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  1. math

    Statuary Hall is an elliptical room in the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The room is also referred to as the Whispering Gallery because a person standing at one focus of the room can hear even a whisper spoken by a person standing at the other focus. A ...
  2. science

    Does sound go through a wooden block?
  3. History

    Explain the Elizabethan beliefs regarding pride.
  4. Physics

    A cylinder has a diameter of 15cm. The water level in the cylinder is maintained at a constant height of .45m. If the diameter of the spout pipe is .50cm how high is the vertical stream of water?Assume water to be an ideal fluid
  5. Math

    The model builder has 4 pieces of balsa wood that are 4 cm,5 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm in length. How many different combinations of 3 pieces can be used to make triangles without breaking or cutting the pieces? List the combinations as inequalities.
  6. Social Studies

    It has no text it’s just a question
  7. Social Studies

    1.How has geography shaped the history of Arabia and Iraq? 2.Why did Muslims split into Shia and Sunni groups?
  8. math

    Ma.Sue can u help me plz
  9. Social Studies

    I could not find any thing
  10. Social Studies

    1.What are the cultural traits of Russia? 2.What is the main religion of Russia?
  11. Civics

    Special purpose districts are 1. agencies that accept tasks from the national government. 2. neighborhood groups without government 3. local governments designed to meet a specific need 4. regions created only for running state elections
  12. Geometry

    the steps that you would follow to recreate a triangle using a protractor, a string, and the AAS Congruence Theorem, written out in words. I'm lost know that you need two angles and a side.No clue how to explain. Please help I've been sitting here all day and just ...
  13. English

    What is the main conflict in the book, Leaving Home? How does the author us "Italics" in the excerpt, and what is it letting the readers know? What is the true story" element in the book, I Am Malala? What is the purpose of dialogee, and what does it let the ...
  14. English

    What is the main conflict in the play, Leaving Home?
  15. Chemistry

    A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 45.0 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 1.50 m/s2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 160 m. A. what is the max height reached by the rocket? B. How long after liftoff does the ...
  16. PAP ALG

    the average radius of Jupiter's orbit is 464,779,036 miles, and it travels at an average speed of 28,108 miles per hour. Q: How many years does it take Jupiter to orbit the sun?
  17. Math

    If three teachers can grade 40 tests in 3 hours, how many hours will it take 12 teachers to grade 480 tests?
  18. Math

    Find the measure of triangle ADC if A is (3x+2) degree, B is (4x-24) degree, C is (2x+2) degree and D is x+10 degree
  19. Social Studies

    What effect did United States policy have on the Soviet Unions war in Afghanistan and why did Soviet troops finally withdraw from Afghanistan in 1989? A. With U.S. support, the Soviet Union defeated the Afghan rebel forces. B. During peace talks, Ronald Reagan convinced the ...
  20. Statistic

    Thank you
  21. Statistic

    15% of m&m's candies in a bag are yellow. If you randomly pull 3 m&ms of the bag what is the probability the first one is yellow and the next two are not? A. 11% B. 22% C. 67% D. 85% My answer is D. 1 - 15% =0.85. I think I'm doing it wrong
  22. Statistic

    I pick a. Is it correct? Which of the following measurements is likely to have the least variation (the smallest standard deviation)? a. The volume of liquid in a simple of unopened 2-liter bottles of sodas. b. The SAT scores of a class of graduating high school seniors. c. ...
  23. Chemistry

    We all take the same Chemistry class, we are not using different names. We've been using my computer and that's why. You can ignore whatever post you want, it's just sad that I relied on this website for help. To be mad because we supposedly change screen names is ...
  24. Chemistry

    After balancing the following redox equation(using small whole-number coefficients), add the coefficients of all species in the balanced equation. Bi(OH)3 + SnO2^(2-) ? Bi + SnO3^(2-) (basic solution) --- I separated the equation into two and i know the next step is to balance...
  25. Math

    For what value(s) of b, if any, will the function q(x) = (x^4)/2 +b*x^2 +32x-5 have a derivative of zero AND a point of inflection at the same value of x?
  26. math

    Santiago, a park ranger, was trying to estimate the number of catfish in a lake. He randomly caught 32 catfish, tagged them, and let them go. Six months later, he surveyed fisherman at the lake about how many catfish they caught that were tagged. His survey results showed that...
  27. Calculus Question! ASAP!

    Hello! I have this problem: x(dx)/sqrt(9-x^2) I was wondering why I can't use trig substitution and substitute sqrt(9-x^2) for sqrt(1-sec^2) and having: integral x = 3sin(theta) dx = 3cos(theta)d(theata) integral 3sin(theta)(3cos(theta))/3cos(theta) having the 3cos(theta) ...
  28. Help! Calculus

    I am so confused on how to solve this problem. I have it set up with y's on one side and x's on the other but I don't know what to do from there. Question: Solve the differential equation. The initial condition is y(0) = 1. ((x^2+1)^(1/2))(dy/dx) - (x/(2y)) = 0 y &...
  29. Ap algebra

    2+3X^2-X^3=0 by use quadratic formula. The answer of textbook is 3.19 So I solved and came out a wrong answer What I did factor out (-X+3)X^2+2=0 Then By quadratic formula, a=1,b=0,c=2. Thus I got sqrt(8)/2
  30. Time Value of Money

    Please help me with guidelines on what really is the first thing to do when answering this type of questions on this topic,what is the catch on these topics?
  31. Managerial finance 4A

    Mr Paul is identified three investment opportunities that he is is investment A that is expected to pay N$800.00 ayear for three years,followed by N$1000.00 per year for four years. it will pay N$2000.00 at the end of the eighth year. Investment B is expected ...
  32. math

    there are 32 students 12% got an A.How many of them got A's.i need help converting this percentage to a whole number please help
  33. English

    The movie called Curcible reveals the church and court both state that all liars will be damned, but only can tell who the real sinners are. What does that mean ? What are they trying to say ?
  34. HELP!

    thank you @pypski and @nadstar
  35. HELP!

    is is b
  36. HELP!

    Earth's inner core exists at temperatures as high as 7000oC. It exists as a _______ due to the _________. A) solid; high pressure B) liquid; high pressure C) solid; high temperature D) liquid; high temperature
  37. HELP!

    Which set of numbers is correctly ordered from smallest to greatest? A) 0.009, 0.0099, 0.0909, 0.099 B) 0.0099, 0.009, 0.0909, 0.099 C) 0.0909, 0.099, 0.009, 0.0099 D) 0.099, 0.0099, 0.009, 0.0909 Help ME!
  38. Math

    Which set of numbers is correctly ordered from smallest to greatest? A) 0.009, 0.0099, 0.0909, 0.099 B) 0.0099, 0.009, 0.0909, 0.099 C) 0.0909, 0.099, 0.009, 0.0099 Eliminate D) 0.099, 0.0099, 0.009, 0.0909
  39. Math

    thank yo
  40. Math

    Lisa descended 120 feet into a cave. She then climbed up 56 feet. If her starting point was 38 feet below sea level at the mouth of the cave, what is Lisa's elevation relative to sea level now?
  41. Math

    Thannk you!
  42. Math

    The approximate distance of the moon from Earth is 4 x 105 km and the average approximate distance from the Earth to Venus is 4 x 107 km. How much farther is Venus from Earth than the moon?
  43. Math ratios

    which is equivalent to 4/16 A. 2:4 B. 10:9 C. 10/24 D. 12 to 64
  44. AP Language-Inductive/Deductive

    These are pretty hard, at least to me. Please help me check my answers. 1. Most luxuries, and the so-called comforts of life, are not only indispensable, but positive hinderances to the elevation of mankind. With respects to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a ...
  45. Spanish 2 Present Subjunctive

    Please check my answers. I know I'm missing accents. 1. Os recomienda que ___ otra llave de recepcion. a) pedis b) pidais*** c) piden d) pida 2. Which of the following sentences is correct? a) Es importante tu estudies mucho. b) Es necesario que hacer ejercicio. c) Es ...
  46. science

    what are the answers cant see them you need to put the answers
  47. steve plz help me on my math

    I got for distributive property i put: P=2(l+w)=2(13+7)= 40 inches. and for not using distributive property I put: P=2*L+2*W=2*13+2*7=40inches
  48. steve plz help me on my math

    Find the perimeter of a rectangular area with a length of 13 inches and a width of 7 inches using distributive property and not using it.
  49. math

    you take the difference of their ages, 20, away from the total of their ages, 50, (which leaves 30) and then divide the rest of the years between them, that's 15 each.
  50. Math

    1. The point c(x,y) is reflected over the x-axis. Use arrow notations to describe the original point and its reflection. a. (x,y) --> (x,2y) b. (x,y) --> (-x,y) c. (x,y) --> (-x,-y) d. (x,y) --> (x,-y) ** 2. What is the correct description for the translation of A ...
  51. spainsh

    What do you need help with, this is not a question its just words.
  52. social studies

    It is #2
  53. Math

    You want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. The original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save?
  54. Math iniqualties and versitiles

    I think the answer to both would be that they used the inverse operation and used more numbers to get the answer that they got.
  55. Science

    chicken fingers
  56. english

    what are the layers of analysis for 'if i'll why hath it given me earnest of success?' from act 1 scene 3 MACBETH SHAKESPEARE. thank-you.
  57. english

    'Agape is the highest form of love' Give two arguments with counter arguments to show you have considered more that one point of view. I need help ASAP
  58. Math

    A 73?-ton monolith is transported on a causeway that is 2500 feet long and has a slope of about 2.2°. How much force parallel to the incline would be required to hold the monolith on this? causeway?
  59. Chemistry

    How many grams of ethanol must be added to 500.0 g of water to make a solution that freezes at 0.00 degrees fahrenheit? The molal freezing point depression constant for water is 1.86 degree celsius over moles.
  60. School Talk

    What happened to "School Talk?" That was kinda helpful.
  61. Government

    yall so mean to ms sue lmaaaaooo
  62. Biophysics

    Estimate the flow of oxygen into the cell through a side of the muscle cell squished up against the capillary. (give both moles/sec and # molecules/sec.)
  63. Math

    Please help me with this step by step show your work problem. |-4b-8|+|-1-b^2|+2b^3 (b= -2) My work |-4b-8|+|-1-b^2|+2b^3 |-4(-2)-8|+|-1-(-2^2)|+2(-2^3) |8-8|+|-1-4|-16 8+8+5-16 16+5-16 5 Could you check my work? If it is incorrect, could you show me the steps to correct it?
  64. Physics

    Find, to 3 decimal place, the frequency of the hour hand of a clock
  65. Spanish 2

    1. Which of the following is correct? a) Maria estaba cocinando cuando ella se cortaba. b) Maria estaba cocinando cuando ella se corto. c) Maria estuvo cocinando cuando ella se cortaba. d) Maria estuvo cocinando cuando ella se corto. 2. Which of the following is correct? a) Me...
  66. geography

  67. Math

    Sketch the graph of a continuous function f that satisfies all the stated conditions. f(0)=0; f(2)=-2 ; f(4)=f(10)=-1;f(6)=0 f’(2)=f'(6)=0 f'(x)<0 throughout (-infinity,2) and (6,+infinity) f'(x)>0 throughout 2<x<6 f''(x)<0 throughout (4...
  68. interior decorateor

    Which of the following statements is correct regarding the design concept of emphasis? A. Focal points in a room's architecture must be emphasized with contrasting colors. B. A focal point can't be established in a setting where formal balance is used. C. A room ...
  69. Music

    Can anyone help me find guitar chords for Regina spektor' song a cannon?

    Like a wall
  71. Physics

    A 2.8 kg duck is swimming at 0.35 m/s and a 3.4 kg goose is swimming at 0.75 m/s. Which bird would make the biggest impact on you if it carelessly swam into you? Explain. I'm not sure where to start. Could I have some help please?
  72. Physics

    A 2.8 kg duck is swimming at 0.35 m/s and a 3.4 kg goose is swimming at 0.75 m/s. Which bird would make the biggest impact on you if it carelessly swam into you? Explain. I'm not sure where to start. Could I have some help please?
  73. history

    i think it is pretty accurate, im not 100% sure however as i was out of school the whole term we spent doing WW1 because of an injur
  74. history

    Hi, I have this history question on a past exam paper i'm confused about, and was wondering if you could help? The question: "I write from the battlefield of the Great Push with thousands of shells passing in a tornado overhead, and thousands of unburied dead around ...
  75. Science

    A 450-g block is attached to a spring of spring constant 45 N/m and is in simple harmonic motion on a frictionless surface with an amplitude of 7.5 cm. A second identical block, moving at 12 m/s in line with the spring, strikes the first one when the spring is at its maximum ...
  76. Math

    Three picture frames are on a dresser.two are shaped like squares and the other is a trapazoid. how many sides are there in the frames altogether? Please help today
  77. Life orientation

    discuss the contributing factors that lead to this issue
  78. Maths

    in a game you have to guess what a number is through some clues the clues you are given are the hundreds digit is twice as large as the thousands digit the ones digit is the largest the sum of the digits is 14 the tens digit is two less than the ones digit what is the number?
  79. MATH

  80. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.052 Mole solution of HCl?
  81. Math 143

    What is the probability of not rolling a number larger than 4 with a fair die?
  82. Math

    Using only sides that are whole numbers, name the dimensions of three rectangles that have perimeters of 14 units.
  83. Algebra

  84. physics

    explain the physics concept to why a ship sounds when moving in water?
  85. physics

    explain the physics principle why the size of tree stem decreases upwards?
  86. physics

    state or law which explains why a ship can easily sink than overturn?
  87. physics

    why is it cold in winter and hot in summer basing on physics knowledge
  88. mathematics

    the age of jane and john add up to 25years.8years ago jane was twice as old as old are they now?
  89. physics

    the age of jane and john add up to 25years.8years ago jane was twice as old as old are they now?
  90. Math

    There are24 counters How many counter can you make and why
  91. pre algebra

    a community has 1316 females. if 47% of the community is female and 16% of all the females are left-handed, how many people are in the community?
  92. Math

    A shipping crate carrying e-readers has a length of 19 1/3 feet, a width of 7 2/3 feet and a height of 7 5/6 feet. What is the volume of the shipping crate. Please Help.........
  93. Math

    the carpenter will buy
  94. History

    What does this mean? "It is apparent to my mind that the President thoroughly believed the tenure of office act to be unconstitutional and void . He was advised by every member of his cabinet...... "This was a punitive statue. it was directed against the President ...
  95. math

    Mrs Smith is having a party . She has 24 students . She estimates each student will eat 3/8.How many pizzas should Mrs. Smith order?
  96. ICT

    log off personal accounts
  97. ICT

    List five precautions users should take to protect themselves and their files when they are using a cybercafé.

    I think the answer is A)
  99. Language

    thanks smart you helped allot
  100. Tenology

    Answers are 1) d 2)b 3)a 4)b Just got 100%
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