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hi I need help with this question too if you found the answer can you call me my phone number is 873-892-8989

same masses of different metal carbonates are fully decomposed. why is the volume of carbon dioxide different for each metal carbonate?

How many electrons are there in the unipositive ion of Cs-136 (#55)? How many neutrons?

40 ---- X 32 340

Social Studies
The country that border the Pacific ocean are sometimes called the ?

what branch of government establishes criminal penalties for those who violate a law

what is the cornerstone of the justice anti-drug model

Questions about coal mining: 1) Which method (out of surface and underground) is most commonly used in australia and where?

why would froth floatation have to happen close to the place where the mineral is mined?

science year 7
when zinc is dropped into hydrochloric acid whaich gas is formed? is it zinc chloride? how would you test for the gas and what would happen?

Need help! French Exam tomorrow!
revise the night before and a little bit in the morning, it helps you remember things and when you see the certain words you'll remember, i had a french exam last week and done my revision like that and i passed it.