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  1. English

    One food that’s found in the Midwest is Goetta, “which is made from mixed pork, beef, oaks and seasonings, packaged into a roll and then fried and severed hot”(“Josen”). The part that in quotes is so plagiarism does not show up in my paper.
  2. English

    what am cite?
  3. English

    "which is made from mixed pork, beef, oaks and seasonings, packaged into a roll and then fried and severed hot”(“Josen”). Like this?
  4. English

    I have question to do I have reword sentence because it give the definition for food the Goetta, which is made from mixed pork, beef, oaks and seasonings, packaged into a roll and then fried and severed hot. I don't want it to turn up as plagiarism in my paper?
  5. English

    Would this be the right cited? Rampell, Catherine. "Why the Midwest Rules on the SAT." Economix Why the Midwest Rules on the SAT Comments. N.p., 28 Aug. 2009. Web. 20 Mar. 2015.
  6. English

    I don't if to put as a blog or website
  7. English

  8. English

    I cannot figure out to cite this website in easybib? Why the Midwest rules on the sat
  9. Social Studies

    Thank you again Mrs. Sue :-)
  10. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue What would James k. Polks dreams for america be? I have to do a project on this and I searched for answer and I could not find anything useful...Thank you in advance :-)
  11. Social Studies

    Thank you Mrs.Sue you are a life saver! :)
  12. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue can you help? What was Andrew Jackson's views on slavery? Thank you in advance.
  13. English

    A big difference in the South is that people drink a lot of sweet tea and drink a soda called Rcola which is not found in the Midwest. Another common food is found in South is fried green tomatoes. One food that is found in the South is grit it is a dish of coarsely ground ...
  14. Science

    Thank you Jai! Your a life saver!!!!!!!!! :)
  15. Science

    A scientist is trying to determine the identity of an element. It is highly reactive in water and forms an ionic bond with chlorine. It is also very shiny. The element is most likely A)from group 17 B)from group 1 C)from group 15 D)a noble gas Mrs. Sue Is it C?
  16. Science

    Thank you Jai :)
  17. Science

    Which is most likely to be part of an ionic bond? A. An atom with no valence electrons B. An atom with one valence electron C. An atom with two valence electrons D. An atom with three valence electrons I think it is B.
  18. Language Arts

    Thank you very much Anonymous!
  19. Language Arts

    what does a reader look for in the second reading of a drama in the multi-draft reading process? A: Relationships about theme B: Key ideas and details about characters and settings C: stage direction and dialogue that advances action. D: similarities with other works. I looked...
  20. Language Arts

    Yep! thank you Writeacher!
  21. Language Arts

    the answer was d but thank you for your time :)
  22. Language Arts

    The word ensemble is an English word borrowed from French, based on the French word meaning "together." In which of the following sentences is the word used incorrectly? A. The string quartet is a popular ensemble, and it always plays at graduation. B. Michele wore a...
  23. Language Arts

    Thank you so much!
  24. Language Arts

    What is the analogy in "O Captain My Captain"? I tried looking it up but the answers were not making sense... So if anyone could clarify it for me that would be great! :)
  25. English

    I all ready have introduce for my paper. so what I wrote above works for my paper.
  26. English

    It for a compare and constrat essay
  27. English

    For a paragraph about the Midwest can culture, language, manners go into one paragraph?
  28. health. please help! #6

  29. English

    This does not make any sense
  30. English

    I am doing a compare and compassion essay. One paragraph has be about Midwest Food and the next paragraph about the South Food.How to add simlar and differences to each of this paragraphs?
  31. English

    Am write how the south and Midwest are similar and how they are different.
  32. English

    The similar in living this regions and differents?
  33. English

    Is the Midwest vs South a good compare and compassion essay
  34. Math

    3m/4n * 2n/5m^2
  35. statistics

    About 71% of dog owners buy holiday presents for their dogs. Suppose n = 4 dog owners are randomly selected. Find the expected number of persons, in the sample, who buy their dog holiday presents. Round to four decimal places.
  36. Algebra

  37. Algebra

    a^2 * b equals what
  38. Math

    Thank you
  39. Math

    What does the n stand for in 1/n^2
  40. Math

    I meant math
  41. Science

    What is the pattern with these fractions 1/4 1/9 1/16 1/25
  42. Science

    Is D a wrong statement though
  43. Science

    They both make sense
  44. Science

    Why are the days typically hotter in June than in December here in the US? D. Because the United States faces the sun in the summer and faces away from the sun in the winter E.Because the tilt of the Earth causes the sun's rays to be more concentrated in the summer due to ...
  45. Science

    Why are the days typically hotter in June than in December here in the US? A.Beacuse the sun gives off more light and heat in the summer B.Because the Earth is closer to the sun in the summer and farther from the sun in the winter C.because the Earth's tilt causes the sun ...
  46. Health

  47. Physics

    The volume of a block of lead that has a mass of 33.6g would have to be?
  48. Math

    Solve the following systems of linear inequalities x+2y is less than or equal to 6 y is greater than -4x
  49. History

    Life of Andrew jackson
  50. History

    How did Jackson's war on the Second Bank of the US end up causing economic depression? Answer : He claimed the National Bank was unconstitutional even though the Court ruled it as constitutional. He took federal funds out of the bank and ordered all western land to be made...
  51. History

    Explain John C. Calhoun's Doctrine of Nullification. Answer: The Doctrine of Nullification states that a state had a right to reject, ignore, or nullify a law they considered unconstitutional. Calhoun supported state's rights
  52. History

    Thank you!
  53. History

    How did nation's sections differences in economies lead to sectionalism? Answer : Each seciton has different economics because each place has different climates so they'll benefit on different things. South relies on slaves. Northeast relies on manufacturing and trade...
  54. History

    Thank you
  55. History

    What was American's mistaken view of the Native Americans, and how did that relate to American's acceptance of Jackson's relocation of Native American tribes to reservations west of the Mississippi River? Answer :Andrew Jackson believed they had a right to decide ...
  56. History

    This is what I Put : Jackson was born with a hard life having his mom and brother die right beside him. He started off with a poor background but becomes Hero of the Battle of New Orleans, led the USA getting Florida from Spain, and becomes 1st president from the west
  57. History

    I have to write like at least 3 sentences about the topic. What should I include
  58. History

    How did Andrew Jackson's humble origins endear him to the average American
  59. History

    or D
  60. History

    Andrew Jacksons election to the presidency of the US coincided with A.The start of civil war B.The end of mercantilistic policies imposed upon the US by Britan c.The end of US Mexican war D.The extension of democracy to more people by extending voting rights B?
  61. History

    Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions Webster Hayne Debate Harford Convention Nullification Crisis The events above all have which concept in common A.states rights B.manifest destiny C.Womens suffrage D.freedom of religion A? The doctrine of nullification said that A.some states ...
  62. History

    Who developed the doctrine of nullification John C Calhoun? 14. I am a law that was applauded in the North but despised in the South Manufcaturesl iked me. Farmers wished I would go away My passage led to the Nullification Crisis What law am i A.Wilmot Proviso B.Missouri ...
  63. History

    Andrew Jacksone lection to the presidency of the US coincided with A.The start of civil war B.The end of mercantilistic policies imposed upon the US by Britan c.The end of US Mexican war D.The exntension of democracy to more people by extending voting rights D
  64. History

    In 1828 the US Congress increased taxes paid on imports to protect newly established northern industries from foreign competition The Southern economy was hurt by this protective tarriff because it A.increased the price of foreign manufacture goods B.led to widespreak bank ...
  65. History

    The Nullification Crisis of 1833 occurred as a result of A.Unpopular tarriffs B.The role of a National Bank C.The expansion of slavery D.All of the above A?
  66. History

  67. History

    A tarriff is a fee charged on A. All goods in the uS B. Ships wanting to dock in American ports C.Imported goods sold in US D.South Agriculture sold abroad C
  68. History

    Thank you
  69. History

    President Andrew Jackson relocated Native American tribes living in the South because he believed that A.Native Americans would be more prosperious in the west B.US Citizens living in the South wanted Native American lands C.Native Americans needed to be educated D.Native ...
  70. History

    Where was Benedict Arnold as General John Burgoyne marches down the Hudson River to capture Albany
  71. Science

    Are these equations balanced or unbalanced 3. Cu+H2SO4 Yields CuSO4+H2 Balanced 4. 2Fe+3S Yields Fe2S3 Balanced 5.N2+H2 Yields NH3 Unbalanced Answer this Questio
  72. Science

    true or False in a physical change some of the physical properties of substance may be altered and the chemical composition remains the same
  73. Science

  74. Science

    True or False Another name for chemical change is chemical bond
  75. Science

    Are these equations balanced or unbalanced 6. 2AlN Yields 2Al+N2 Balanced 7.Mg(OH)2+2HCl Yields MgCl2+2H2O Balanced 8. K+H2O Yields H2+KOH Unbalanced
  76. Science

    Are these equations balanced or unbalanced 3. Cu+H2SO4 Yields CuSO4+H2 Balanced 4. 2Fe+3S Yields Fe2S3 Balanced 5.N2+H2 Yields NH3 Unbalanced
  77. Science

  78. Science

    Are these equations balanced or unbalanced 1. Mg + 2HCl Yields MgCl2+H2 Balanced 2.H2+O2 Yields H2O Unbalanced
  79. Math

    Is 5x-y=-21 in slope intercept y=5x+21
  80. Math

    Nevermind I got it
  81. Math

    x=-y+3 5x-y=-2 Solve using Elimination I already solved the equation using Substitution, Graphing, and a table I just need a little more help on Elimination. I know that in Elimination they have to be in the same form so I put it in slope intercept which would be y=-x+3 and y=...
  82. Math

    y=3x+2 4x-2y=-8 Solve using Elimination method
  83. History

    What did Marbury vs Madison establish
  84. History

    And is the last one routes
  85. History

    Is the third one trade
  86. History

    Inventor of Steamboat? Answer : Robert Fulton Name of his first steamboat Answer : Clermont Effects of invention were faster and cheaper ___ on rivers and oceans Answer : loads Opens new ______ for trade since it can travel faster with heavier loads than sailing ships
  87. History

    No ):
  88. History

    Era of Good Feelings?
  89. History

    What event does this describe Nation united under the Democratic Republican party, Shift from state to national sovereignty, Supreme Court strengthens the power of the federal gov
  90. History

    or the word independent
  91. History

    For my notes it says American System : transportation to unite the nation promoted by Congressman Henry Clay a strong nationlist to protect nations business from foreign competition and help pay for transportation improvements to nation. Establish a national bank that would ...
  92. History

    Do you know what goes in the blank
  93. History

    American System Congressman that proposed? Was it Henry Clay It was designed to make the nation _____________ not needing to trade with others to survive
  94. History

  95. History

    Albany to Buffalo NY?
  96. History

    The Erie Canal ran from _____ NY, on Lake Erie to _______ NY at the Hudson River Linking the Great:ales Regio (NW Territory) to the east coast what goes in the blank
  97. Math

    In Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten there are 20 students. The number of girls is 4 less than the number of boys. How many girls and how many boys are there
  98. Math

    x+y=5 I mean
  99. Math

    A music store sells tapes for $10 and XDS for $15. Someone buys 5 items in this store and pays $60 How many of these items were tapes and how many were CDS? x=tapes and Y=CDS Are the two equations x+y=60 and 10x+15y=60?
  100. Math

    Actually one of them is x+y=7
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