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The secret of gumbo grove sorry then but thank you for attempting.

The secret of gumbo grove
do you know where i can find chapter summaries for this book.

6/15= 2/5 divide 6 and 15 by 3 15/60=1/4 divide 15 and 60 by 15 78=78 (whole number)

im not sure im typing as i find them. A=total of counting the numbers 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,101,202,303 B) = total counting the numbers 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,101,202,303,404,505,606,707,808,909

what is a?

yes you capitalize it

Family Report
What should i put in a report about my family?

guess and check
there are 42 question on lindas test. sum of the questions are 2 point and sum were 3 points. she got a perfect score. how many 2 question where there and 3 point questions were on lindas test

the speed of train A is 8mph slower than the speed of train B. Train A travels 220 in the same time it takes train B to travel 260 miles. Find the speed for each train.

6th grade (vocabulary)

summarizing book
can you summarize the summaries at this link? sparknotes website Search: A wrinkle in time

3rd grade

I don't think that is right answer is x=4 not sure how

Solve. log(x^3)-log(2)=log(2x^2)

math grade 12
Solve. log(x^3)-log(2)=log(2x^2)


3rd grade math
write each addition vertically.decide which new groups you will make.then,add to see if you were correct. 256+1273___________ a new ten?____________ a new hundred?_________ a new thousand?____________ need answers and please explain

3rd grade
write addition vertically.decide which new groups you will make.then add to see if you are correct. 256+1273_________ a new ten?________ a new hundred?___________ a new thousand?_________ i need answer and explain how

When 13 grams of a sample cools from 56c to 34.4cit loses 25.8 Joules of heat. What is the specific heat of the sample?

I actually don't know where the 2s and 3m came from, I think it was a typo on my MSWord

A motorist travels at a constant speed of 34.0 m/s through a school zone; exceeding the posted speed limit. A policeman, waits 7.0 s before giving chase at an acceleration of 3.9 m/s2. (a) Find the time required to catch the car, from the instant the car passes the policeman. ...

I think it does. For answer choice one correct?

I think all three of them have derivatives because when I put them into the calculator, I saw no discontinuities. but i am debating if it's II and III.

Which of the following functions have a derivative at x=0? I. y= absolute value(x^3-3x^2) II y= square root(x^2+.01)- absolute value (x-1) III y= e^x/cosx

Strategies to improve patient intake

translate to an inequality. a number is at least 10. the answer is ? ? ? use x as the variable. Thank you

what is the balanced equation? how do i convert moles of CH4 and Cl2 to moles of the product??

Wow.... Reiny is a dick, but a helpful dick.

what numbers factor 25x^2 - 10x + 126

9th grade, Biology honors
That it is like diffusion but with water.

Can you put streamline in a sentence with this definition:a teardrop line of contour offering the least possible resistance to a current of air, water, etc.


Thank you!

Algebra is useful math. Lots of people enjoy it. Getting the hang of it is pretty hard. Everyone learns it sometime or another, But some are brave enough to show it off. Rapid fire algebraic equations are given to solve All but half the class get them right. does this make sense

I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?

How many 8 by 12 shelves can u get from a 36 by 56 piece of plywood

4th grade math
Identify one way outside of schoo in which you have seen #'s ordered.

The sum of my ones and tens digit is 10. My tens digit is greater than my ones digit. I am a prime number. What number am I?

Explain in detail whether or not a single amino acid could be an effective antigen and how a single amino acid substitution could affect ligand binding?

Reading: Summary
This article is about a man named Dan Phillips who builds low income, but yet attractive housing out of salvaged items. He builds his houses in Huntsville, Texas. He is currently still building houses and he started in Huntsville, Texas. Dan Phillips uses materials such as ...

Reading: Summary
I used some of your suggestions and came up with this. This article is about a man named Dan Phillips who builds low income, but yet attractive housing out of salvaged items. He builds his houses in Huntsville, Texas. He is currently still building houses and he started in ...

Reading: Summary
Should I explain some of his customer reviews or describe the way he builds the houss or would that be redundant?

Reading: Summary
This article is about a man named Dan Phillips that builds low income, but yet attractive housing out of salvaged items. He builds his houses in Huntsville, Texas. He is currently still building houses and he started in Huntsville, Texas. Phillips started building houses to ...

Reading: Summary
Thanks i'll try that strategy

Reading: Summary
Can you help me summarize this article in 2 paragraphs? Ny times website ome mans trash please can you search it and help?

Look at biochem testbook. "Acetal CoA is a cental character in the cellular metabolism... [through which] all the energy sources (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) are interconvertible". Acetyl CoA is the correct answer.

java programming
could someone help me create a source code that requires you to enter 2 numbers then gets the sum, difference, product and quotient of them after entering

Which of the following items contribute(s) to an increase in real GDP? (i) The cost of cleanup after a hurricane hits Florida (ii) The market value of burglar alarms purchased to reduce crime (iii) The additional health care costs associated with smoking (iv) The production of...

a table exerts a 2.0 -newton force on a book lying on the table. how much force is exerted by the book on the table?

managerial economics
Price 1 is 50, price 2 is 38.78. Quantity 1 is 100, quantity 2 is 169. solve the price elasticity of demand. what if our goal is to decrease price by 14% what if our goal is to raise quantity from 169 to 300 by how much percentage we should decrease price? -2=%Q/P

aztec enterprises depends heavily on advertising to sell its products. management at aztec is allowed to spend $2million monthly on advertising, but no more than this amount. each month, aztec spends exactly $2million on advertising. what is aztec's elasticity of demand ...


5th grade Science
Why does a multicellular organism need specialized cells and why their apperances are different?

helium nuclei? positron/electron? photon? im not too shure.

calculus 2
f(x) = { 2 if x ! [0, 1) −1 if x = 1 3 if x ! (1, 2] −5 if x ! (2, 3) 20 if x = 3 } Prove that the function is Riemann integrable over [0, 4] and calculate its Riemann integral over [0, 4].

financial management
Callaghan Motors' bonds have 25 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually, they have a $1,000 par value, the coupon interest rate is 12%, and the yield to maturity is 5%. What is the bond's current market price? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

Math, easy Q
Sorry, really messed up the wording

Math, easy Q
Does /-- ( Radical 7/10 ) = / 7 /-- ( Radical 70 over / - \/ 70 10 ) \ / 10 __ 10

help please
calculate A, B in this equation: 1000 A B sigma ai =( sigma ai) - (sigma ai) i=60 i=60 i=2

they asked you at what age she got married= caso

calc 2
Calculate A, B in the following equation: 1000 A B Ó ai = Ó ai - Ó ai I=60 i=2 i=2

codes and ciphers
i am trying to find the code example on the page:C=E D=G I=S K=C V=L Y=F

codes and ciphers
what is the type of cipher or code used on edhelper work sheets?

oh okay thank you

Stars by Cindy Grigg

but i don't have the complete story to finish it!

does anybody have an edhelper account i can use for my home work?

find the area of the region inside the circle r = 3sin(teta) and outside the cardioid r = 1 + sin(teta)

Help calculus 2
find the area of the region inside the circle r = 3sinè and outside the cardioid r = 1 + sinè

Determine whether the graphs of lines with the given Equations are Parallel, Perpendicular or neither. Eq#1 2X + 3Y = 4 and Eq#2 Y = - 2/3 X + 8

dont every curse at me again

I have to find the rule of each line can you help? 1.3,3.3,4.5,6.5,7.7,____,_____,_____ Rule:_______________________ 14.8,15,13.2,13.4,11.6,____,____,____ Rule:_______________________ 4.8,9.6,8.9,17.8,17.1,_____,______,_____ Rule:_______________________


The base of a ladder should be placed 3 feet from the wall for every 5 feet of ladder length. How many a ladder is needed to safely reach 36 feet above ground?

8th Grade Science
At what temperature is water the most dense?

8th Grade Science
If we say that gold has a density of 19.32 g/ml, at what temperature is this substance?

Could you please check my answers thank you so much:) Use the verb pouvoir or vouloir Ah, je regrette, mais je ne ------- pas. À la télé, il y a ... Answer: Peux Si je comprends bien, tu ne ------ pas faire le dîner, parce que tu ------ regarder la t...

thx man

I know that (n+1)! = n!(n+1) but how would i solve the factorial: (2n+3)! thank you.


what is the area of a square with a side of 36 in. ?

what is the formula for the area of a trapezoid? please include a diagram

algebra please help
how much of 12.5% of skylite red pigment needs to be mixed with 20% macintosh red pigment to get a 17% red pigment?

i need to unscramble these french words: chupket and mèrce. they are in the food catagory

1/2, 3/8, 1/4, 0/2, 4/4, 7/8

need help math
Solve the problem. Roberto invested some money at 7%, and then invested $2000 more than twice this amount at 11%. His total annual income from the two investments was $3990. How much was invested at 11%?

algebra interest word problem
Solve the problem. Roberto invested some money at 7%, and then invested $2000 more than twice this amount at 11%. His total annual income from the two investments was $3990. How much was invested at 11%?

Solve the problem. Anne and Nancy use a metal alloy that is 24.9% copper to make jewelry. How many ounces of a 20% alloy must be mixed with a 27% alloy to form 100 ounces of the desired alloy?

algebra time and distance
Karin biked at 13 mph for a time but got a flat tire. She then walked at 5 mph. She traveled a total of 93 miles. Had she biked the whole time, she would have gone 117 miles. How many hours did she walk?

Marty leaves the airport in his private plane and flies due east at 186 mph. Two hours later, a jet leaves the same airport and flies due east at 434 mph. When will the jet overtake Marty's plane?

Solve the problem. Helen Weller invested $15,000 in an account that pays 12% simple interest. How much additional money must be invested in an account that pays 15% simple interest so that the total interest is equal to the interest on the two investments at the rate of 13%?

college algebra
the tests improve by 3 points, therefore: test 1 x test 2 x+3 test 3 x+6 test 4 x+9 the mean is the sum of the test scores divided by the number of tests. also, we know the mean = 69.5% therefore, we get the equation: (4x+18)/4 = 69.5% 4x+18 = 278 4x = 260 x = 65 therefore the...

Another astronomy (algebra-based physics) question
I’d prefer thorough solutions, but if you can only provide formulas that would solve each part of the problem, that’d be helpful too :-) Thanks! Spinning too fast The rate of rotation of astrophysical objects that are held together by gravity (e.g., stars or planets...

Astronomy (algebra-based physics)
Extrasolar planets There are currently 340 known extrasolar planets, i.e., planets around other suns. Most of them we infer only by their gravitational pull on their host stars, and a handful appear to dim the light of their host star as they transit in front of the star. In ...

I'd love thorough solutions to these problems, but simply providing the specific formulas that I should solve each part of the problem with would be really good too. :-) Thanks! Human energetics You are sitting down to study in the library. Let’s find out what limits ...

Physics - solar power in space
Hi, this requires some basic knowledge of astrophysics. I missed last lecture that covered this, so though I'd prefer thorough solutions to these problems, I'd appreciate it even if you could tell me which formulas to use to solve each part of the problem. Thanks! NASA...

That's exactly why I said "quite" before I said "a few." Thanks for your help.

I've got quite a few problems. Please answer any of them in whole or in part. Thank you in advance. (For the record, you're not doing my homework; you're helping me understand it. These problems were not assigned.) (1). Determine the discontinuities and whether or ...

Math: Probability
I need help. Here's the queston. Julia has 3 red marbles, 4 blues,3 yellow and 6 black in a bag. She takes one out at random. The probability its black ___ The probability its yellow ___ The probability it isnt red ___

I am trying to find the percentages of different numbers. How do i find them? for example 83%of 6

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