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15-75-90 triangle??
ok ty alot

15-75-90 triangle??
what is the formula for these triangles ?

Algebra 2 help :)
1. true it is not a real number 2 that is true, when graphing a function or a parabola, the minimum value is the smallest y value 3 i^2 = -1, thus it is false 4 complex numbers CANNOT be graphed on the coordinate plane (where would we put it?!) so false

financial management
compound or simple interest?

thanks alot man!

The inside wheels of a car traveling on a circular path are rotating half as fast as the outside wheels. The front two wheels are six feet apart. What is the number of feet in the path traced by the inside front wheel in one trip around the circle? Express your answer in the ...

Algebra 2 help!!!
for number one we see that this could be of the form (x+7)^2 so we expand to get x^2+14x+49 so we need to add 49 for number 2 we can just use the easy way (factoring) although you can use the quad formula. (x-1)(x-6) to get x=1,6 we multiply coefficients pretending i is a ...

20-14.50= ....?

what if this is a game, and we play like 4 rounds? Would it be 2/9 ^4?

so is it 1/27?

Im not good at probability. If there are 3 choices, and 3 people can choose any of them, what are the odds of the 3 people choosing all different choices?

probability question - help!
Two people agree to meet at a coffee shop. They each independently pick a random moment in time between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and show up exactly at their selected time. But they are very impatient, and only stay for 10 minutes after when they arrive. What is the probability that ...

math very hard
thanks alot steve!

math very hard
A card is randomly drawn from a standard deck. An ace of hearts wins the grand prize; any other ace or heart wins a small prize. What is the probability of winning a small prize? Express your answer as a common fraction.

maths project