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square roots
a square root of a number is the opposite of squaring the number. Take the number 4. the square would be (4)(4) = 16. The square root of 4 would be (2)(2) = 4 => 2

maths project
the ratio between girls to boys is 20:26 =>10:13, and the ratio from boys to girls is 13:10. the ratio between boys and total number of people is 26:46 => 13:23, and the ratio between girls to the total number of people is 20:46 => 10:23

why do you want to add more clubs is only a question to ask if they reply yes to the 1st question. I think it is pretty good topic. So, do you want us to think up some more questions?

make a tree chart. one scenario would be drawing a red ball, another a white ball, another...etc. Then, after you pick one case, make other choices... like after i picked a red ball...i picked either a red ball again or a white ball...

Nice story...was there a problem?

we line up the numbers 4002 and 2153 and minus the numbers and carry over other numbers.

social studys
Great. First, look through some literature and history BOOKS. Remember, these are the kind of books which will give the most information on what you want. I recommend doing some research, reading a few books, and reporting back to us.

Google Search
That is true but usually, the internet will explain it

Google Search
Dear all, If you do not understand a science, math, writing, grammar, history, etc. problem, you can easily find the explanation of the concept you are struggling in on the internet or Google.

So do you want us to check your answers? By the way, is your answer the word under the sentence? So are all the answers false? And also, what do you mean in your first sentence by "if i put a .... that's what ithink the answer is may u checkitin tell what i got wrong ...

we want the first sentence. You are correct. The reason is we need a comma after each list including the second to last one with the "and" word.

We want the denominators to be equal to find which is greatest and which is the least. Thus, we find the lcm or the least common denominator of 2,6, and 8. This happens to 24. Thus, we multiply 3/8 by 3/3 to get 9/24, we multiply 5/6 by 4/4 to get 20/24, and we multiply 1/2 by...

like before, we cross out the prepositional phrase to get the dean is/are in favor of the plan. we know the dean is singular, so we choose the verb of being for singular....

Excuse me, but where is the sentence? But a correct sentence has no grammatical or punctuation errors. A run-on sentence has two sentences joined together without a conjunction (usually), and a sentence fragment cannot stand by itself. (usually lacks a verb of being, is a ...

courtship is dating except with the intent of getting married, not having fun. Crossing the color line is crossing the barrier of segregation

If we move the prepositional phrase to the front, we get In my opinion, this test is easy. Thus, where do the commas go?

good job man

since the area enclosed by the fence is 5 times the area of the pool, and we know that the pool is 20*17= 340 sq ft, we can multiply 340 * 5 to get ____

Continuously Compounded Interest Continuously compounded interest is interest that is, hypothetically, computed and added to the balance of an account every instant. This is not actually possible, but continuous compounding is well-defined nevertheless as the upper bound of &...

test for how many valence electrons in outermost electron shell.

the answer is B reason why is because if we get rid of "for various classes" which is a prepositional phrase so we do not need it for these grammar problems, we get the fee is/are different. Thus, since fee is singular, we get B or the fee for various class is ...

false, they belong in group 3B

counting up method
this is used many times for subtraction. lets take the example 198 - 46. 198 rounds up to 200, and 46 rounds up to 50. 200 - 50 = 150. However, that's not our answer. 198 = 200-2. so the answer would be -2 added to 150. Also, 46 is 50-4. So the answer would be another +4 ...

Know how many valence electrons there are in both of them, then make a test to find how many valence electrons in both of them.

for 1. d= 36 ft g = 9.8 find t. t=? plug it in and find the answer for 2. t=3 g=9.8 find d d=?

Through the optimization of economic structure and consumption structure, an ecological surplus and the balance between natural resources supply and demand could be achieved.

BTW, A would be at the top if the right triangle were standing on its shorter base. C would be on the other side on the bottom right. B would be on the right angle

sorry i don't see a picture. But, I'll explain what should be seen. Make a right triangle. From the angle <B, where B is 90 degrees, draw an altitude down to CA. Call that point D. We see that ABC and BCD are similar triangles. BC/CD=AC/BC, so BC^2=AC*CD. Likewise, ...

0.08 x+ 0.09x = (0.08+0.09)x (distributive property) = 0.17x