecularity of each step? (c) Write the rate equation ...
  3. Physics

    a rocket of mass 1000kg containing a propellant gas of 3000kg is to be launched vertically. If the fuel is consumed at a steady rate of 60kg per seconds, calculate the least velocity of the exhaust gas if the rocket and content will just lift off the launching pad immediately ...
  4. Math

    Last week meal walked on the treadmill for 13 1/4 hours she spent the same amount of time on the treadmill each day except for Sunday on Sunday she spent 1 1/4 hours walking on the treadmill how many minutes did Camille walk on the treadmill on Monday show all work
  5. Trigonometry

    I got it! Thank you so much!
  6. Trigonometry

    Find the distance from the ladder to the base of the slide, marked with an x in the diagram. Give your answer accurate to one decimal place. The height of the right angle triangle is 4 m, the hypotenuse is 7 m and the missing variable is on the bottom marked with an x. I used ...
  7. Algebra

    I know this is very simple for some but i find it hard to get the roots, so please bear with me and help me. Thank you. x^3 - 2x2 + 1 = 0.
  8. Calculus

    I have no idea how to do this, can someone please help? Consider the graphs below, which give m(x) in the left graph, in black, and n(x) in the right graph, in blue. Both functions have a sharp corner at x=50. Let h(x)=n(m(x)). Find a point x where h'(x)=1.44 x= 40< m(x...
  9. Calculus

    I have no idea how to do this, can someone please help? Consider the graphs below, which give m(x) in the left graph, in black, and n(x) in the right graph, in blue. Both functions have a sharp corner at x=50. Let h(x)=n(m(x)). Find a point x where h'(x)=1.44 x= 40< m(x...
  10. Calculus

    I have no idea how to do this, can someone please help? Consider the graphs below, which give m(x) in the left graph, in black, and n(x) in the right graph, in blue. Both functions have a sharp corner at x=50. Let h(x)=n(m(x)). Find a point x where h'(x)=1.44 x= 40< m(x...
  11. Physics

    A ball rolls without slipping at 6 m/s off an incline of 25 degrees. The ball falls off the incline and enters a hole 3 meters below the incline. What is the horizontal distance between the bottom of the incline and the hole?
  12. Physics

    A skier leaves the ramp of a ski jump with a velocity of 14 m/s 15.00 above the horizontal. She lands on a slope below inclined at 500. Neglect air resistance and find the distance from the ramp to where the jumper lands.
  13. Chemistry! Please Help !

  14. Chemistry! Please Help !

    So is the answer D?
  15. Chemistry! Please Help !

    How many mol of xenon hexafluoride are produced from 4.01 x 10^2 mol of fluorine (F2)? Xe + 3F2 -> XeF6 A. 1.79 x 10^1 mol XeF6 B. 2.41 x 10^26 mol XeF6 C. 1.20 x 10^3 mol XeF6 D. 1.34 x 10^2 mol XeF6 Please help !
  16. Chemistry (mol)

    Thanks Damon! I need help with one more question, I'm about to post it !!
  17. Chemistry (mol)

    How many mol of NaHCO3 are in a 454 g box of baking soda (NaHCO3)? A. 3.81 x 10^4 mol NaHCO3 B. 1.85 x 10^–1 mol NaHCO3 C. 5.40 x 10^0 mol NaHCO3 D. 6.33 x 10^–20 mol NaHCO3 I tried doing the calculations and a came the closest but it wasn't exact...
  18. Chemistry

    Sorry i put the wrong number for Avagrado's number... It is D right
  19. Chemistry

    is it b?
  20. Chemistry

    How many g are in 6.35 x 10^31 particles of nickel (Ni) if nickel’s molar mass is 58.693 g/mol? A. 1.08 x 10^30 g Ni B. 6.51 x 10^53 g Ni C. 1.80 x 10^6 g Ni D. 6.19 x 10^9 g Ni
  21. Chemistry

    i have no idea but thank you so much
  22. Chemistry

    3O2 -> 2O3 When 4.26 x 10^16 mol of oxygen (O) are converted into ozone, how many mol of the pollutant (O3) are formed? A. 2.84 x 10^16 mol O2 B. 6.39 x 10^6 mol O2 C. 2.84 x 10^1 mol O2 D. 2.84 x 10^16 mol O2 D?
  23. Chemistry again

    Thanks, I have around 8 more mol related questions and then im done with chemistry for the semester so i am just trying to get these right ahh
  24. Chemistry again

    How many mol of nitrogen monoxide gas (N2) are in a 1.49 L container at standard temperature and pressure? A. 2.14 x 10–24 mol N2 B. 2.89 x 101 mol N2 C. 8.97 x 1023 mol N2 D. 6.65 x 10–2 mol N2 Apparently my last question didnt make sense so i'm hoping this one ...
  25. Chemistry (please help i dont understand mol)

    so which one should i choose lol
  26. Chemistry (please help i dont understand mol)

    I definitely typed the question right bc i pasted it but I wouldn't be surprised if I got the answer wrong... If it can't be less than one then it is between A and b right? so B?
  27. Chemistry (please help i dont understand mol)

    How many particles are in 9.22 x 10^–37 mol of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3)? A. 5.54 x 10^12 mol Fe2O3 B. 1.60 x 10^23 mol Fe2O3 C. 1.47 x 10^–23 mol Fe2O3 D. 5.55 x 10^–13 mol Fe2O3 I think it is C?
  28. Chemistry

    thank you
  29. Chemistry

    Why is an alpha particle written as a helium (He) nucleus? A. An alpha particle has two protons and two neutrons; it is essentially the nucleus of a helium atom. B. Helium is a common element that is often present in small forms; the alpha particle was misidentified in early ...
  30. History

    What led to the viability of the Jamestown colony? A. Trading for furs with the Cherokee tribes to the south led to an increase in revenue. B. The acquisition of gold held by the Powhatan tribe improved the viability of the colony. C. The production of tobacco as a cash crop ...
  31. History

    Which option accurately describes the impact the Columbian Exchange had on the indigenous people of the Americas? A. The Columbian Exchange was a barter system between European explorers and the indigenous people, who exchanged gold for rum and spices. B. Europeans brought ...
  32. History

    Okay C & D?
  33. History

    Which options accurately describe ancient Greece’s influence on later civilizations? (Select all that apply.) A. Ancient Greece developed the Latin language, which later influenced all of the Romance languages. B. Ancient Greece developed gunpowder, which significantly ...
  34. History

  35. History

    Which option accurately describes Chinese culture’s motivation to sail vast oceans during the Age of Discovery? A. The Chinese sailed vast oceans to find a lost city of gold in South America. B. The Chinese sailed vast oceans to spread their culture throughout the Indian ...
  36. History

    thank you!
  37. History

    How did the decline of the Roman Empire impact the rise of the Arab Empire in Spain? A. Huns ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell, and they were easily defeated by the Umayyads for control of Spain. B. Visigoths ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell, and they were easily ...
  38. History

  39. History

    Yes sorry I'm really bad at history... C?
  40. History

    How did the French and Indian War contribute to new taxation policies in the American colonies? A. The French government imposed higher taxes on the American colonists in order to stockpile an artillery and defeat the British army. B. The American colonists sided with the ...
  41. History

    I can't really do that in this type of quiz but if it's not a i think it would be C
  42. History

    Which option accurately describes events of the Haitian Slave Revolt on the island of Hispaniola (formerly Saint-Domingue)? A. Aztec and Incan slaves revolted against the English under the leadership Hernán Cortés to win their independence. B. ...
  43. History

    below satisfactory haha
  44. History

    D. so B is the right answer ?
  45. History

    I think B because the industrial revolution created new jobs for lower class people because of inventing machinery etc. I think D because the industrial revolution helped the working conditions for the poor and i'm pretty sure that it happened in France Britain AND Spain...
  46. History

    Which option accurately describes events of the Industrial Revolution and subsequent emergence of capitalism? A. The Industrial Revolution resulted in the reemergence of the Catholic Church’s oversight of European monarchs and capitalist opportunities. B. The Industrial ...
  47. History

    Thank you both !!
  48. History

    I'm doing a backtrack quiz which is basically like making sure that i remember everything from the semester so there isnt one specific piece of text I can refer to... I think I am going to go with B & D right?
  49. History

    How did events of the Protestant Reformation motivate religious groups to migrate to the New World? (Select all that apply.) A. Pope Innocent III launched Crusades against English Pilgrims that caused them to flee to the New World. B. French Huguenots fled persecution from ...
  50. Physics

    Why were two-prong outlets replaced with three-prong outlets?
  51. Physics

    How can grounding prevent property damage and harm, even death when lightning strikes?
  52. Government

    “Congress first began to regulate the use of money in federal elections in 1907. In that year, it became unlawful for any corporation or national bank to make ‘a money contribution in any election’ to candidates for federal office.” Which of the following ...
  53. Calculus

    Measurements of a lake’s width were taken at 15-foot intervals, as shown: x= 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 f(x)= 0 15 18 20 19 23 24 22 12 Estimate integral (0,120) f(x) dx with n = 4, using the left-hand approximation, the right hand approximation, and the trapezoidal ...
  54. algebra

    sum / 28 = 73 solve for sum (sum - 19) /27 = ? (credit to Damon)
  55. Presentation

    Mesozoic means "middle life", deriving from the Greek prefix meso-/????- for "between" and z?on/???? meaning "animal" or "living being". It is one of three geologic eras of the Phanerozoic Eon, preceded by the Paleozoic ("ancient ...
  56. English

    In King Arthur's Knights, what happened to the knights who went in search of the Holy Grail? A. Two of them died and ascended to heaven while the third returned home. B. They found the Holy Grail and returned home with the blessing of the saint that had guarded the prized...
  57. History

    Which accurately describes how Portuguese exploration efforts affected native African civilizations? A. The Portuguese traded or kidnapped Africans, eventually starting the transatlantic slave trade. B. The Portuguese explorers traded fox furs, corn, and coffee with African ...
  58. History

    Sorry, I wasn't guessing I guess i got him mixed up with another explorer, learning about a couple at the moment and i swear he went to India
  59. History

    Which accurately describes why Bartolomeu Dias did not complete his journey to India? A. Dias’s food supply had run low, and the crew convinced him to return to Portugal. B. Dias’s ship crashed into the rocky shores of Madagascar, killing the entire crew. C. Dias ...
  60. Science

    Why are molecular models important in the understanding of molecules? (Select all that apply.) A. They can offer a perfect visual image of the compound. B. They provide a visual of arrangement of atoms, bonds, and valence electrons in the compound. C. They can identify the ...
  61. Science

    Thank you
  62. Science

    Review the information. In Compound A, Element W has an electronegativity of 2.8, and Element X has an electronegativity of 2.5. In Compound B, Element Y has an electronegativity of 2.0, and Element Z has an electronegativity of 3.8. Which statement correctly identifies the ...
  63. Chemistry

    Two molecules of hydrogen react with one molecule of oxygen to produce two molecules of water. How many molecules of water are produced from 2.0 x 1023molecules of oxygen? How many moles of water are produced from 22.5 moles of oxygen?
  64. History

    Which option most accurately describes life events of Martin Luther? a. He was an important reformer in the Swiss Protestant Reformation, the only major movement that did not evolve into a church. b. As absolute ruler in England, he separated from the Catholic Church and ...
  65. History

    haha thanks
  66. History

    What was the significance of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses document? a. In it, Martin Luther condemned the Catholic Church’s interpretation of the Book of Genesis, leading Protestants to disregard the Old Testament. b. In it, Martin Luther criticized the Catholic Church ...
  67. History

    Thank you
  68. History

    Which option most accurately describes the theology of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? a. The Church promoted literacy among the poor by publishing and distributing the Bible. b. Excommunication was a possible punishment for anyone who disagreed with Church ...
  69. Science

    thank you!
  70. Science

    Which statements show how a chemical bond is formed? (Select all that apply.) a. The valance electrons of an atom are emitted from an atom’s orbital. b. The valence electrons of a metal transfer to the valence shell of a nonmetal to stabilize both atoms. c. The valence ...
  71. Science

    Which type of radiation emits particles of helium nuclei? alpha radiation beta radiation induced radiation gamma radiation I think a or d
  72. Chemistry

    Why do we use metals in wires? (Select all that apply.) a. Metals are lustrous. b. Metals are reactive. c. Metals conduct electricity. d. Metals are ductile. I think its b and c
  73. History

    What were outcomes of the Council of Trent? (Select all that apply.) a. The council decided to develop new training practices for candidates to the priesthood. b. The council decided to launch another Crusade against the Arab Empire to reclaim Jerusalem. c. The council decided...
  74. History

    awesome thank you Ms. Sue!
  75. History

    Which accurately describe the theology of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? (Select all that apply.) a. Catholics could rise to the kingdom of heaven by faithfully following the seven sacraments. b. The price of sin was penance, through which sinners repented and ...
  76. History

    Which accurately describes ideological differences between Catholicism and humanism during the Renaissance? a. The Catholic Church controlled education, whereas humanism supported private or state-supported education. b. The Catholic Church supported teaching literacy to the ...
  77. History

  78. History

    Which accurately describe ideological differences between Catholicism and humanism during the Renaissance? (Select all that apply.) a. Catholicism promoted the individual as the center of existence, whereas humanism promoted God as the center of existence. b. Catholicism ...
  79. History

    awesome thanks!
  80. History

    Which accurately describes Greek and Roman ideas that were revived during the Renaissance by humanist philosophers? a. The use of public baths to inspire communication and spread of news was revived during the Renaissance. b. Greek and Roman ideas about polytheistic religion ...

    You're supposed to help him not tell him the answer :/

    You're close but is not right
  83. History

    I think a
  84. History

    How did humanist philosophy affect people’s perceptions during the Renaissance? a. People began to question government and the hereditary rule of monarchs. b. Humanist philosophy caused people to favor superstition over science and reason. c. Humanist philosophy altered ...
  85. History

    I got my answer thank you so much
  86. History

    the Catholic church did
  87. History

    Which option best describes a difference between the ideas of humanists and those of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance? a. Humanists believed in a revival of Greek and Roman educational practices for the masses, whereas the Catholic Church kept education exclusive for...
  88. History

    okay thank you so much
  89. History

    oh wow
  90. History

    okay I reread and now i'm thinking d
  91. History

    Which accurately describes an impact of scientific innovation during the Renaissance? a. Invention of concrete helped the Byzantine Empire defend its borders from the Holy Roman Empire. b. Invention of concrete enabled the Holy Roman Empire to construct new weapons against the...
  92. History

    thank you
  93. History

    Why did Machiavelli advocate the use of force by a ruler? a. to establish and promote international trade routes that help to improve the economy b. to provide for the common good of all citizens of the region c. to lessen the chance of revolt within the ruler’s domain ...
  94. History

    Thank you guys
  95. History

    Which accurately compares the theology that dominated during the Middle Ages with the philosophy that came to prominence during the Renaissance? (Select all that apply.) a. The Middle Ages followed humanist ideals, whereas the Renaissance followed a feudal system with a ...
  96. Math

    to establish a college fun, what lump sum must be deposited in order to have $30,000.00 in the fund at the end 0f 15 years? Assume a 7.5% interest rate, compounded monthly
  97. English

    What form of repetition is this? 'These to you, Sir Tristram of Lyones, most noble knight, from his lover and friend King Anguish of Ireland, in sore trouble and straits at Camelot. Know ye, Sir Tristram, that I have been summoned to King Arthur's court on pain' ...
  98. English

    casual or formal* not intimate
  99. English

    What type of language register is used between King Anguish and his wife in lines 1-8 of the excerpt? 1-8: Finding her rage thus put to naught, she ran to King Anguish, and threw herself on her knees before him, crying out. 'Oh, my lord and husband, here have ye in your ...
  100. English

    he has, im putting counterargument :)
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