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When the length of each side of a square is increased by 5 inches, the AREA is increased by 85 in2. Find the length of the side of the original square

how many 1/3 cup servings are in 3/4 of a cup of tea


sig figs
7.49e7/[(4/3)*(3.1416)*(1.4 e2)] I get 24707113200 but is wrong. sory for bad english. is not my first lenguage.

You divide 324 into 12 = 27 and then divide 27 into 3 = 9 and subtract 10 - 9 = 1 and then turn one yard into feet which equals 3 feet. So, Leslie will have 3 feet of fringe left over.

general chemestry
A 55-year-old woman visits a popular eatery for lunch. She orders a cheese and bacon pizza with extra cheese and has about 3 large glasses of cola (ph value 3). On the way back home, she experiences heartburn and abdominal pain, and has difficulty breathing. She drinks a lot ...

b. What is the probability that a person selected at random from this HWAS data set will be shorter than 65" or taller than 70"? The same data set

a. What is the probability that a person selected at random from this HWAS data set will be between 30 and 39 years of age inclusive? Data set 38 43 28 33 36 51 37 41 45 26 49 47 33 45 50 25 46 36 24 25 58 55 47 35 34 29 20 52 30 37 24 26 29 31 21 31 33 33 42 22 27 25 29 31 42...

western michigan university
2.5grams of pecan nut was turned to heat up 100grams of water at 24 degrees Celsius. The final temperature after all the pecan oil in the nut was completely consumed was 70 degrees Celsius. Calculate the (a) energy released by the 2.5 gram pecan in calories and (b) the food ...

western michigan university
1050 calories of heat from soybean oil was applied to a 250 gram sample of liquid water with an initial temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Determine (a) the final temperature of water and (b) the change in temperature.

western michigan university
A 30 gram metal at 100 degrees Celsius was dropped into 132 grams of water at 25 degrees Celsius and the final temperature for the metal in water system was 29 degrees Celsius. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal if the specific heat capacity of water is 4.2J/G/C...

Two quarter plus 1 dime Half of a dollar plus 2 nickels


Calculus 1
find an expression for a cubic function f if f(1)=6 and f(-1)=f(0)=f(2)=0

write the equation in standard form y=9x+1/2

Five different written driving tests are administered by the Motor Vehicle Department. One of these five tests is selected at random for each applicant for a driver's license. A group consisting of two women and three men apply for a license. (a) What is the probability ...

What is the minimum volume of 6.5M HCl required to completely dissolve 24.0g of magnesium metal?

A 0.400 glider is moving to the right on a frictionless, horizontal air track with a speed of 0.800 when it makes a head-on collision with a stationary 0.150 glider.Find the magnitude of the final velocity of first glider if the collision is elastic. Find the direction of the ...

Planet A has an average surface temperature of _170%. Planet B has an avergage surface temperature that is 5/5 times that of Planet A. Find the avergae surface temerature on planet B.

6/18 = 1/3

A rectangular prism has a square base with an area of 49 square inches. It's height is triple its width. What is the prism's volume, in cubic inches?

An electron is released from rest at a distance of 9 cm from a proton. How fast will the electron be moving when it is 3 cm from the proton?

A rectangle has a perimeter of 16 inces. it's width is one-third of it's length. Find it's length. I just need the set up, thank you!! Lorena

Two bowling balls each have a mass of 6.8kg. the speres are located nest to one another with their centers 21.8 cm apart. what gravitational force do they exert on each other?

hmm...let me try to narrow it down. ok so like if i have 3,3,6-trimethylnonane, how do i know where the carbons go and how many hydrogens are attached?

i have nooo idea how to name organic compounds or how to draw the condensed formula. the stuff in the book is not really clear. help!!!

i think it should be "about".

college algebra

suppose a cube of jell-o is cut into two pieces. What property stays the same when comparing the original piece with one of the new pieces? a. density b. mass c. volume d. surface area

integracted science
which energy source produces no pollutants? a) geothermal steam b)hydrogen c)nuclear d)none of the choices

HCA 270 Appendix C
Compute the worth of Arcadia Hospital in 2005 using rules of thumb, adjusted book value, and discounted cash flow valuation (for this final method, use the table provided). Assume the cash flow for 2005 is the same as 2006. ($655 million) 1) Rules of thumb: 2) Adjusted book ...


Algebra 1
Write a function rule for the table x f(x) 1 1 2 8 3 27 4 64 Thank you in advance!!!!!

This may sound slightly weird but is there a difference in prounciation between these two words: Droite - left Doigts - Fingers I have a dialogue due and I don't want to pronounce anything wrong. - Lorena Ehrstrop I believe there's a small difference because droite has...