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friction always ________________ an object _______________= what


what about this one same setting applie x to 12 , 6 to 9 would x be 9

x to 6, 20 to 24 find value of x that makes them equal

153 is the answr

26% t(9)/h*4

sorry it means an chi squared test x^2

typo its a chi test x^2 test where it it says divided 2 distribution

The education department of state is interested in funding an education assistance program for 12 year-old children whose intelligence quotients lie in the bottom 5% of the population. According to national data, the IQ's of the 12 year-old population are normally ...

social studies
sorry, i mean the king is too much a tyrant*

social studies
so the Divine Right of Kings is like, a king can do whatever he likes to his country, like they can do anything? so then, if the king if too much a tyrant he will ruin the country?

social studies
thank you so much! :)

social studies
prepare a defence for the proposition that the Divine Right of Kings is necessary to good government. i don't get it. what does this mean? and i don't even understand the Divine Right of Kings, it was written in old english. please help me. and it also says that ...

social studies
oh sorry. james I of England. he was James VI of Scotland, succeeded Elizabeth I when she died in 1603.

interview follow up letter
I had an interview a week ago and i still did get an answer from the persons that interviewed me so what should do? call or write them about they decision thanks

what could Tiffany & Company (1993) have done to avoid bankrupcy?