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Physical Science
A man pushes a 45-kg cart an acceleration of 3.0m/s^2. What is the force on the cart?

An airplane has air speed of 540 mph and a heading of 50*. The wind is blowing from the north at 27 mph. Find the plane's ground speed and course direction.

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what possible chemicals can test the presence of limonene except bromine water and potassium permanganate?

consumer mathematics
a sofa sells for $840. the sale price is $714., find the percent of decrease of the sale price from the regular price

I need to know step by step how to complete the square to this problem: x^2-12x

Ordering decimals
not "a ten" sorry... delete a

Ordering decimals
What is the easiest way to order a ten decimal numbers from greatest to least or visa versa. This is from a 4th grader... Thanks...

What is the fomula to find the volume of a hexagonal pyramid?