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  1. Physics Question (Tension)?

    A solid object can be deformed in three fundamental ways. A roof is held up by support columns inside the building. The deformation of the column caused by the roof is A. Compression and Tension B. Shear C. Bulk
  2. Statistics Question

    For a test of Ho: p = 0.5, the z test statistic equals 1.52. Find the p-value for Ha: p > 0.5.
  3. Physics

    In 1980, over San Francisco Bay, a large yo-yo was released from a crane. Suppose the yo-yo was 153 kg, and it consisted of two uniform disks of radius 35.4 cm connected by an axle of radius 3.19 cm. What was the magnitude of the acceleration of the yo-yo during (a) its fall ...
  4. Physics (Rolling)

    In Fig. 11-35, a solid brass ball of mass m will roll smoothly along a loop-the-loop track when released from rest along the straight section. The circular loop has radius R, and the ball has radius r << R. (a) What is h if the ball is on the verge of leaving the track ...
  5. Maths

    find s given that v= 20, a= 10, u= 10 and v squared= u squared =2*a*s
  6. Physics (Rotation)

    In Fig. 10-28, wheel A of radius rA is coupled by belt B to wheel C of radius rC. The angular speed of wheel A is increased from rest at a constant rate α. Find the time needed for wheel C to reach angular speed ω assuming the belt does not slip. (Hint: If the belt ...
  7. Chem Question (thermo)

    Calculate ΔG at 25 ºC for a reaction in which Ca2+(aq) combines with CO32–(aq) to form a precipitate of CaCO3(s) if the concentrations of Ca2+(aq) and CO32–(aq) are 0.023 M and 0.13 M, respectively. (ΔGº = –47.94 kJ) A. –62.3 kJ/mol B...
  8. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    I got "B". Can anyone verify?
  9. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    The standard molar enthalpy of fusion and the standard molar enthalpy of vaporization of benzene are 10.9 kJ/mol and 31.0 kJ/mol, respectively. Calculate the standard molar entropy changes for the solid ↔ liquid and liquid ↔ vapor transitions for benzene. At 1 atm ...
  10. Chem (electronegativity)

    Calculate the E°cell for the following voltaic cell (use the standard electrode potentials given on page 829 of the textbook, or from some other source): Ni(s) + 2 Ag+(aq) → Ni2+(aq) + 2Ag(s) ====================== I got -0.55 as my answer. Ecell is Ecath-Eanod The ...
  11. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    Ok thanks!
  12. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    Ok for dHorxn I got 62.1kJ for dSorxn I got 132.7JK I did 62.1kJ x1000 to make it JK units too. So i got 0=62100-(T)(132.7) so T = 195degrees right?
  13. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    Calculate the temperature (in ºC) to which silver ore, Ag2O, must be heated to spontaneously decompose the ore to oxygen gas and solid silver metal at standard state. (ΔHºf of Ag2O(s) = –31.05 kJ/mol; Sº values: Ag(s), 42.55 J/mol•K; O2(g), 205.1 ...
  14. Math

    Explain in writting how to divide .12 by 8. (without using fractions) fifth grade
  15. Chem (Thermodynamics)

    Calculate the temperature (in ºC) to which silver ore, Ag2O, must be heated to spontaneously decompose the ore to oxygen gas and solid silver metal at standard state. (ΔHºf of Ag2O(s) = –31.05 kJ/mol; Sº values: Ag(s), 42.55 J/mol•K; O2(g), 205.1 ...
  16. history

    I have an assignment about the American Revolutionary War. I have to Select three major periods of the Revolutionary War to use as points of comparison showing how the war was experienced in the northern theater with how it was experienced in the southern theater during these ...
  17. ELA

    Write the unstressed syllable beside each word worship ship pilgrim grim repair re distance tance carrot rot entry try destroy des forbid bid hidden den dozen zen
  18. chemestry

    if 40 grams of water are produced when 30 grams of ethane is burned what is the % yields
  19. Intermediate Algebra

    The perimeter of a triangle is 48 centimeters. The longest side is 2 centimeters less than the longest side. Find the lengths of each side of the triangle.
  20. Shurley English

    How would you label sting in "Ouch, that bee sting hurts."
  21. college algebra

    By completing square, f(x) = 3[x^2 -2x - 7/3] = 3[x^2 - 2(x)(1) + (1)^2 - (1)^1 - 7/3] = 3[(x - 1)^2 - 1 - 7/3] = 3(x - 1)^2 - 3 - 7 = 3(x - 1)^2 - 10
  22. English

    when you get the answers, please put them here!
  23. english

    i would say the teacher, mr.bixby,mother,and mss. flowers
  24. 6th grade math-ms. sue

    MS. Sue here is exactly what the paper says- think back to the experiment you just designed to test the Best Wheels Bike Shop's new super titanium wheel bearings. Can you be sure that your results are due to the new bearings and not something else? That depends on how you ...
  25. 6th grade math

    My son has this homework and I am all confused... the paper says to think back to the experiment you just designed to test the Best Wheels Bike Shop's new super titanium wheel bearings. He did not do this experiment which leads me to believe this is just a statement for ...
  26. government

    I have to explain how American Association for Affirmative Action influences public policy. I still get confused on public policy but so far I believe the answer is this group influences public policy through affirmative action policies for women, minorities, etc. that ...
  27. Physics

    280 Pa
  28. government

    In my class I had to choose a major national issue and identify the forces in a political party that help drive the party to its position on the issue. I chose education and the Democratic party. The driving forces part is where I am stumped. I figured the forces would be ...
  29. government MS. Sue please

    Ms. Sue, Could you double check these, I asked you earlier and got the ball rolling. I had to choose five interests that are affecrted by public policy decisions. I chose No Child Left Behind, Health care insurance, environmental safety, veterans groups, and gun safety. What I...
  30. government

    I have to make a chart that shows five interests that are affected by public policy decisions. I am not 100% sure on this and did post earlier to which Ms. Sue graciously told me my 2 originals were ok. I have figured out these 5 but want to make sure they are interests that ...
  31. government

    I have to make a chart that shows five interests that are affected by public policy decisions. I am not 100% sure on this but could No Child Left Behind, and Environmental safety (like the oil spill that just happened in the gulf)?

    A 130 kg astronaut (including space suit) acquires a speed of 2.80 m/s by pushing off with his legs from an 2000 kg space capsule. What is the change in speed of the space capsule? As the reference frame, use the position of the space capsule before the push. If the push lasts...
  33. Algebra

  34. algebra

    what does the a stand for in Pa^t what does the r stand for in Pe^rt how are they related?
  35. english llit

    I am still trying to figure out the meter in the poem On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City. Looking at the types of meter I narrowed it down to iambic pentameter and anapestic. I thought the meter was anapestic because of the 2 unaccented syllables followe by 1 accented ...
  36. english lit

    I am writing a paper on "On the Amtrak from boston to new york city" by sherman alexie. I need to detail how the poet used literary conventions and poetic devices such as meter, imagery, and symbolism to communicate the meaning of the poem. I have the imagery and ...
  37. Chemistry

    Kate's (a) and (b) are correct, but (c) is incorrect. 6.00 M NaOH = (0.325 mol NaOH) / (mL NaOH) mL NaOH = (0.325 mol NaOH) / (6.00 M NaOH) With correct significant figures, the answer to (c) is 54.2 mL.
  38. bio270

    a. downward deflection b. upward deflection c. no deflection d. up then down deflections e. down then up deflections
  39. bio270

    In an electrocardiograph a wave of sustained depolarization moving towards a negative electrode will produce:
  40. physics

    Average destance between Earth and the moon is 384 790 km. How many days would it take sound to travel to the moon?
  41. physics

    Vibration of the dishwasher causes standing waves in a cup. crests form four concentric rings and the diameter of the cup is 6.0cm v=1.5m/x . What is the frequency of the vibrations?
  42. math

    Keno is a casino game in which the player has a card with the numbers 1 through 80 on it. The player selects a set of k numbers from the card, where k can range from one to fifteen. The "caller" announces twenty winning numbers, chosen at random from the eighty. the ...
  43. math

    My son is doing this in 6th grade math class. Mr. Weiss started painting the kitchen at 8:45 am and finished painting at 12:00 pm. About how many hours elapsed between the time he started painting and the time he finished painting the kitchen? Answers are 2h, 3h, 4h, and 5h. ...
  44. history

    I am helping my son who is in the 6th grade. He has a crossword puzzle that relates to early civilization and the clue is different. We have this much so far ???e??? for a total of 7 letters with an e in the middle please help.
  45. physics

    + 8 going with wind - 4 against the wind -4+8/2 = 2 is the average speed
  46. Chemistry

    Thank you so much drbob! Your explanation make sense! :D
  47. precalc

    find two functions f and g such that (f+g)(x) = 5 and domain of f + g is [0, infinity)
  48. math

    use intermediate value theorem to show f(x) has a zero f(x)= x^5 - 4x^4- 7x^2 - 6x; [-0.7, -0.6]
  49. math

    use intermediate value theorem to show f(x) has a zero f(x)= x^5 - 4x^4- 7x^2 - 6x; [-0.7, -0.6]
  50. pre calculus

    given points (0,0) (0,5) vertical asymptote of (-1,1) and horiz (2,1) how do I find the equation??????
  51. pre calculus

    solve in real number system x^3 + 5x^2 - 12x = 14 =0
  52. pre calculus

    find the bounds on the real zeros????? f(x) = x^5 - 5x^4 +8x + 2
  53. Calculus

    use the intermediate value theorem to determine whether there is a zero f(x) = -3^3 - 6x^2 + 10x + 9 ; [-1,0]
  54. precalc

    convert into equation with 0 on right hand side sq route (x+6) = 6-2 sq route (5-x)
  55. chemistry

  56. algebra 2

    i need help solving these inequalities i'm not sure if i should factor things out or not 4x^3 is greater than or equal to 16x and 4 is greater than or equal to 2x^3 + 8x
  57. Physics

    99.48 km/h
  58. 4th grade math

    the answer is 1232 as two of the digits should be same also
  59. statistics

  60. Chemistry

    oh ok thanks i got .09 i hope that's right
  61. Chemistry

    The question said to use dimensional analysis...
  62. Chemistry

    (0.75 moles Al(NO3)3/L Al(NO3)3) x 0.040 L Al(NO3)3 = ??moles Al(NO3)3 I am unsure how to find the factor to convert moles Al(NO3)3 into moles NO3. i think that if i do the first section, you get .03 moles as your answer for moles of Al(NO3)3, but I am not sure. how can i ...
  63. chemistry

    use dimensional analysis to find how many moles of nitrate ions are in 40.0 mL of a 0.75 M aqueous solution of aluminum nitrate
  64. geometry

    If CD is parallel to AD, then CD meets AD at D. But parallel lines never meet!
  65. Bunn high

  66. physics

    A 1,200-kg car runs into the rear of an 1,800-kg minivan that was moving at 6 m/s. The two vehicles are locked together after the collision and move with a speed of 12 m/s. How high above the ground would the locked- together vehicles have to be raised in order for their ...
  67. psychology

    use the book
  68. MATH

    (1/6)to the power of 3x = 36 to the power of 2-x
  69. MATH

    What is the 9th term -1/18 1/6 -1/2
  70. MATH

    Convert 322 degrees to radians
  71. College algebra

    At least, from the sign of a, one can tell whether it is concave upward or downward a>0 => concave upward.
  72. science

    4. Why do we tend to assume that natural chemicals are safe while industrial chemicals are evil? Is this correct?
  73. english

    I have been working on this and am still confused. Which sentence is correct. Using the pronoun case- A) My brother knows more about technology than me. B) My brother knows more about technology than I. I thought it would be best for B and add to it the word do at the end but ...
  74. business math

    1. Find down payment.272900* 0.1. 2. Hence Future value = (272900 - down payment). 3. Use I = 0.07, n= 25 and apply future value formula to get PMT. FV = PMT ((1+ i)^n -1) --------------- i To get interest, PMT * 25 - FV.
  75. algebra

  76. chemistry

    how much energy is released when a 5600 gram sample of water cools from 99 degress celsius to 28 degrees celcius
  77. Physics

    An elevator is moving down with an acceleration of 2.46 m/s^2. What would be the apparent weight of a 66 kg man in the elevator?
  78. algebra

    mgf b
  79. Physics

  80. History

    I am totally stumped. The picture we are to look at is called Five generations of slaves in South Carolina. The picture shows a family outside their home. The questions we are asked is to 1-make inferences about the owner of the plantation that is showin in the image 2-do you ...
  81. Management

    How does management style influence the working environment at MTV ?
  82. history

    What impact did the War of 1812 have on the American Federal Government? My answer is that it strengthened it with economic opportunities, diplomatic avenues, and nationalism. Is this correct?
  83. history

    What is the significance of Alexander Hamilton's financial program? How did Hamilton's financial program play a role in the creation of a two-party political system? My response to the first was that he wanted to increase the nations finances and to make sure there ...
  84. 8th grade science

    Tyler put a cube of blue closed cell foam in a syringe and clamped the the end closed, what happened to the particles outside of the cube?
  85. history

    Explain how the existence of the Confederate government played a role in the development of the current constitution. I feel that the articles of confederation joined the states to gether- uniting America and creating a government that was elected by the people with powers ...
  86. Engineering Physics

    A 1.0-kg block is released from rest at the top of a frictionless incline that makes and angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal. An unknown distance down the incline from the point of release, there is a spring with k=200 N/m. It is observed that the mass is brought ...
  87. calculus

    Suppose A is a positive real number and mA is the average value of (sin(Ax))3 on the interval [0; 2]. Compute mA. what is lim mA as A goes to infinite?
  88. algebra

    addition method:3x-5y=-2 and 5y-2x=-2 how would I solve it since they are not together?
  89. Physics

  90. Science. Please Help!

    A completely liquid solution of KCl suddenly begins producing solid crystals (as precipitate) when one crystal of KCl is dropped into it. The original solution was
  91. Science

    What is the defenition of the word dissolve?
  92. Physics

    Engineers are trying to create artificial "gravity" in a ringshaped space station by spinning it like a centrifuge. The ring is 170 m in radius. How quickly must the space station turn in order to give the astronauts inside it apparent weights equal to their real ...
  93. cultural diversity

    what is acculturation
  94. American Government

    e. Its head is appointed by the president.
  95. history

    From where did early North Americans migrate and how did they reach North America? Describe the lifestyles of early North American men and women. Im not sure which way to answer this one. I have two answers. The first was coming from Asia and crossing the land bridge at the ...
  96. physics

  97. Urgent!!! Physics

    Andrea, I think you shouldn't have waited til the last minute for that mastering physics homework that's due at 11:59pm
  98. math

    is y=2^x^2 considered a double exponential function or not? I believe it is but am not sure since the exponent is x and that is squared. I think to qualify as exponential function wouldn't the x need to be a number and not x?
  99. math

    I had to repost this since I hit the submit button by mistake Use patterns or a linear equation to complete the table. column x 1,3,5,10,50,100 column y -1,3,7,?,?,? I tried several combinations using -3,2,and -1 in place of m but still not coming out right. Our options for ...
  100. find a pattern

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