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A body initially at rest accelerates at the rate of 0.8m/s2 for 20 seconds.Find the final velocity of the body.

a 2.00l buffer contains 1.00 mol HNO3 mixed with 1.00mol NaNO2 a. write the relevant ionization equation for this buffer. b. determine its pH c. determine the new pH if 1.00g of NaOH is added to the buffer.

what is the ph of a buffer made by mixing 2.00g of sodium acetate with 20.00ml of 1.20 mol/l acetic acid and adding enough water so the final volume of the mixture is 100.0 ml?

Yes,it is because 5/5 is a whole and 99/100 is not a whole.

Scenario: There is a bus with 7 girls inside, Each girl has 7 bags, Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats, Each Big cat has 7 small cats, All cats have 4 Legs each! 7 big cats times 7 small cats = 49 small cats 49 small cats plus 7 big cats = 56 cats What is the total number ...