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one guyanese dollar = Us 1cent and 1 EC dollar = US37 cents calculate the value of 1. Guyana $60.00 in US dollars

The ages of a father and son are in the ratio of 8:3. If the farther is 48, how old is the son?

It's definitely b.

life orientation
Describe 3 human rights violations and examples of each

On an inclined plane, how much force will move a resistance of 30 kg? I know that 5 kg of force will move a resistance of 15 kg, but cannot see the connection between the two numbers to finish the rest of the examples.

A square playground has a perimeter of 2800 feet. It has a paved 6-foot walkway around it. What is the area of the walkway in square feet?

Facts: PV= $2,500 APR= 24% 30 months payment compounded monthly (every 12 months) Step 1- Find EPR: (1+APR/m)^m = (1+EPR)^f (1+0.24/12)^12 = (1+EPR)^12 (1.268241795) = (1+EPR)^12 (1.268241795)^(1/12) = (1+EPR) (1.02-1)= EPR 0.02= EPR Step 2 - Find the PMT PV= PMT (1 - (1/(1+...


Math: Pattern
Write the first terms of a pattern that follows the rule add 10 start with 4

If you like to snow ski, then you will like Colorado. If you like to wakeboard, then you will like Florida.

Difracction problem

manfred, your answer is WRONG

According to Miller Index we express the vector as a set of whole numbers, so I multiply through by 3. So, I've tried the crystallographic direction of the red vector as(10-3), but it's still wrong...

I put the answer of ongrwa and it's WRONG

People, I don't know if I'm in the right way... Could someone HELP too??

w = what we want to know h = 6.63 x 10^-34 J s m = 9.1 x 10^-31 kg (mass of an electron?) v = I think that I calculete not im m/s

now, we use the de Broglie equation to find the wavelength. Broglie equation: w = h / m v, where w = wavelength; h = Planck's constant in J/s; m = mass in kg; v = speed in m/s.

the velocity of the electron is sqrt(2E/m) where E is the bond energy for NN and m is the mass of electron. So, v = sqrt (2 x 36.49 / 0.000548597 amu) v = 72.98/0.000548597 v= 133030.25

as bonjo said, let's try to do together - rearrange the equation to make BE(N-N) the subject. BE(NCl) - 96.3[X(N)-X(Cl)]^2 = sqrt[BE(N-N) x BE (Cl-Cl)] BE(NCl) - 96.3[X(N)-X(Cl)]^2 = sqrt[BE(N-N) x BE (Cl-Cl)] (BE(NCl) - 96.3[X(N)-X(Cl)]^2) / sqrt [BE (Cl-Cl)] = sqrt[BE(N-...

AP Calculus BC
A curtate cycloid is defined by the equations x = 2t - sin t and y = t - cos t. If I walk along the cycloid, how far will I walk in 10 seconds?

Reading( Immediate)
apply synonym write a different sentence.use a synonym we had a nice time at the picnic.

using the diagram where there is <CBD< DAC<ABC<EBA<ACB and D and C equal 45 degrees and B equals 90 degrees what is the measurement for <DAC and < ABC and <EBA and <ACB

It's 6264

a) It's 6264

Dr B, is wrong

Principles of accounting
Sold goods on credit at list price less 10% trade discount to: D. Prince 25,000 S. Cato 14,000 What is the trade discount amount and how much does each person pays for the goods?

early childhood
a child bringing the mouth into contact with a nipple i think its rudimentary reflex. Am i right?

Business Statistics
In each case, sketch the two specified normal curves on the same set of axes: a A normal curve with m 20 and s 3, and a normal curve with m 20 and s 6. b A normal curve with m 20 and s 3, and a normal curve with m 30 and s 3. c A normal curve with m 100 and s 10, and a ...

find a if the line through (9,6a)and (15,a) has the slope -5/ work

the sum of two numbners is 143. on of the numbers is 3 more than six times the other number..find the two number and show work

the length of a rectangle is 2 inches less than 8 times the width. the perimeter is 194 inches..find dimensions

Algebra 2
A bug is placed on the road. t seconds after it is put down, the function is p(t) = -16tsquared + 64t, where p(t) is measure in feet. At what moment will the bug be 14 feet from where it began?

Household vinegar is acqueous 5.00%,acetic acid solution(by mass),if its density is 1,01 g/ml.calculate the mole fraction!molarity,and molality of the solution.

life orientation

elementary algerba
add 3y-5 to y+16

Construct a frequency distribution table to organize the following set of data: 44 36 38 40 41 36 39 43 43 35 44 35 43 37 44 37 38 38 40 36

If 180 J of work is performed to move four coulombs of charge from the positive plate to the negative plate shown below, what potential difference exists between the plates?

physics grade 11 one word term
one word/term. 1.3.The minimum amount of energy required to start a reaction. 1.4.The distance between the centre of a lens and its focal point. 1.5. The type of image formed on a screen when light rays converge.

physical science
give one word/term for each of the following descriptions. 1.A substance that donates electrons in chemical reaction. 2.The formula showing the simplest whole number ratio in which the atoms combine to form a compound.

Special Education
What are the benefits of having an Intelligence Integration Training level 1 certificate?

Special Education
3.Given a favorite toy that Shimon manipulates or explores for 1 minute, 4/5 times. How could I change the above objective into a clear behavioral IEP goal?

Two angles are supplementary. One angle is 4 degree less than 3 times the other. Find the measures of the angles.

How many problems out of80 does a student need to have correct to receive a score of 85%?

12th grade
what is genetic engineering?

earth - website
I would love my 4th grade students to explore a fun website about the earth and/ or other planets. Do you know any fun and interesting websites that my kids would enjoy exploring while learning about their planet earth.

write an algebraic xepression for each word phrases? 1 more than the quotient of 21 and b



Classroom Rubric
I have met an individual who has designed at rubric with 10 criteria. Isn't that too much?

Classroom Rubric
How many criteria should be included in an classroom rubric? Why?

Rephrasing a sentence
How can I rephrase the following question: How do you measure students’ progress?

What is the best definition of "a shadow" that my 3 and 4 year olds could understand?

soluble and insoluble... experiment question
I want to introduce the concept of soluble and insoluble to my preschoolers ages 3 and 4 ... What experiment could I do with them so give them a better understand of items or materials that are soluble and insoluble?

3.6*10 to the 7power and 4.836*10 to the 8power in scientific notation?

Do you know any fun and exciting games or activities that I could do with my 3 and 4 year olds to introduce them to time/clock?

Which list shows the values in order from least to greatest? A.[-5],8,[-3],4 B.-8,-[-4],4,[-8] C.[-5],[-3],[3],[5] D.-4,-[-8],-[4],8 The absolute value of a number is its distance from zero and is therefore always positive.

Which of the following sets of numbers is ordered from least to greatest? A.1.5,1.2,1.1/2,0 B.0,0.5,1/8,1,1.5 C.1.5,1,0.8.1/2,0 D.0,0.5,7/9,1,1.2

Estimate the sum of 3 1/5 + 2 1/2 A.6 B.5 C.7 D.4

Now which of these lines are functions?x=3 y=2 y=2x+5

The period of time that elapses between the presentation of a discriminative stimulus (the antecedent) and the display of the behavior is called the "latency period"? Is this question TRue or False... I chose False... am I correct

Science Help
Why is there a higher rate of obesity amongst Hispanics compared to that of African-American young children? I am trying to find articles on the above topic... I found a few but I really need some more articles... could u help me find some? Thx

I Need Help On %.What Is 840% Written As A Mixed Number In Lowest Terms?

Math word problem

Math word problem
I take that back...994*4/7

Math word problem
I was thinking it would be 994/ 4/7...I don't know if I am over thinking...

Math word problem
On Anne's bicycle, the ratio of pedal turns to rear-wheel turns in second gear is 4 to 7. If her rear wheel turns 994 times per mile, how many times does she turn the pedal in one mile? Express your answer as an integer or mixed number.

Preschool teacher needs your help.. thx alot
The theme for this week is animal habitats... Do u have any lesson ideas, connected to this theme, that i could do with my 3 and 4 year olds?

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx a mill
I am a preschool teacher and my 3 and 4 year olds are struggling with their numbers and colors.... What fun game could I play with them to teach them their numbers and colors?

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx soo much
Pre-school teacher NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! thanks sooo much? I am a preschool teacher and the theme for this week is "Land/Air/and water".... My kids are 3 and 4.... what lesson ideas or craft ideas do u have in mind for this theme... I wanted to do a fun activity about ...

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx alot?
Oh that's a good Idea.. thx

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx alot?
thanks alot.... I was thinking about doing some kind of envelope activity that is connected to the mailman... since our theme for this week is community... do u have any other ideas that connects to a community theme

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx alot?
I am a preschool teacher and my kids are between the ages of 2-4... what art activity could I give them that connects to the letter E....

Preschool teacher needs to thx
I am a preschool (3 year olds) teacher and my students I focusing on the letter A. DO you have any art and craft ideas that I could do using the letter A?

Thank you so much i was struggling between a criterion reference test or the NRT

What's the name of the assessment or test in which each student is compared with others and ranked.

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx
I am a montessori preschool teacher. My class contains 20 students ages 3-4... I want to teach them the importance of taking a bath... What fun activity could I do with the students to encourage this behavior...?

Preschool dilemma
Hi, I am a new preschool teacher and would like some ideas on what different types of lesson plans or activities to do or teach on the first week of school... I also would like to know if you have any ideas or activities that I could do with my students that would help me ...

Teacher needs help!! Thanks
I am pre-school teacher who wants to administer a social studies lesson plan to my students. I wanted the lesson to incorporate various aspects of my culture - Jamaican - combined with the United states culture... I want to develop students' appreciation for other ...

What is the opposite of this phrase?
What is the opposite of "Holy Writ?"

Need help with this sentence... thanks
Thank you.. i did try the thesaurus.... you suggestion sounds pretty good .. thx again

Need help with this sentence... thanks
Before her singing career took off,...... What word could I replace the phrase "took off" with? I was gonna say progressed but it does not seem to have the same effect...

After-school activities for high school students
Yes SraJMcGin... I will be meeting with the students tmr to discuss what they would like to do; however, I would love to go to the meeting with some ideas as to what I would like them to do...

After-school activities for high school students
I recently received a job to work in an after-school program designed for high school students. I have to organize and plan various activities for these students to do; however, this is my first time working with high school students and I am not sure as the types of ...

Classroom Roles
Why are older students more responsible and know their classroom roles than younger students

Thanks a lot I figured it out yesterday by byself.. Thanks a bunch anyways

How do i find the input and out put of these numbers input output 25 15 30 18 35 21 40 24

How do i find the input and out put of these numbers input output 25 15 30

can you say but, because together in the samesentence

do not understand fallacies

-1 3/4 = p - 1/2 HOW DO I FIGURE THIS OUT


X/7 = -3 I GOT X=-21 AM I WRITE?

I am trying to see if I should use raised or reared when speaking of a child. According to the usage note in Random House Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary, either raise or rear is correct in standard American English.

how can we reduce trash in our school What Can You Tell Me About Iron And Sulphur? My B F Is Stacey!! It would be more effective to present your question using the <Post a New Question> link. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words &...