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  1. chemistry

    Study the reaction. 2A(?) + B(g) ? A2B(g) Both B and A2B are gases. When the reaction vessel is compressed, the equilibrium position does not change. What conclusion can we draw about the state of “A” from this data? A. "A" must be a gas because, if it were...
  2. chemistry

  3. chemistry

    1125 J of energy is used to heat 250 g of iron. After heating, the final temperature of the iron is measured as 55 °C. The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.45 J/(g·°C). What was the initial temperature of the iron? A. 45 B. 55 C. 20 D. 35 I don't know how...
  4. Physics

    If the bat emits a sound at a frequency of 80.0 kHz and hears it reflected at a frequency of 83.3 kHz while traveling at a speed of 3.9 m/s , calculate the speed of the insect. So using the doppler effect I got that 1.04=(344+3.9)/(344-vbug) This is because 83.3/80=1.04 and ...
  5. Geometry

    A grid shows the positions of a subway stop and your house the subway stop is located at (-3,6) and your house is located at (-7,2) what is the distance to the nearest unit between your house and the subway stop Answers 6 11 9 13
  6. Differential equations

    solve 1/(x^2+1) * y' + xy = 3 for y(0)=0 So I needed to find the integrating factor which is r(x)=e^(integral(p(x)dx)) so here p(x) is just x therefore r(x)=e^(x^2/2)? Then I am supposed to be able to put it in the form d/dx(r(x)y)=RHS but this doesn't work because if ...
  7. Differential equations

    Suppose a cup of coffee is at 100 degrees Celsius at time t = 0, it is at 70 degrees at t = 10 minutes, and it is at 50 degrees at t = 20 minutes. Compute the ambient temperature. So in the book I was given Newton's Heat equation. dT/dt=k(A-T) where T is temperature of the...
  8. Calculus

    I have a differential equation stating solve: y'=(y-1)(y+1) when y(0)=3 I separated the dy/dx so I got dy/(y-1)(y+1) = dx took the integral of both sides and solved with PFD I then got that x= 1/2 ln(y-1) - 1/2ln(y+1) +c I solved for C and got that C=.3466 I moved the C to...
  9. math

    maybe b and c?
  10. math

    which shapes will have an area of 24m2? choose all that apply. a. a triangle with the base of 6m and a height of 4m b. a parallelogram with a base of 48m and a height of .5m c. a trapezoid with the bases of 9m and 3m and a height of 4m d. a triangle with a base of 8m and a ...
  11. Math

    At 6:00 A.M. the temperature was 33°F. By noon the temperature had increased by 10°F and by 3:00 P.M. it had increased another 12°F. If at 10:00 P.M. the temperature had decreased by 15°F, how much does the temperature need to rise ...
  12. Math

    *When you multiply a number by 1/4
  13. Math

    Simplify. -2(3)^2 - 8 ÷ 2 + 6 A) -18 B) -16** C) -7 D) 7 Lucy is trying to find a rational number between 3/8 and and 6/7 What would help her to find this number? A)Divide 3/8 by 6/7*** B)Multiply 3/8 by 6/7 C)Convert 3/8 and 6/7 to Fractions with a common denominator. ...
  14. Equalities- SUPER confused

    Thank you can you check my others please?
  15. Equalities- SUPER confused

    If a = 3/5, b = 3, c = 1, d = 5, which equality is true? A)d/a = b/c B)a/b = c/d C)b/a = c/d D)a/d = b/c How do I figure this out?
  16. Math

    David is playing a trivia game where he gains points for correct answers and loses points for incorrect answers. At the start of round 3 his score is ?1500 points. During round 3 he answered five 1000 point questions correctly and three 500 points questions incorrectly. What ...
  17. Math again sorry

    Thanks! Can you check my others?
  18. Math again sorry

    A roller coaster starts from a deck at an elevation of 20 feet above the ground. On the first hill it climbs 78 feet and then drops 85 feet. On the second hill the coaster climbs 103 feet and then drops 110 feet. How far below or above the deck is the coaster after the second ...
  19. Math

    Its -17...would the answer be 3?
  20. Math help me please

  21. Math help me please

    But they are on my assignment???
  22. Math help me please

    I really dont know how to do this
  23. science

  24. History

    ok, thnx ms.sue! :D
  25. History

    what was the purpose of the federal troops occupying Texas after the civil war? conduct military trials to place previous confederate officers on trial. ensure that Texas rejoined the union appropriately.****(my answer) provide training and education for the ...
  26. Physics

    I know that if a ramp is steeper, larger theta, then the object rolling down will become faster. However, if the object is rolling up the ramp will it slow down like I think it should? How can I prove this? When I try to prove it via a kinetmatics equation I keep getting that ...
  27. Physics

    How would I find final velocity at the top of an inclined ramp with a given angle theta?
  28. Math

    determine whether the number sentence is true. In each case explain how you could answer without calculating. Check your answers by doing the indicated calculations. A. 50 x 432= (50 x 400) + (50 x 32) B. 50 x 368 = (50 x 400) - (50 x 32) C. 50 x 800= ( 50 x 1000) + (50 x 200...
  29. Chem

    A 1.0 mL sample of seawater is determined to contain 9.0×10-14 moles of dissolved gold. How many atoms of gold are in that volume of seawater?
  30. science

    wait is it C
  31. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up individual stars...
  32. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up individual stars...
  33. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up individual stars...
  34. Chemistry

    Give the formula and charge of the oxoanion ONLY in each of the following compounds. potassium sulfite sodium perchlorate lithium phosphite magnesium hypochlorite
  35. Social Studies

    thanks hello
  36. math/econ

    If the demand is x(p)=40(p-15^2) with p being the price and x being hte demand, what would the elasticity of demand equation be?
  37. Calculus

    How do I find the derivative of e^y -y=x^2 -2? Do I use chain rule with -d/dy or -d/dx or dy/dx? And then how do I find the slope of the graph if the point's at (2,0)?
  38. Calculus

    How many units should this company sell to maximize their revenue if the revenue function was -(x^2/100)+50x using derivatives?
  39. Science

    How much effort force would you have to use to lift a 800 newton load using a pulley system with a mechanical advantage of 4?
  40. Literature

    its called our town
  41. Literature

    Since the time of the play's first performance, the props and set have been designed to be minimal so that the play can be performed in outdoor as well as indoor locations the play becomes more appealing for younger audiences **my answer actors must think of new ways to ...
  42. Math

    Solve and graph the following inequality: -m/5+8>10
  43. Social Studies help ASAP!!!

    Seriously, I go to connexus as well, and stop cheating. ask your learning coach for help.
  44. S.S

    how did she help
  45. Science

    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an animal? Have eukaryotic cells digest their food make their own food******* have many cells with different functions
  46. Science

    thank you
  47. Science

    The basic activities of life occur in the _______ nucleus DNA mitochondria cell****
  48. math

    Can someone explain this question to me, I don't get it?
  49. math

    In constructing a box-and-whisker plot for the data set below, at which values would you draw the left and right sides of the box? 6, 7, 1, 3, 9, 3, 2, 5, 8, 4, 8 A. left at 3; right at 8 B. left at 2; right at 8 C. left at 2; right at 7 D. left at 3; right at 7
  50. Math

    Please, I tried going back and rereading through the lesson but I couldn't find anything. If someone could just explain what an upper quartile is then i can figure out the answer.
  51. Math

    I don't understand this question can someone please explain what an upper quartile is?!?
  52. Math

    What is the upper quartile of the data set below 25, 8, 10, 35, 5, 45, 40, 30, 20 A. 5 B. 8 C. 9 D. 10
  53. Social Studies

  54. English

    It's adverbial right?
  55. Math

    Sarah can afford $255 per month for 6 years on a car payment, what is the price of a car that she can afford at this time? Assume an annual interest rate of 8%. I do not remember how to solve for problems like this one.
  56. Maths

    Ok thank you
  57. Maths

    Allan buys a used car for his daughter by paying a 20% deposit and $275 per month for 4 years. If the car has a cash price of $10 400, find the flat interest rate (p.a.) correct to one decimal place. I got 14.7% but the answers say 58.7 could someone please help. What is did ...
  58. Social studies

    Which of the following was the first major battle of the civil war
  59. Math; Calculus

    You toss a rock up vertically at an initial speed of 55 feet per second and release it at an initial height of 6 feet. The rock will remain in the air for_______ seconds. It will reach a maximum height of_______ feet after ________ seconds.
  60. Chem

    Thank you so much!
  61. Chem

    Is there any way you could help me with this one also? We will calculate the amount of acid to use in each titration. Assume that you are using 0.0512 M NaOH(aq). A good volume of NaOH(aq) to use per titration is 15 mL. From this molarity and volume, the moles of NaOH can be ...
  62. Chem

    Thank you!
  63. Chem

    So if I did .00840 mol X .177g I'll get .00148 but my quiz says that's wrong still.
  64. Chem

    If .00840 mol is the answer to this question (Suppose that 16.41 mL of 0.0512 M NaOH were required to titrate a sample of unknown acid. How many moles of NaOH were used? ) how would I answer this: Assuming that the unknown acid sample in question 1 had a mass of 0.177 g, what ...
  65. Please help (MATH)

    If two fair dice are rolled, what is the probability that a total showing is either even or less than eight? How would I solve this question? What are the steps? Thanks
  66. MATH

    It's not. That's what I originally thought
  67. MATH

    The odds in favor of Carl beating his friend in a round of golf are 7 : 4. Find the probability that Carl will lose. would the answer be 7/11?
  68. Algebra 2

    If two fair dice are rolled, what is the probability that a total showing is either even or less than eight? How would I solve this question? What are the steps? Thanks
  69. math

    One leg of a right triangle is one less than twice the other. The area of the triangle is 18 square feet. What is the length of the 3rd side of the triangle? Solve by factoring. A= 1/2 (b)(h) 18= 1/2 (x)(2x-1)
  70. Geometry

    anonymous is wrong cool is right
  71. Physics

    These are Thermodynamics questions: There is a 7 kg piece of aluminum at 80°C placed in a 3 kg water at 20°C what is the final temperature? There is a piece of aluminum at 90°C placed in 2 kg of water at 35°C how much energy is transferred if the final ...
  72. History

    How are women increasingly impacting politics in America because of the 19th amendment?
  73. Math

    Convert equation from quadratic form to vertex form, y= a(x-h)^2 +k, by completing the square. y= -.25x^2+5.5x-5.25
  74. Math

    Use the quadratic formula to find the roots Y= -.25x^2 + 5.5x- 5.25
  75. physical science

    sooo 70g * 24 oC = 110 Oc?
  76. physical science

    How much heat is absorbed by a 70g iron skillet when its temperature rises from 24oC to 110oC? joules
  77. physical science

    A pendulum has 501 J of potential energy at the highest point of its swing. How much kinetic energy will it have at the bottom of its swing? joules
  78. math

    The scatterplot shows the number of minutes spent reading (x) and the number of pages read (y) by each of seven students last night. Use the labeled points to create a linear model that predicts the number of pages that a typical student reads in x minutes. Which equation ...
  79. physics

    The coefficient of kinetic friction for wood on wood is o.55. The coefficient of kinetic friction for wood on wood is 0.68. For a 3.5kg wood block being pulled horizontally: a. what is the pull force needed to start the wood block moving on a wood floor? b. how hard would you ...
  80. Math

    If you had 73 and you divided it by 5 what is your answer?? Answer:14.6
  81. Check my answers

    thxs steve
  82. SS

    thanks hiii
  83. Science

    the second Galibiller is right thxs
  84. Health

    thanks girl who loves ballet
  85. Social Studies

    thanks ally
  86. Language Arts

    Anonymous is right
  87. S.S

    cca is right
  88. Math

  89. ela

    omg thanks cca is right
  90. Science

    Plz HELP me !!!!! I need to know a acrostic poem about safety plz help me it is due tomorrow
  91. Ed Tech

    thanks that awesome
  92. Social Studies (check my answers)

    yes is correct thxs
  93. Physics

    A 4.0-kg block slides down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 25° with the horizontal. Starting from rest, the block slides a distance of 2.5 m in 5.4 s. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and plane.
  94. Math

    1st question: Which events are not independent? You toss three coins and get one head and one tail. You choose three different ice toppings for a sundae. You draw to colored pencils without replacement and get one red and yellow. You pull a yellow marble from a bag of marbles...
  95. Science

    jenna is right
  96. Geography

    Whatever... thanks for nothing
  97. Geography

    They had more land and British was in debt.
  98. Geography

    What are the political, economic, and social reasons why the stamp act was not not fair to the colonist?
  99. Physics

    A block of mass m=25 kg is hung by a massless rope of length L=1.90 m from the ceiling of an elevator. The elevator has a downward acceleration of a=2.20 m/s^2. When the pendulum is set in a small amplitude oscillation, the period T of the pendulum is: A) 2.50s B) 3.14s C) 1....
  100. math 7th grade

    Ingrid mixes 3.6 pounds of almonds with some raisins to make a trail mix. She divides the trail mix into 12 equal portions. Each portion weighs 0.7 pound. How many pounds of raisins did she use to make the trail mix? Express the answer to the nearest tenth.
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