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  1. English

    Like this (Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online ,Hybrid,and face-to-face Class formats 3).
  2. English

    Sorry I mess up
  3. English

    ("The cons 3'')
  4. English

    Thanks how would I do in text citations for this?
  5. English

    “Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-face Class formats. “Learning change in public higher education: A provost report series on trends and issues facing higher education. University of Washington (Jan 2013).6.Web.1 Apr 2015
  6. English

    I did that above can you check that for me.
  7. English

    This this the right way it should look “Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online, Hybrid,and Face-to-face Class formats.”Learning change in public higher education: A provost report series on tends and issues facing highter education. University of Washington(Jan 2013)....
  8. English

  9. English

  10. English

  11. English

  12. English

  13. English

    Would I put Univesity of washington next.
  14. English

    okay so what is next?
  15. English

  16. English

    Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online, Hybrid,and Face -to face Class Formats
  17. English

    yes that the website
  18. English

    would be University of Washington?
  19. English

    I tried put the website in cited it not working am doing it wrong.
  20. English

    I try doing that does not work.
  21. English

    Search on google Exploring the pros and cons of online hybrid and face-to-face class formats it the first link. I am so suppose to cite MLA
  22. English

    Would guys be able to help figure me figure out a citation that am having a hard time with?
  23. Science

    Which statement describes the relationship among the sun wing and ocean currents A. The sun heats the ocean surface causing water to evaporate producing wind currents B.The sun heats earth unequally cuaing winds that drive ocean surface currents C.The sun heats the air and the...
  24. Science

  25. Science

    C. Coriolis effect and the convec currents D. All of these
  26. Science

    A.humidity and temperature B.Prevailing winds and upper air currents
  27. Science

    what determines the movement of global winds
  28. History

    5.Lincoln gave the Bettysburg Address in 1863. He states that, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation." Knowing that a score is twenty years, what date is Lincoln referring to in our nations history A.1787 B.1803 C....
  29. History

    In my reading it says "President Abe Lincoln traveled to the site of the battle to dedicate the field as a national cemetery. President Lincoln was not the guest speaker there but was asked to make a brief closing statement in dedication of this soldiers cemetery and in ...
  30. History

    1. Why is Lincoln giving a speech at Gettysburg? A.To declare the Confederacy an outlaw nation B.To declare that to goal of the Union is to abolish slavery C.To dedicate a national cemetery for Union and Confederate dead D.To try Confederate soldiers for treason A? 2.When ...
  31. History

    7.Why did lincoln exclude west virginia from the effects of Emancipation Proclamation? A.West Virginina had not yet been captured by Union Forces B.West Virginia threatened to secede if Lincoln freed their slaves too C.West Virginia was a Union state and slavery was ...
  32. History

    "And I further declare and make known that such persons of suitable condition will be recevied into the armed service of the US to garrison forts positions stations and other places and to man vessels of all sorts in said service." What did this portion of Lincon'...
  33. History

    6. Which of the following Civil War era presidential orders directly impacted 13th Amendment A.homestead Act B.Wilmot Proviso C.Lecompton Constitution D.Emancipation Proclamation D? 7.Why did lincoln exclude west virginia from the effects of Emancipation Proclamation? A.West ...
  34. History

    I meant B for #1. I thought 5 was A but if not A, then D?
  35. History

    African Americans in the North greeted the Emancipation Proclamation A.regretfullb B.joyful C.angrily D.sad A? 2. On Jan 1 1863 President Abe Lincoln signed the A.Free slave Bill B.14th Amendment C.Emancipation Proclamation D.13th Amendment C? 3.Which battle did Lincoln use to...
  36. English

    Thanks I know I have do this my own.
  37. English

    That not going be able to me.
  38. English

    I am doing argument essay on learning in the traditional classroom is better than online. I cannot figure out how to do my teacher wants it fits the is/not thesis/antithesis formula.
  39. English

    Thanks Writeteacher
  40. English

    Thanks writeteacher my teachers wanteds to sure it fits the is/not thesis/anthesis formula.
  41. English

  42. English

    This was just a working thesis.
  43. English

    I don't know
  44. English

    Why their has be increase in the number of students learning online the success rate has been far less than students who used the traditional education format.
  45. English

    Okay i kind understand what you mean.
  46. English

    I am doing argument essay what does it mean evidence to support my argument?
  47. CDA

    I agree with mrs.sue d is the best answer.
  48. English

    I am good I don't need help.
  49. English

  50. English

    For argumentative essay could a topic be collegea admissions process it has to current issue that being debated across the country and across the world.
  51. Chemistry

    A 1.0-g sample of MgCl2 produced a 10.00C increase in a calorimeter charged with 40.0mL of deionized water. The specific heat is of MgCl2 is 0.750J/C*g. What is the value of delta(s)H for MgCl2? I know that the formula needed is delta(s)H=-([massH2O*deltaTH20]+[mass(MgCl2)*C(...
  52. English

    I figure out how cite it.
  53. English

    I need help figure out to cite this source that I got on the computer. On google search Operation Just Cause Joint History Office am not sure how to cite it.
  54. computers2

    The answer was A.
  55. computers2

    It's penn fosters Computer support technician program.
  56. computers2

    I thought the answer was D. DIMM but it wasn't. I been searching through my book for an hour and I cant find the answer otherwise I wouldn't have asked on here.
  57. computers2

    If you're required to install memory in pairs for the system to work, what type of memory module are you most likely using? A. SIMM B. SIPP c. DIPP
  58. computers

    How is the SIMM an improvement on the SIPPs and DIPs that preceded it? a. SIMMs are larger and thus hold more memory. b. Every SIMM houses a row of pins on each side. c. The SIMM is soldered to the system board.
  59. computers

    Two technicians are discussing the interface between system memory and the motherboard. Technician A says data errors caused by speed mismatches are handled by making the memory run a parity check for every bit accessed. Technician B says those speed mismatch errors are ...
  60. probability

    g(y)=1/(3y) a=e^(-2) b=e^1
  61. History

    1. In declaring its intention to secede frmo the Union in 1860, South Caroling was affirming its position on A.Civil Rights B.States rights C.Individual rights D.Human Rights B? 2.Which event was the immediate cause of the seccession of several South states from Union? A.The ...
  62. History

    Robert E Lee's major reason for invading north territory in 1863 was to A.Win foreign recognition for South B.Obtain military supplies C.Break the union blockade D.Destroy the north's industrial capacity A?
  63. History

    At the Battle of Shiloh, which of the following was the key to Grant's victory over the Confederate forces of Johnston and Beauregard? A.The Union Army possessed superior weapons at the battle so even though they were greatly outnumberd they were able to defeat Confederate...
  64. Calculus

  65. Math

    Matt works with machines that measuer the weights and widths of small objects. He weighed a piece of sand that was 0.0000031 gram. What is this number in scientific notation? 3.1 x 10^-6
  66. Math

    The population of Austin is 698,269. What is the scientific notation 6.98269 x 10^5
  67. Math

    Thank you
  68. Math

    I thought it was asking which 2 numbers is the square root of 76 between. The square root of 76 is 8.71779788708
  69. Math

    Jorge is trying to learn all of the perfect squares. This knowledge will help him estimate square roots that are not perfect. Between which two whole numbers is the square root of 76? Answer : 7 and 9
  70. Math

  71. Math

    A CD player which regularly costs $239 is marked 1/3 off. About how much is the sale price of the CD player
  72. stuff

    why dosen't anyone answer me. i'm only 11!
  73. Math

    In a marketing survey involving 1,000 randomly chosen people, it is found that 630 use brand P, 420 use brand Q, and 210 use both brands. How many people in the survey use brand P and not brand Q? Answer choices: 210 people 420 people 630 people none of these is it 630?
  74. English

    Thanks Mrs.Sue
  75. English

    I ask if the Sentence is run-on
  76. English

    I meant is this sentence run-on?
  77. English

    Is this sentence?. In the Midwest, a common food that is found is buckeyes, which are also commonly found in the state of Ohio.
  78. science

    Type it the question out of Google the first link might help you.
  79. English

    It okay I get done.
  80. English

    The quotation is a dish of coarsely ground hominy The source is Grits since it has no author
  81. English

    What should I get rid of?
  82. English

  83. English

    It is “a dish of coarsely ground hominy” that is served with biscuits (“Grits”).
  84. English

    For in text-citation with no author is this the right way to do this. I look it up Purdue Owl (“Pizza”).
  85. English

    Take out the quotes around jordan
  86. English

    Like this “you’re ready to go do something else’’ (“Jordan”).
  87. English

    okay thanks
  88. English

    Mrs.Sue I have question why would I put the website name but not the person who wrote the definition.
  89. English

    Thanks you for much Mrs.Sue sorry about the last time we did this. So since I did in text citation on this sentence does make it plagraism in my paper?
  90. English

    Goetta“it's a mixture of pork,beefs,oats, and seasonings,packaged into a roll and then fried and served hot The source of that definition urban dictionary and I search for definition on google.
  91. English

    Mrs.Sue I am writing the definition of Goetta.
  92. English

    I wanted start fresh on the Goetta one that I got help with last night and today. I was having hard when you guys were explain it me and get easily got frustrated.
  93. English

    I have been following your advice.
  94. English

    I went back and fix these parts of my paper. Thanks
  95. English

    That rude of what your saying and I have not been careless. I have correct the typos.
  96. English

    What do you mean?
  97. English

    I have question to do I have reword the sentence because it give the definition for food the Goetta, which is made from mixed pork, beef, oaks and seasonings, packaged into a roll and then fried and severed hot. I don't want it to turn up as plagiarism in my paper?
  98. CDA

    It c am early childhood education major so that is the correct answer.
  99. English

    How do in-text citations?
  100. English

    So for above that how you do in text cit tons. I have question to do I have reword sentence because it give the definition for food the Goetta, which is made from mixed pork, beef, oaks and seasonings, packaged into a roll and then fried and severed hot. I don't want it to...
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