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I was wondering if this is the right way to state this sentence When is it right to have of a partial-birth abortion preformed?

health care
I think that it can help your be stronger. on thing that my mother uses is horse shampoo

health care
I would have to say the same thing is time. I know a lady that says if you pull the hair back tight in a ponytail it helps.

earth science
Which one of the following objects will have the greatest force of gravity to the Earth at its surface . A large book B. A house C. A human being D. An average-size car i don't get it??

Speech vs Essay
Hey!! Doe anyone know any website that lists the key differences between essays and Speeches Thanks

The Cruicible
Hey!! I am looking for an idea for a skit on a modern version of The Crucible (e.i a skit regarding mass hysteria, it could be somewhat based on historical events) I am NOT LOOKING FOR AN ACTUAL SKIT i am only looking for ideas since i am really having trouble coming up with ...

guess the figure couldn't paste

What is the reading in kwhr of the electric meter shown in the exam figure below? A. 0631 B. 1641 C. 1732 D. 9742 is it a

Jim paddles from one shore of a lake three miles wide at 4 mph, and John paddles from the opposite shore at 5 mph. How long will they travel before they meet? A. 20 minutes B. 27 minutes C. 1 hour, 24 minutes D. 3 hours can you get me started on this?

let's say you have 1240 you spent most of it an you have only 496 left. how can you find the percentage. can you show me?

Carlos Martin received a statement from his bank showing a balance of $56.75 as of March 15th. His checkbook shows a balance of $87.37 as of March 20. The bank returned all the cancelled checks but two. One check was for $5.00 and the other was for $13.25. How much did Carlos ...

World history

World history
From the movie "Shindler's List" What was Shindler doing when he talked to Amon Goeth about power and told him that refraining from imposing punishment showed greshet power than imposing it? Was Shindler successful?

Use of "facile"
Could someone please explain to me how facile differs form easy. and is the word facile used correctly in this sentence( excerpt form my essay) "He ultimately does not kill Popé; nonetheless, though it is not explicitly stated that John acted unconsciously, one can...

List of Transition words

thanks guys

List of Transition words
Hello, I am writing a literary essay and I was wondering if anyone had a log list of transition words. It does not have to be a website. If u have one on word,etc ican give you my email Thanks

english essay
Though the book does not matter in this case, i'll provide some context. i am writing an essay on brave new world, an the topic sentence of one of my paragraphs is that John is intolerant. My question is " can a person be be intolerant of themselves" the ...

English prefix
i just realized that i could use subconscious!!!! how dumb of me for not having realized this!!! anyhow, if there is any other word that you know please let me know

English prefix
Hello, i am looking for a prefix that means near, almost, semi for instance psudo- means false, and i want to say something along the lines of " ... and their often (practically/ semi/almost unconscious) behavior. I don't know if such a prefix exists though Thanks so ...

Utopian Fiction
Hello, does anyone know what is meant( in an essay) by " how is the idea of utopia either deconstructed or affirmed"

Longitudinal wave problem (tunning fork)
I have this for a physics question A 320 hz tuning fork vibrates for 8s. During this time each tine of the fork travels a total distance of 10.3 cm. first I multiplied 320 by 8.( 2 560) then i divided 10.3 by 2 560. then i divided that answer by 4 since there are four ...

linear matrices? how to solve?

16. How could you combine the following two sentences into one compound sentence? The rabbit jumped into the bushes. The dog followed it. A. After the rabbit jumped into the bushes, the dog followed it. B. The dog and the rabbit jumped into the bushes. C. The rabbit jumped ...

11.Which of the following pairs of ideas could be combined into a compound sentence? (Remember that only related ideas should be joined into a compound sentence.) A. The days became longer. The children could play outside later. B. The street lights were dim. The play was a ...

6. In which sentence are the italicized words a dangling modifier? (A dangling modifier is a phrase that doesn't modify the noun that's near it.) A. Arriving ten minutes late, the store was closed for the night. B. Flying beneath the cloud, the pilot could see the ...

I have a test review and i need to know if i got these right. test is tommorrow so thanks for any help i can get. ........................ 1. Which of the following is a run-on sentence? A. The house was owned by the mayor. B. Mike joined the army, and he became more ...

English- Spanish translation
How do you say essay in Spanish? Thanks

Is Lady Macbeth aware that Lord Macbeth killed Macduffs' family. If no, then I need a quote to prove Lord Macbeth did not inform her(if there is one)

you guys are being lazy do this yurself

Interpret Poetry
If I post does that mean i can read other's opinions?

Ron bought goods from shelly katz. On may 8, shelly gave ron a time extension on his bill by accepting a $3000, 8%, 180 day note. On august 16, shelly discounted the note at Roseville bank at 9% what proceeds does shelly rerceive?

Fill in the blanks where called for, and answer true or false where appropriate. 1. Valid arguments are said to be strong or weak. 2. Valid arguments are always good arguments. 3. Sound arguments are ________ arguments whose premises are all ________. 4. The premises of a ...

algebra 1
You are correct. Asked the experts my two teenagers

Sorry I already got the help I forgot to post the rest. But I found someone that had the same issue

Literature / Short story I
robert- number 5 is A

Hi! I am trying to come up with metaphor/simile to say that writing a newsletter in microsoft word is very difficult ei discovered that writing an entire newspaper on Word rather than on Publisher was like trying to... ( do a greek puzzle blindfolded?) Thanks

science, biology
How might the chewing of food be related to the rate of a chemical reaction-digestion- that occurs in your body? explain

science, biology
What about combustion reactions makes them different from either synthesis or decomposition reactions?

science, biology
what evidence shows that the burning of methane is a chemical reaction?

seriously, i am DOING this assignment right now on FLVS. you have to tell people what the experiment WAS, genius... and they can't get the answers without doing the lab themselves, and no one wants to do your schoolwork for you

derivative of f(x) = x/(sqrt(x^2-4))

When determining the mass of an atom, the electrons are not considered. Why can scientists disregard the electrons?

algebra 1
thanx so much

algebra 1
[2(6-1)]/2=? PLEASE HELP ME!??!

adult education
2-D 4-D 5-D 7-A 8-B 9-C 11-C 12-C 14-D 18-A THESE ARE ALL CORRECT.

Poem: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe
She died by TB

Thanks leslie :)

5th grade

ƒ¡ƒ¥ƒ|ƒnƒnƒn Give the measure in degrees of the angle described „£A represents of a complete circle.

math- exponents
thnx 4 the help.... :)

math- exponents
oh ok...thank u for the help :)

math- exponents
also...wat if its like -(-5)^2

math- exponents
i have a quick question... -3^2 (-3)^2 wat is the difference??? also... -3^3 (-3)^3 help me plz...thx if u do

6th grade Social Studies
In Egypt, what were portrait masks made of? What magical figures were placed between a mummy's wrappings?

i was repeating the question; i'm not the op.

What is the answer to the problem 13 - t = -t + 7

hahahaha what? do you speak french? i'm asking if you would use the past tense (Il a mangé souvent les souris.) or the imperfect (Il mangeait souvent les souris.) i thought it was perfectly obvious lolololol.

Il a mangé souvent les souris. or Il mangeait souvent les souris. ?

8th grade
(A) 186,000*60 = 1.116*10^7 miles (B) 93,000,000/186,000 = 5*10^2 seconds

scientific notation?
(A) 186,000*60 = 1.116 X 10^7 miles (B) 93,000,000/186,000 = 5X10^2 seconds

Genus Species ( You can just search for "Scientific Name" in Google to get more information )

You need a common denominator. Make the common denominator 24, because both 8 and 6 can fit into 24. 7/8 = 21/24 5/6 = 20/24

Research Project on Computer Confidentiality
You know what is aggravating to me is that I am probably one of thousands of students who have done this same project, and when I do research, all I can find is the people who are asking for an easy way out. I'm not saying this person is, but it is very frustrating that I ...


8th grade science
Accuracy? (not sure why it has no 'r' or 'y', though)

12th grade chemistry

The team's win-lost ratio was 3 to 2. The team played 20 games without a tie. How many games did the team win/

I am sure we attend the same school and the class and the book is so upsetting to read because it just dances around the subject and the answer. I thought it was just me but I hate this class

How do you determibe weather a point is a solution to an equation

U.S. History
What organization or group was against WWI and or for propaganda?

Physics Help2I!!!
it is 7

Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent OR which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace?

toad poop

Which of the following is a point source of liquid waste

algebra math riddle...
few of them survived the branding

Algebra 1 honors
.15*8+X=.5(8+X) 1.2+X=4+.5X X-.5X=4-1.2 .5X=2.8 X=2.8/.5 X=5.6 QTS. OF PURE PINEAPPLE JUICE IS USED. PROOF: .15*8+5.6=.5(8+5.6) 1.2+5.6=.5*13.6 6.8=6.8

English- COM 150
1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. B 20. A 21. A 22. B 23. A 24. B 25. A

Provide at least three freshwater and three ocean water resource challenges Sewage, Disease, Garbage. Oil spills, Costal developments, Man made pollutions

6th grade
what is topic sentence, and what are words theycan not start with

formula for silicon dioxide?

no answer

Then what are you? I see that you're here so you had to google the question and I doubt you would take that much time to go out of your way, just to down someone.

US History
thanks so much! it's been really hard to follow the class...and the questions don't go with the chapters we were assigned otherwise this would be a no brainer

US History
kay um. my teacher's not very good at teaching. great guy, but not meant to teach..sooo I have 6 questions that aren't even in the chapter and the index is of no help to me right now... sooo here goes: Describe the basic population structure and social life of the 17th...

identifying the linguistics, political, social economic,, religious and familial conventions and/or statues of four Hispanic groups and the groups of you choice? Suggestions:Can you help me understand what she is looking for me to write just needs some pointers. Thank-You

What are the main characteristics of science?

i have the same worksheet! i don't know what it is either... :(

Idk I need help!!!!!! sooo hard.

Chemistry- HWK CHECK

all you have to do is count 4,3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-3 and so on until you get to -18 and then you have your answer

World History
Using arificial means of bringing water to crops is called _______. A. adulation B. synagogue C. initiation D. inflation I know it's not A and I don't think it's C so I'm kind of leaning toward D, but I don't know for sure.

World History
Is the weekly day of worship and rest called the sabbath?

World History
Well I think it is either Bel or Re because Isis and Orisis were husband and wife and that means if it was their son I would have to pick both of them which I can't do.

World History
The Egyptains believed that the pharaoh was the son of _______ A. Isis B. Osiris C. Bel D. Re

Writeacher Why Don't you just shutup.

determine the follwing.. given that f(x)= -x + x^2 -x -3 find a.f(-2) b.f(1) c.f(3a)

In what ways did WWII transform America that WWI had not?

If two triangles are congruent, are they similar?

a triangle with vertices a(-2,3) B9-5,-6), C(3,1) draw a image of the triangle under the M(y)

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