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two airplanes depart simultaneously from an airport.One flies due south, the other flies due east at a rate 20 mi/h faster than that of the other airplane. After one hour , radar indicates that the airplanes are approximately 450 mi apart. What is the ground speed of each ...

You plant an 8-inch-tall tomato plant that grows 5 inches taller each week. On the same day, you plant a 14-inch-tall tomato plant that grows 3.5 inches taller each week. Graph a system of equations that represents the heights y (in inches) of the plants after x weeks. Use the...

An airplane with a velocity of 50m/s comes in to land at the start of the runway and brakes at -5m/s. Will it be able to stop in time if the runway is 275m long? I'm not sure which formula to use since the ones I have used give me very small answers in comparison to the 275m

Interior Design
all are correct except for 18. the correct answer is A.

D.Involuntary responses may include the spinal cord and not the brain. sure!

Although banding and binding sound alike, they’re not. The purpose of banding materials together is a decorative one only. In binding, however, the purpose is to actually hold the floral elements in place. In other words, binding is a functional technique, while banding ...

c programming
every week from monday to friday you go to class. when it is raining, you take an umbrella. but on the weekend,what you do depends on the weather. if it is raining, you stay indoors. otherwise, you have fun outdoors. write a c program to present your weekly program using if/...

Pre Calc
Write as a series and express as a rational number: 1. 5.36363636.... 2. 0.0123123.... Use this series and find S1,S2,S3,S4,Sn, and lim Sn. 1/1*3 + 1/3*5 + 1/5*7+...+ 1/(2n-1)(2n+1)

How do you find chi squared? and how do you find the expected values for chi squared? I understand the formula but i conducted the experiment and it doesnt give me the theoretical value of it?

Alg 2 (ASAP)
I have a parabola vertex (11,3) p is not given, focus pt is not given. I need to find the equation of the parabola. How would I do this w/o p value or focus pt? you cant. Þhere are an infinite number of parabolas that have that vertex.

sales tax
here is my problem. The tax rate in a certain state is 5% Find the total price payed for shoes that cost 52 dollars Total price = cost + salestax =52 + 52*.05 =52+2.60

How do you find simple interest of something? I have a problem like this: JJ borrowed 21,000 dollars for a car, the finance company gave him an interest rate of 11.4% for 5 years how much will he pay over a 5 year period?? The problem here is that this is not simple interest...

how do you find simple interest and compound interest? (Broken Link Removed)