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  1. law

    In the video game Corporate Cowboy, your task is to investigate complaints of wrongdoing on the part of corporate directors and officers, decide whether there is a violation of the law, and deal with the wrongdoers accordingly. Jane, a shareholder of Goodly Corporation, ...
  2. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Can you improve this sentence please "She didn't ask her supervisor days-off."
  3. Chemistry

    When 0.5963g of a sample containing NaNO2 and some inert material is allowed to react with excess HSO3NH2, the volume of N2 gas produced is measured. The volume of N2 gas corrected to 298.15K and 100kPa is calculated to be 0.146L. Find the mass percent of NaNO2 in the sample ...
  4. msth

    you are planning for your kids future education. he is 8 years old now and will start in ten years. How much will you have to set aside each year in order to have 65,000.00 if the interest rate is 7%.
  5. math

    what will a deposit of 4500 be worth if left in the bank for 5 years at 8% compounded quarterly?
  6. Chemistry

    A glass of ice water was made by adding six 25 g ice cubes to one liter of water. If the water was initially 25C and the ice cubes were initially at -15C, what is the final temperature of the ice water?
  7. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Can we say the following "The three of them are the best of friends" the best of friends?
  8. physics

    juana slides a crate along the floor of the moving van the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and van floor is 0.120 the crate has a mass of 56.8 kg and juana pushes with horizontal force of 124 N. if 74.4 J of work are done on crate and the delta x is 1.3m. ...
  9. Physics

    juana slides a crate along the floor of the moving van the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and van floor is 0.120 the crate has a mass of 56.8 kg and juana pushes with horizontal force of 124 N. if 74.4 J of work are done on crate and the delta x is 1.3m. ...
  10. physics

    When combined together, what is the weight (NOT MASS) of the moving pucks?
  11. English-Native speakers

    Ok one maybe weird question. If Susie is married to Bruce now and they have a son whose name is Edward, what is Edward to Susie's ex-husband Robert(with whom she has 2 children)? Robert is Edward's what?
  12. English-Native speakers

    Is glasses only a plural noun? We can't say a glasses right? What about a matches and a tissues?
  13. Math

    How do you put 7x= 3y-12 in y=mx+b form?
  14. English - Native speakers

    Is it correct to say Is he at work now or Is he now at work?
  15. English - Native speakers

    Thank you :) Don't we use hate only with ing? I hate to eat is also correct?
  16. English - Native speakers

    Can you please correct these sentences(concerning grammar) We should reduce a politician salary. I hate to eat sweets because it is not good for my teeth. I am going to ban her computer games. I work only a few hours for a month. My salary is going to reduce. He was a judge in...
  17. physics

    A .095kg aluminum sphere is dropped rom the roof of a 45m building.If 65% of the thermal energy produced when the sphere hits the ground is absorbed by the sphere, what is its temperature change?
  18. physics

    A cube of ice is take from the freezer at -8.5C and placed in a 95g calorimeter aluminum cup containing 310g of water at 20degC. The final situation is observed to be all water at 17degC. What was the mass of the ice cube?
  19. physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245g block of copper at 285 degrees C is placed in a 145g calorimeter aluminum cup containing 825g of water at 12 C ?
  20. plz help

  21. plz help

    Southern latitude range of Brazil, south America
  22. Science/ geography?

  23. Science/ geography?

    I don't get the south latitude
  24. Science/ geography?

    8 S?
  25. Science/ geography?

    60 N, 60 S?
  26. Science/ geography?

    Is that all Brazil?
  27. Science/ geography?

    What is the latitude range for Brazil, South America?
  28. statistics

  29. statistics

    What is the third quartile, Q3, of the following distribution? 27, 18, 20, 21, 29, 33, 12, 14, 34, 10, 16, 21, 22, 24, 26 A. 24 B. 18 C. 27 D. 4 E. 31
  30. Math

    Oh sorry 246 marables
  31. Math

    Liz, jas and Sam each have a collection of marbles. The three of them pool their marbles to make a larger collection. They weigh the marbles on a postal scale. Together they have 2$6 marbles which.weigh 183 ounces. What is the average weight(unit rate) of each marble?
  32. physics

  33. physics

    A storage tank at stp contains 18.5kg of nitrogen. What is the volume of the tank and what would the pressure be if you added another 15kg of nitrogen at the same temperature?
  34. physic

    c) Given these views of Darwin, we can derive an expectation of the ratio of transitional to non-transitional fossils found. I include in the following only those factors which yield a differential expectation of discovery of transitional fossils displaying the action of ...
  35. physic

    Given these views of Darwin, we can derive an expectation of the ratio of transitional to non-transitional fossils found. I include in the following only those factors which yield a differential expectation of discovery of transitional fossils displaying the action of natural ...
  36. English - Native speakers

    Ok and the last one. Is there a singular form of sheets? Do we say change your sheets? (sheets on the bed, not a sheet of paper)
  37. English - Native speakers

    Can we then say He may have come yesterday or just He might have come yesterday? Can we use may in the past tense or not?
  38. English - Native speakers

    Ok thank you both :) One more question. Is might the past form of may?
  39. English - Native speakers

    Yes thank you and is there a singular a toiletry or just plural toiletries?
  40. English - Native speakers

    Hello! What does toiletries mean? Is this stuff we use in our bathroom e.g. toothbrush, comb etc. or is this a perfume but with higher percentage of water?
  41. English - Native speakers

    Hello what is the difference between a supermarket and a market a chemist and a pharmacy a shopping centre and a department store a shopping centre and a shopping mall
  42. Calc

    [9:52:53 PM] Pardeep Narang: y''+2ty'−4y=8 y(0)=4 y'(0)=0 i need to solve this using laplace transforms
  43. geometry

    in a regular polygon, with center O, and a side AB, measure of angle AOB =72 degrees. If AB is 4.6 in. find the perimeter
  44. physics

    Thanks, very much.
  45. physics

    The gauge pressure in each of 4 car tires is 240kpa. If each tire has a footprint of 220cm^2 , what is the mass of the car?
  46. Physics

    A raindrop (mass 1.00 g) is travelling at a speed of 40m/s when it hits the surface of 100 g of water contained in a drinking glass. What is the change in temperature of the water in the glass if we assume that a) all the kinetic energy of the raindrop is converted to energy ...
  47. anatomy

    Compare and contrast the two feedback mechanisms our bodies use to maintain homeostasis what would happen if our thermoregulation used positive feedback to maintain homeostasis
  48. English - Native speakers

    Ok I got confused How to solve the following example? My brother__ wife__ name is Pauline. Where do we put possessive s???
  49. English - Native speakers

    Helo :) Can you tell me if the following explanation of mine concerning possessive s is correct? We put 's with every noun in singular (my mother's house)and when we have irregular plurals (this is my children's school) We put just the apostrophe when we have ...
  50. English - Native speakers

    Another one! Why can't we say this stain remover is very efficient. Why do we say effective? What is the difference? What are facilities and what amenities? When do we use specimen and when sample?
  51. English - Native speakers

    Hello what is the difference between a chef and a cook? Another question: If we have a sentence: It is mary's and john's birthday today do we put apostrophe where I put it? Can we say: He said in he camera or he said to the camera? (On TV) Do we say he lied on the bed ...
  52. Chemistry

  53. Chemistry

    Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid. In the titration of 5.00 mL of vinegar, 39.75 mL of 0.137 M sodium hydroxide solution was required to neutralize the vinegar to a phenolphthalein end point. Calculate each of the following of the vinegar. (a) the molarity : I got 1....
  54. Chemistry

    A 22.3 mL sample of a weak monoprotic acid, HX, requires 50.0 mL of 0.040 M NaOH to reach the equivalence point. After the addition of 30.0 mL of NaOH, the pH is 5.30. What is the Ka of HX?
  55. physics

    Thanks , I knew this just didn't seem right.
  56. physics

    A 33kg traffic light hangs from a vertical beam by two wires. The wire on the left side of the light has an angle of 53 degrees to the beam and the right side wire has an angle of 37 degrees with the beam. Calculate the tension in each of the wires. Would the tension just be ...
  57. math

    Chords AC and BD intersect at the center of circle ABCD. If the length of CP = 8, which is the length of PB?
  58. English - Native speakers

    Hello! How do you call a person who checks if passengers in buses or trains have tickets? It is not a conductor right? Conductor is a person who conducts an orchestra. Another question: How do you call the woman who is helping a woman to give birth? and do you say indefinite ...
  59. math

    3 1/5 x 2 5/6 express in simplest form
  60. English - Native speakers

    So you don't write :I live in the North?
  61. English - Native speakers

    Do you write North South East West with a capital letter? Why do you write then: He lives in north London?
  62. physics

    A merry-go-round of mass 1640kg has a radius of 7.5m. How much work is required to accelerate it from rest to a rotation rate of 1 rev. per 8 seconds? (assume a solid cylinder) /
  63. English - Native speakers

    Than you :) And what about this one: On TV had said that it is going to rain
  64. English - Native speakers

    I have couple more sentences: when we heard unusually dog barking. Can we better say when we heard unusual dog barking or unusual barking of a dog. do we say the dog was barking crazy or like a crazy? He was trying to explain us something or to us something? car was empty of ...
  65. English - Native speakers

    How would you correct this sentences? It should have been a day just like other days.A usual day
  66. English - Native speakers

    Thank you :)
  67. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Can we say: Are you going to apply to a job soon? or is apply for a job more correct? In which cases can we say apply to?
  68. physics

    A 650g ball on the end of a light rod is rotated in a horizontal circle of 1.2m radius.Calculate the torque needed to keep the ball rotating if the air resistance exerts a force of .02N on the ball. Ignore the moment of inertia and the air resistance of the rod.
  69. grade 9 polynomials

    Yes , but 39s
  70. grade 9 polynomials

    Multiply the # outside the parenthesis by each item inside the parenthesis to remove the parentesis and then combine the like terms (r's & s's).
  71. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Is it correct to say He watches sport on TV or he watches sports on TV. What is the difference?
  72. physics

    How can I convert 0.06981 radians/ sec^2 to rpm?
  73. science

    Magnetic field?
  74. physics

    A centrifuge takes 1 minute to turn through 20 complete revolutions before reaching it's final speed. What is the angular acceleration (assumed constant) and what was it's final angular speed in rpm? How do I solve this without knowing the radius of the centrifuge?
  75. English - Fools Crow

    Yes you did :) I just wasn't sure what exactly is the plural. I knew the singular was A French :) Thank you and I'll be back :)
  76. English - Fools Crow

    It is not an error since it is used 5 times. But it is probably your above explanation! So is the group which is learning English from the beginning now at the first degree or class or level? What is correct? I have another question. Is the plural from a French the French or ...
  77. English - Fools Crow

    This example We're in Class 2 is written in the student's book (english as a foreign language- elementary level) It is used as an example of the Present Simple Tense. So how to explain this word? It is obviously not the classroom. Could it be for example Class 1, Class...
  78. English - Fools Crow

    Oh interesting! But when this word refers to classroom, to pupils what's the explanation then?
  79. English - Native speakers

    Sorry the wrong title!
  80. English - Fools Crow

    Hello! Can someone explain to me the following sentence: We're in Class 2. Why do we write C with a capital letter? It is not classroom what is it then?
  81. Chem

    Some ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, is added to your car's cooling system along with 4.4 kg of water. If the freezing point of the water-glycol solution is -15.0°C, how many grams of HOCH2CH2OH must have been added? I used the equation: 15 celcius = 1 x 1.86 celcius/...

    2 pool balls of equal mass experience a perfectly elastic head on collision. 1 ball is traveling at 2m/s and the other at 3m/s in the opposite direction.What is thier speed just after impact? I know the balls swap speed and change direction but can't find the correct ...
  83. English - Native speakers

    Thank you! All clear now!
  84. English - Native speakers

    Thank you for all your help till now! Another questions: Can you please paraphrase the following sentence because I just don't get the meaning of it: In the same interview, she cited her lifelong acquaintance with fear as the reason for her relative fearlessness in ...
  85. Math

    PLEASE HELP or is lake erie kilometers and a single piece of paper milligrams?
  86. Math

    Is this right? Choose an appropriate metric unit of mass or capacity. A telephone-kilograms A single piece of paper-grams Lake Erie-kiloliters a bucket of water-liters
  87. English - Native speakers

    Another one! Why is this sentence nor correct? According to the weather, we'll either go out or stay in.
  88. English - Native speakers

    and to have on show means what?
  89. English - Native speakers

    Thank you :) It's a lot easier now! Can you help me something else? What does this mean: Women usually ask what colour the car is-men ask what make it is. What does make mean?
  90. English - Native speakers

    Hello! I am trying to figure out one of the most difficult thing in English - articles. So I have one question: Do we say I'm leaving home (Would people know that home means the place where we live?) Or is it correct I'm leaving the home? I personally think that the ...
  91. statistics

    Data shows that 93% of the people in a certain population are right-handed. A group of 9 people from this population are selected at random. What is the probability that exactly 7 of the people in the group are right-handed? 2
  92. Math

    Would it be half of 2190?
  93. Math

    No I am taking it is two
  94. Math

    Suppose Kalvin flipped a coin to determine his breakfast cereal every day starting on his 12th birthday and continuing until his 18th birthday. How many times would you expect him to eat Cocoablast cereal. I know 6 years times 365 days is 2190 what do I do next
  95. physics

    A ball is dropped from 1.5m and bounces back up 1.2m. How many times will the ball bounce before it loses 90% of its energy? I figued since the ball bouced .8 times the original hight and 10% of 1.5m is .15m that that when the bounce hight reached.15m that 90% of the energy (...
  96. physics

    A ball is dropped from 1.5 m and rebounds to 1.2m. How many times will it bounce before losing 90% of it's energy? I assumed energy was hight times gravity so when the rebound was only 10% of the original amount, 90% of the energy is lost. Is this the correct idea? I ...
  97. physics

  98. physics

    Two pool balls of equall mass have a perfectly elastic headon collision.The fist ball is traveling at 2m/s and the second at 3m/s in the opposite direction.what are thier speeds immediately after impact? I'm lost on what equation to use here. Does the faster velocity ...
  99. calculus

    if f'(x)=2f(x) and f(2)=1, then f(x)= ?
  100. calculus

    if dy/dx=ycos x and y=3 when x=0, then y= ?
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