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  1. Math

    Which system has an infinite number of solutions? A.{x+2=y 4=2y-x B.{2y+6=4x -3=y-2x C.{y+3=2x 4x=2y-3 D.{y=2x-5 -2=y-2x Is it B
  2. Math

    Patton is organizing his stamp collection into ab ook. He has 42 foreign stamps and 70 US stamps. He wants every page to have the same number of foreign stamps and the same number of US stamps. If he puts the greatest number of stamps on each page, how many pages will he use? ...
  3. Math

    Which equation has the same slope as y=4x-5 A.4x-2y=0 B.3y-12x=21 C.y=5x+7 D.5y=4x-6
  4. Math

    Y=3x and Y=1/3x Is this perpendicular?
  5. Math

    how to determine if something is a function besides the statement "x's cannot repeat"
  6. English

    All the students in Ms. Smith's class are male. James is in Ms. Smith's class. James is a male.
  7. Algebra

    Simplify √1/5 - √5
  8. Algebra

    Thank you
  9. Algebra

    Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a width of 2√7 - 2√5 and a length of 3√7 + 3√5
  10. algebra

    do you have the rest of the answers for the test?
  11. Science

    How could sustainable use preserve biodiversity in hot spots?
  12. Math

    √216t + √96t
  13. Math

    Consider the following equation: A=(s+1)^2. This equation can also be written as ____.
  14. Math

    answer choice: a.) 4 b.) 5 c.) 7 d.) 2
  15. Math

    twice the square of a positive number increased by three times the number is 14. find the number
  16. Math

    How to simplify this expression √3b^2 / 27b^4
  17. Science do plants grow when light comes from one side only? Why might plants respond to light this way? 2. What is a circadian rhythm? 3.What controls the change in leaves from night to day? 4.what might the plant leaves change from night to day?
  18. Math discussion

    If the data collected are correctly input, meteorologists predications could be accurate.
  19. Math discussion

    As part of their job, meteorologists use data to make weather predications. How accurate are their predications? What are other scenarios in which you would use to data to make a predication? How would you defend your predication using data?
  20. Physics

    Suppose you're an astronaut and you're sitting in a 6000kg space capsule riding on a 4000 m x 8000 m sail (whose mass is included in the 6000 kg). You're orbiting in the vicinity of a distant bright hot star giving off light with an intensity 8 x 10^9 W/m^2 at a ...
  21. Physics

    Suppose two conducting wires each of mass 25g and length 40m are both hanging from a support beam. When the circuit is turned on, the wires repel each other so that the angle between the supporting strings is 30 degrees at a height 5cm below the support beam. A. Are the ...
  22. Physics

    Suppose a light wave is in the visible spectrum, with frequency 740 THz(which will have a deep purple color). What will be the ratio of the electric to magnetic fields constitute the light wave? What fraction of the total energy is conveyed by the electric field?
  23. Physics

    Suppose two charged conducting wires each have current I, and they're placed parallel to each other. Fins the line charge density that needs to be placed on each wire so that the electric repulsion between them balances the magnetostatic force so that they are in equilibrium.
  24. Physics

    Suppose a 7kg bob is hanging from the ceiling in a region with uniform electric field E= 46x + 29y N/C. Find the charge on the bob if it's angular position is displaced from the vertical by 20 degrees.
  25. Physics

    In an AC circuit with a frequency 25 Hz producing an rms voltage of 30 V and a 20 farad capacitor, what is the end current?
  26. Physics

    In an ac circuit with frequency 25 Hz producing an rms voltage of 30 V and a 30 Henry inductor, what is the rms current going through the inductor?
  27. Math

    Sorry, that's what it asked me on my review so I just retyped what it said.
  28. Math

    What does a and c stand for in the quadratic function Ax^2+bx+c
  29. math

    A wall in Marcus's bedroom is 8 2/5 feet high and 18 1/3 feet long. If he paints 1/2 of the wall blue
  30. Science

    why might an ecologist use a food chain for one study and a food web for another study
  31. Math

    Perry's Publishing is relocating and 2 employees, Edna and Sam have created a "For sale" sign 4 feet long to place outside the current premises. They plant o attach the sign to a 9-foot pole using a hook and a chain. They would like the top of the sign to be 6 ...
  32. English

    I am doing a research are you suppose to write numbers out of words in the paper?
  33. Language Arts

    ted cruz should not have been president bernie would have been the best option
  34. phsyics

    A long string is wrapped around a 6.4-cm-diameter cylinder, initially at rest, that is free to rotate on an axle. The string is then pulled with a constant acceleration of 2.0m/s2 until 1.5m of string has been unwound. If the string unwinds without slipping, what is the ...
  35. Math

    A frequency, F, varies inversely as wavelength, w. The constant of variation is speed, S. Write a formula to express this relationship
  36. Math

    Rate varies inversely as time. Sandy rode her bicycle to Micah's house at a rate of 5 mi/h. She returned home at a rate of 4 mi/h. If the first leg of the trip took 20 minutes how long did the second leg of the trip take
  37. Math

    The mass of a given object varies inversely as the acceleration of the object. A cart with a mass of 40 g has an accelerationo 2.5 m/s^2. What is the acceleration of a 50 g cart?
  38. Math

    During normal breathing, about 12% of the air in the lungs is replaced after one breath. Write an exponential decay model for the amount of the original air left in the lungs if the initial amount of air in the lungs is 500 mL. How much of the original air is present after 240...
  39. Math

    Bacteria can multiply at an alarming rate when each bacteria splits into two new cells, thus doubling. If we start with only bacteria which can double every hour, how many bacteria will we have by the end of the day?
  40. Math

  41. Math

    The population of Winnemucca Nevada can be modeled by P=6191(1.04)^t where t is the number of years since 1990. What was the population in 1990? By what percent did the population increase by each year?
  42. Math

    The time it takes to complete a given trip varies inversely as the speed traveled. If it takes Tim 10 hours tro travel from Cleveland to Albany at 42 mi/h, how long will it take him to make the trip at 60 mi/h?
  43. Math

  44. Math

    Oh right, thanks. So it would be 13/54 and x/65
  45. Math

    Time varies inversely as the rate of travel. If Jennifer drove 13 hours at an average rate of 54 miles per hour, how long would thr trip take at a rate of 65 miles per hour
  46. Math

    Thank you
  47. Math

    Mass, m, is varies inversely as acceleration, a. The constant of variation is force,f. Write an equation to express this relationship.
  48. Math

    The variable y varies inversely as x : y is 1 2/3 when x is -3/5. Find y when x is 3/7
  49. Math

    So how would you set up the equation
  50. Math

    I somehow typed 12 because I saw a 4 and 3
  51. Math

  52. Math

    The time it takes to clean the house varies inversely with the number of people cleaning. If it takes 1 person 4 hours to clean the house, how long will it take 3 people? 12 hours
  53. Math

    The volume of a gas varies inversely as applied pressure if the pressure acting on a 45m^3 of gas is lowered from 3 atmospheres to 2 atmospheres what new volume does the gas occupy
  54. Math

    The population of a small Midwestern town is 4500 The population is decreasing at a rate of 1.5% per year. Write an exponential decay function to model this situation. Then find the number of people in the town after 25 years.
  55. History

    Places during the Early Republic
  56. History

    People who were in the Early Republic and places during that time
  57. Math

    Write a compount interest function to model each situation. Then find the balance after the given number of years $27,000 invested at a rate of 3.75% compounded quarterly; 3 years
  58. L.A

    Thanks michelle
  59. Math

    Write the quadratic equation in standard form that has the given solutions. x:{5, -3}
  60. Math

    Solve for the zeros of the function using the quadratic formula. 3x^2=-4x+6 I know what the quadratic formula is but when I put it into the formula I keep getting an error on the graphing calculator.
  61. Math

    the length of a rectangular garden is 5 less than twice the width find the length of the garden if the area is 88 square feet
  62. Math

    Thank you!
  63. Math

    A function is described by the equation f(x)=x^2-3. The replacement set for the independent variable is (2,4,7,9) What is the corresponding set for the dependent variable
  64. Science

    If a full moon occurred on April 1, what phase would you see on the 7th, 21st,4th,30th,and 14th of April
  65. Science

    What kind of energy is transferred in an energy pyramid
  66. Science

    Okay, thank you
  67. Science

    Which two elements represent the same family of the periodic table? Hydrogen Helium Lithium Fluorine Is it none??
  68. Science

    what is an isotope
  69. Science

    H2) -----> H^+ + OH^- Is this equation balanced
  70. English

    Thank you!
  71. English

    2.The child was reluctant to (access/venture) into the closet at night because he was unsure whether child-eating monsters really inhabited it in the dark Venture? 3.Th Members of the student council(circulated/convened) promptly affter school to finish their plans for the ...
  72. English

    So am doing it right Mrs.Sue
  73. English

    I ask my teacher are we suppose to write about one side of the paper. my teacher told me to write one side of topic in the paper and the other side on the presentation.
  74. English

    I ask my teacher are we suppose to write about one side of the topic or both sides? my teach one side of topic in the paper and the other side on the speech.
  75. English

  76. English

    My paper only about one side.
  77. English

    So that would my presentation would to argument about online education.
  78. English

    No problem it tricky paper. The other side of the argumentative would my presentation.
  79. English

    I am in favor of traditional classroom education my paper about one side of the argumentative.
  80. English

    My side am taking for the paper is Traditional education and for the presentation I would talking about online education.
  81. English

    So for my presentation I would talking about online education.
  82. English

    My stand is traditional education in the class.
  83. English

    I am writing argumentative essay about learning in the traditional classroom. I confused what my teacher means by presenting the other side in a presentation?
  84. English

    Thanks for all the help.
  85. English

    “Active Learning’’ Center for Research on Learning and Teacher. The Regents of the University ( 2014).Web. 1 Apr 2015. like this
  86. English

    “Active Learning’’ Center for Research on Learning and Teacher The Regents of the University ( 2014).Web. 1 Apr. 2015.
  87. English

  88. English

    Michigan University 2014
  89. English

    I did
  90. English

    Page number
  91. English

    Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.
  92. English

    The University of Michigan
  93. English

    Active learning in quotes
  94. English

    No is not author would be not the Michigan University right.
  95. English

    yes the first one
  96. English

    “Active Learning.”University of Michagan this what I know for this writeteacher.
  97. English

  98. English

    I have another one I had hard time citation
  99. English

    Thanks for the help. How I have go work on paraphrase.
  100. English

    (“(Exploring the Pros” 3). Okay got it
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