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  1. English

    Oh and is there some other word for an argument? f.e. What are your arguments?
  2. English

    Hello! Can you write the word Goodbye like this and like this Good bye? What about Goodnight or Good night?
  3. physics

    If an elevator with mass of 4850kg is designed to have a maximum acceleration of .068g (g is gravity acceleration). What are the maximum and minimum forces the motor should exert?
  4. English - Native speakers

    and if these words are new words for people than I should write them without articles? When I write verbs I write them like f.e. to increase to explain etc. so that is why I am asking about the nouns
  5. English - Native speakers

    Hello! When you are writing the unknown words f.e. on the board can you write the following or is something else correct (I am referring to articles): an aim- a counter-revolution- a supporter- a square- a mayor- a green area- a pedestrian zone- So should you write the unknown...
  6. math

    For how many two digit prime numbers is the sum of its digits 8
  7. physics

    Thanks , alot!
  8. physics

    A 88g arrow is shot from a bow whose string exerts an average force of 110n on the arrow over a distance of 78cm.What is the speed of the arrow as it leaves the string?
  9. physics

    Suppose you notice 6.3 ocean waves pass by a buoy in 26.3 seconds. What is the frequency of the ocean waves?
  10. English - Native speakers

    And one more thing how come is it possible to say My family are from Rome?
  11. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Why don't we say possessive pronouns in English for the following words: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their. Why do we say possessive adjectives? It doesn't make sense to me since my mother tongue is not English. Can you maybe explain this to me? Thank you
  12. Trig

    If the terminal side of theta in standard position contains the point (5,8). Find the exact value of tan of theta
  13. Trig

    Given that theta is a quadrant 3 angle with cos of theta=-7radical65/65, determine tan of theta
  14. English - Native speakers

    Ok one more thing about quantifiers :D Can you help me and tell me which of the following sentences are correct in both ways: 1.I have no/I don't have any time - is both possible? 2.He works a lot/much 3.There are too much or to many people? I think 1 and 2 can go both way...
  15. English - Native speakers

    Thank you Writeacher for your answers today :) Here are some other questions :) : Do you say We've had a lot of rain recently or lots of rain? Can someone explain the difference between those two phrases - in your own words. Also what exactly is the difference between a ...
  16. English - Native speakers

    Ok but what about the phrase to hold the grudge against someone? For example don't hold the grudge against me but I think you are wrong Or Don't hold it against me but I think you are wrong Is this correct?
  17. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Which expression do you use the most in English? Don't take amiss to me or something similar? I am looking for a verb but I can't seem to find it in English. Is there also an expression like to take harm on someone? I hope you get the idea which verb or ...

    The hydraulic gradient in an 10-ft-thick aquifer at a site of uniform flow prior to pumping is -0.02. The hydraulic conductivity is 100 ft/day. True or False: After pumping starts at a well at a rate of 10,000 cubic feet per day, the distance from the well to a point of ...

    In the video game Corporate Cowboy, your task is to investigate complaints of wrongdoing on the part of corporate directors and officers, decide whether there is a violation of the law, and deal with the wrongdoers accordingly. Jane, a shareholder of Goodly Corporation, ...
  20. English - Native speakers

    Hello once again! Can you tell me the difference between Don't underestimate me! and Don't underrate me! Which one is more used in English and what's the difference between those two words? Is there any other similar word? My second question. Can we say both I'...
  21. English

    Hello! I am trying to formulate the following sentence correctly: 1. "I plan to continue my education on the graduate study program of the same university." Any better ideas?
  22. physics

    If a 9800kg train car traveling at 15m/s impacts another train car at rest and after the impact the 2 are going 6m/s. What is the mass of the second train car?
  23. Math

    I think in simple terms you are removing the parenthesis, so you need to multiply 4 by each one inside the parenthesis, 4x9=36, and 4x-m=-4m so I believe tat "D" sis the answer.
  24. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid whose base is the region bounded between the curve y=sec x and the x-axis from x=pi/4 to x=pi/3 and whose cross sections taken perpendicular to the x-axis are squares.
  25. alegebra

    c = number of correct answers Amelia gets 4 points for each correct answer so... 4c = how many points she gets from answering correctly Points deducted = 1(25-c) 25 is number of questions Therefore... 4c-1(25-c)=50
  26. physics

  27. physics

    If a masss of 65kg is dropped 4.3m onto a spring with a stiffness coefficient of 6.2x10^4 n/m, how far is the spring depressed?
  28. physics

    A 65 kg object is dropped from rest a distance of 4.3m onto a spring with a stiffness coefficient of 6.2x10^4n/m. How far is the spring compressed?
  29. math

    If the base to a gutter and 12 feet from the base of a house, how many feet high on the house does the ladder reachIf th
  30. physics

    Two objects .25m apart exert a force of 2.5x10 to the -11 power on each other, if thier total mass is 4kg, what is the mass of each?
  31. physics

    Two objects .25m apart exert a force of 2.5x10 to the -11 power on each other, if thier total mass is 4kg, what is the mass of each?
  32. Chemistry

  33. physics

    2 objects are .25m apart and exert a force of 2.5x10^-10 N on each other. Thier total mass is 4 kg. what is the mass of each?
  34. Physics

    I used my last attempt at the problem using this info, but was unable to figure out the answer. Thank you for responding though.
  35. Physics

    Can't figure this one out. "In a pickup game of dorm shuffleboard, students crazed by final exams use a broom to propel a calculus book along the dorm hallway. If the 3.5 kg book is pushed from rest through a distance of 0.88 m by the horizontal 25 N force from the ...
  36. reading

    If a person lives over 160 years What will happen?
  37. reading

    What will be the impact on society if people live more than life expectancy?
  38. reading

    can you please answer my other questions?
  39. reading

    What is the advantage or disadvantage that people used telomere?
  40. reading

    thank you
  41. reading

    What will be the impact on society If people live more then life expectaney?
  42. math

    which is matches the problem? <,>,= 8.5_____-10^3
  43. physics

    Assume acceleration due to gravity=10 m/s. A ball is thrown vertically upward from top of a building with speed of 20 m/s. On the way back ball misses the building and lands on the ground. Total time the ball is in air is 6 seconds. Determine the height of the building with ...
  44. Math

    Theresa's company just bought 18 new computers. She was told that there would be a random drawing to see which employees got one of the new computers. If Theresa has 46 coworkers, what is the probability that she will get one of the new computers?
  45. toxicology

    a) Generally speaking, the ability of a substance to move across a membrane by passive diffusion is enhanced by decreasing size and by an increasing octanol/water coefficient. T or F
  46. geometry

    Assume there are 2 similar polygons, whose scale factor is 4:5. If the larger polygon has an area of 30 units squared, what is the area o the smaller polygon?
  47. COM/155

    I will try later.....thank you
  48. COM/155

    none of my bold or underlined words showed up....
  49. COM/155

    For this assignment, I have reviewed the amazingly racy MTV reality series called Jersey Shore. The show follows the lives of eight savagely stylish young Italian-Americans at the Jersey Shore. During the day, the cast shares shifts working at a competitively busy boardwalk t-...
  50. COM/155

    My assignment is to write a television show review. I am to Bold adverbs, and underline adjectives. I think I found them all, what do you think?
  51. spelling

    what word ends in -let and has the same meaning as starlet?
  52. english

    when do you use present perfect?
  53. groundwater science

    Assume that a gaining stream exists in physical connection with groundwater in an unconfined aquifer. Assume that several contour lines of equal head cross the stream and intercept it. True or False: Since the stream is gaining, the contour lines of equal head will increase in...
  54. COM/155

    Thank you for your help. Have a good night.
  55. COM/155

    me, her, my, who, they. Am I correct?
  56. COM/155

    •Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. •Use at least 5 different pronouns. I think these sentences are correct. They should include the necessary five diferent pronouns. What do ...
  57. chemistry

    Just figured this out for my Chemistry class. .86 / (23 + 34.45) = X / (39 + 34.45) Solve for X ( .86 / (23 + 34.45) ) * (39 + 34.45) 1.099 = X X =
  58. Physics

    A crate of a mass 150 kg is lifted onto a truck 2.5 m above the ground. How much potential energy has the crate gained?
  59. com/155

    Thanks again!
  60. com/155

    My assignment is to write a paragraph about what I've learned this week. It should contain clear and concise sentences, with correct spelling and puncuation. How do you think I did? This Weeks Material Has Changed The Way I Write This weeks material has opened my eyes to ...
  61. COM/155

    Thank you so much! Have a great night.
  62. COM/155

    also.....the puncuation also has to be correct.
  63. COM/155

    For this project, I had to write 5 clear, concise, well written sentences about what I've learned this week. Do these sentences look correct to you? One of the most important lessons I have learned is to stay away from using vague or inappropriate words in my writing. I ...
  64. Physics

    In an arcade game, a ball is launched from the corner of a smooth inclined plane. The inclined plane makes a 33.3° angle with the horizontal and has a width of w = 42.9 cm. The spring-loaded launcher makes an angle of 45.0° with the lower edge of the inclined plane. ...
  65. COM155

    Thank you for your help! Have a great day.
  66. COM155

    Ok.....How is this? Identify those with errors by marking each of the errors in bold. Make the correction in parentheses after the error. For those that are correct, write correct at the end of the sentence. Their (There) are three kids in the room. We have been married for 20...
  67. COM155

    I think I found all of the errors, what do you think? Identify those with errors by marking each of the errors in bold. Make the correction in parentheses after the error. For those that are correct, write correct at the end of the sentence. Their (There) are three kids in the...
  68. math

    A manufacturer can produce 8,500 units for a total profit of 47,600.00 dollars, but if he increases his production to 11,500 units, then his profit becomes $65,600.00. fixed cost is? net profit per unit produced is?
  69. Math

    I got that far. But I still do not know how to find the fixed cost and net profit from the p(x) equation.
  70. Math

    A manufacturer can produce 8,500 units for a total profit of 47,600.00 dollars, but if he increases his production to 11,500 units, then his profit becomes $65,600.00. It follows that his fixed cost is? and his net profit per unit produced is?
  71. Math

    Thank you so much!
  72. Math

    So it would be 2 as well correct? Sorry, this is all new for me.
  73. Math

    If the slope of line f is 2,and a line d is parallel to the line f, what is the slope of line d?
  74. Math

    A model car is made to a scale of 2 to 25. If the model is 17 inches long, how long is the actual car?
  75. physics

    im trying to figure out this same problem!!!
  76. finanace

    Using 7.86 rate of return , what should be the current share price of AirJet Best Parts, Inc. if the company maintains a constant 1% growth rate in dividends and the most recent dividend per share paid on the stock was $1.50?
  77. Chemistry

    In a chemical reaction, exactly 2 mol of substance A react to produce exactly 3 mol of substance B 2A ---> 3B How many molecules of substance B are produced when 27.9 g of substance A reacts? the molar mass of substance A is 24.7 g/mol STEP 1: convert the mass of A to moles...
  78. Math

    I am a little confused, can someone please help me? I the radius of a circle is 5m, what is the area of the circle? Is this the same as the surface area and it would be 10m?
  79. math

    ;5$$5=1 qui weep
  80. Social Studies

    Which of the following is not a means by which cultures became diffused?
  81. Social Studies

    Compare and contrast how Islam spread with how christianity spread.
  82. math

    The support wire for a sign meets the wall and the overhang as shown below. If m<2=42 degrees, find m<1. Explain your reasoning.
  83. psychology

    hi im stuck on a question on my assignment, question , sometimes when going to meet jamie , karen mistakes someone else for him , her motivation and expectations of seeing him effect her perceptions, could you direct me to one study illustrating either of these factors, and ...
  84. Math

    A cube is both a polyhedron and a prism. This isn't true right?
  85. Chemistry

    A 5.00-gram sample of glucose, C6H12O6, [molar mass = 180.] is dissolved 10.0 grams of water What is the molality of the glucose solution? Calculate the boiling(BP) and freezing points(FP) of this solution to the nearest 0.1 C°. The vapor pressure of pure water at 30º...
  86. math

    Sparky weighs 3/4 of her weight, plus 3/4 of a pound. How much does she weigh?
  87. 9th grade algebra

    two volumes one is 8 the other 125, the surface are is 4, what is the other surface area
  88. Math

    make up alist of data with the following landmarks 15, 5,10,20
  89. Chemistry

    When 2.50g of an unknown solute is dissolved in 40.0g of ethanol the solution boils at 79.4C. The normal boiling point of this substance is 78.4C and it has a kb of 1.22C/m. (a) What is the molality of this solution? (b) What is the molecular weight of the solute?
  90. Language

    Which would be correct? They or Them and I are buying some groceries. Would it be They?
  91. statistics

    what is the sample space for this experiment: select two cards from a deck of 52 cards and observe the color of each card drawn.
  92. java

    I hava a Employee class and my main class. But in my netbeans it is saying that cannot find symbol symbol:class Employees location:class Main Why is this?And what should I do? Please send me a detail answer. I will really thankful for all of you.
  93. math

    how do i design a portable barrier to stop a vehicle travelling at 60km/h, weighing 1800kg within a distance of 1m? the tires cannot be damaged.
  94. college algebra

    Compute x +y, given the linear system with T # 1 and with the ordered pair (x,y) as solution x + 2y=3 Tx + ( T+1)y = T + 2
  95. math

    You are forming 3 teams from 25 people. Team A has 8 Team B has 3 Team C has 14 How many ways can team A be selected? How many ways can team B selected from the remaining people? How many ways can team C be selected from the remaining people? How many ways can all teams be ...
  96. math

    2 1/4 double
  97. College Chemistry

    48.70 mL of an HCl stock solution was transferred into a 500 mL volumetric flask and filled to the mark. 47.67 mL of the diluted solution was titrated with 0.179 M NaOH and found to have the concentration of 0.885 M. What is the concentration of the stock solution?
  98. Geometry

    The area of a triangle is 6.75 m squared. If the base of the triangle is 3 m, what is the height of the triangle?
  99. algebra

  100. Math

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