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linear equations
theatre sold the students tickets for Rs Rs3.25 and full price ticket Rs 5. on saturday 16 more fullprice ticket sold than student ticket .the total sales on that day was Rs 740. How many tickets sold ineach.

if enthalpies for formation of p4o10, h2o and h3po4 are -2984, -285.9 and -1279 respectively calculate the enthalpy change using hess's law

English Literature
please give me notes and study guides for edwin muir's poem horses

Describe the plant life, animal life, and geology of the ecosystem in new york. What populations and communities are present? How dependent is brooklyn on this ecosystem? What are the limiting factors of the ecosystem?

A supporting wire is to be attached to the top of a 32-foot antenna. If the wire must be anchored 32 feet from the base of the antenna, what length of wire is required? Please explain

Solve the equation for the specified variable. A= 1/2h(B + b) for b

logan high school
The density of copper is 8.95g/cm3 and the density of zinc is 7.14 g/cm3, A sample of a Cu-Zn is 80.5 percent Cu and 19.5 percent Zn What is the density of the alloy?

essay on the 19th century

What are 3 characteristics you would find in a protein secreting cell?

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