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Math 50
The shorter leg of a right triangle is 6 inches shorter than the longer leg. The hypotenuse is 6 inches longer than the longer leg. Find the side lengths of the triangle.

metric unit
48,567 kilograms what is the mass of the boulder in metric tons

Physics - Half Life Question Check!!!
An ancient rock is found to contain 40Ar gas, indicating that 77% of the 40K in the rock has decayed since the rock solidified. Any argon would have boiled out of liquid rock. How long ago did the rock solidify? The half-life of 40K is 1.25 billion years. A) 2.6 billion years ...

Physics - Vision and Optical Instruments
A camera with a 100 mm focal length lens is to be designed to focus on objects from 75 cm to 20 cm. How far must the lens move as the focus is adjusted from infinity to 75 cm? Thank you!

Physics- Solenoid Questions
1) A technician has been given wire that can safely carry 5 A. She has been instructed to construct a solenoid that will have a magnetic field of 0.06 T at its center. After completing some tests of the wire, the technician finds that the tightest safe winding possible with ...

5th grade math
John picked 30 bags of apples on monday and sold them at his fruit stand for $3.45 each. The following week he picked and sold 6 more. How much money did John earn the 1 st week? 3.45x30=103.50 How much money did he earn in the second week? 3.45x36=124.20 How much did John ...

A mathematical model for concentration of administered cortisone in humans over a 24-hour period uses the function C= [(D x a) / V(a-b)] (e^(-bt)-e^(-at) where C is the concentration, D is the dose given at time t=0, V is the volume of distribution (volume divided by ...

A rectangular field is to have an area of 500 sq m. a) write the perimeter, P, of the field as a function of the width, w. b) find the domain of the function in part a. c) use a graphing calculator to sketch the graph of the function in part a. d) describe what the graph found...

In a Kite the sides are x,5,2 and 3 what is the value of x?

what is the reduced fraction of 3 28/36

There are 6 red cards not 16 ( only face cards: 2 kings 2 queens and 2 jacks) and 16 black. 22 in total. a) (6/22)*(5/21)*(4/20)*(3/19) b) (16/22)*(15/21)*(6/20)*(5/19) c) 1-((16/22)*(15/21)*(14/20)*(13/19)) d)(16/22)*(15/21)*(14/20)*(13/19))

6th grade
84 ft for rectangular prism

I have the exact problem BUT mine asks what are you asked to do and how do you check your answer


The measure of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 3: 3: 4. Find the measure of each angle.

How do you find the value of a variable in a trianlge when it is split into two and only the hypotnuse and one side are given? Geometricmeans must be used.

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Maybe you could write about the relationship between a man and a woman. How the man thinks differently about the relationship other than the woman.

Thank You so much. It is very helpful.

What is the main function of the endocrine system?

First you find the volume of the whole ball, then the volume of the round hole inside, then, you subtract the hole's volume from the whole ball's volume, leaving you with the volume of the resulting solid.

What are dominant and recessive alleles?

What is youor question? How to graph them?

How do you explain the relationships between allele position and crossover frequency?

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What is a synonym for melancholy?

What kind of words that end in sion or tion rhyme with expression?

Thanx 4 ur help!!!

What is transcription of DNA?

I meant 2x^2 what is the square root of 169 divided by 2

How do you solve this problem? 2x squared = 169?

Is it 26?

What is the hypotnuse of a triangle if the legs are 9 radical 5?

Actually, combine like terms, ( the x and the 2x and bring the x from right side over. Subtract the 2. Then divide by two, and there ya go, x= 4!!!

Thanks lots!!! =)

How many bones are in the human body?

a solution is made by diluting 175 mL of 0.238 M aluminum nitrate, Al(NO3)3, solution with water to a final vlume of 5.00x 10^2 mL.calculate the following. a. the molarity of aluminum nitrate, aluminum ion, and nitrate ion in the diluted solution B. the number of moles of ...

egypt mummification
i think its bee wax