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  1. physics

    Please help me understand with steps, I really don't get it A square plate has a side length of 1.20 m. A 24.0-N ~ m torque is applied about an axis perpendicular to the plate through its center. If it experiences an angular acceleration of 6.25 rad/s2, calculate the mass ...
  2. Career guidance

    You can become wha you want as long as you out in the effort and work to achieve it
  3. math

    In how many positive four-digit integers that are not multiples of 1111 do the digits form an arithmetic sequence? (The digits must form an arithmetic sequence, in order. For example, the number 5137 does not count.)
  4. Science

    I think it a
  5. Science

    Which is the SIMPLEST level of organization in a human being? A) cells B) organs C) tissues D) organ systems C?
  6. Science

    I can only choose one. I am going with a
  7. Science

    A species of rabbit lives in a meadow where grass plants are readily available during summer months. The rabbits do not stray far from the meadow because the plants supply food and protection from predators. One summer, a fire destroys the plants in the meadow. As a result of ...
  8. Conditional Probability.

    If Group A has 1/100 items defective, and Group B has 1/200 items defective. What is the probability the second item inspected works given that the first one inspected also worked?
  9. La

    Man Bob Dont have to be so rude about it
  10. La

    So I did a bad job?
  11. La

    I'm doing research on the titanic and I have to answer this question can you help How do you believe the Titanic Sunk? I believe that the Titanic Didn't crash because of a ice berg but more then that since it is declared unbreakable. The Ship could have sunk for many ...
  12. English 2 A

    Reed You are cracking me up
  13. math

    In which sentence does the author make an appeal to emotion. A. shouldn't that determination be rewarded B. not only that but Javier is an egale scout and editor in chief of the school newpaper. (this one) C as than liu last years president said I cant imagine voting for ...
  14. math

    In which sentence does the author make an appeal to authority. A. vote for Javier! ( this one) B. now he speaks English fluently C as than liu last years president said I cant imagine voting for anyone but Javier. D. not only that but Javier is an egale scout and editor in ...
  15. math

  16. math

    identify the interjuntion in the following sentence. Ouch! I just banged my shin on the table A. Ouch! ( thus one) B. banged C. shin D. on
  17. Math

    Solve the proportion using cross product round to the nearest hundredth if necessary 3.9/2.6 = y/6.2 A. 12.26 B. 16.35 C. 4.13 (I think this one) D. 9.30
  18. algebra

  19. algebra

    Multiply or divide. Show your work. (3n^2 -n )/(n^-1)÷(n^2)/(n+1).
  20. algebra

    thankyou so much! :)
  21. algebra

    the hypotenuse is C=2.9 and i'm looking for A
  22. algebra

    see that's the thing my teacher told me it was wrong i had the EXACT answer but he sid it was wrong and that i needed to use the " phythagorean theorem" to solve it
  23. algebra

    use right triangle-find the length of the missing side : b=2.1, c = 2.9 i know it's start with but don't know how to find a a^2 =2.1^2 + 2.9^2
  24. Science

    I got this question wrong, for anyone who needs it, the answer is D, hawk.
  25. Science

    In an island ecosystem, a species of beetle eats a shrubby plant, a songbird eats the beetle and the hawk eats the songbird. Which of the following would most likely have the smallest population? (a.) Shrubby Plant (b.) Beetle *I chose this* (c.) Songbird (d.) Hawk
  26. science

    which of the following children's playground equipment can be used to model and explain the movement of matter in the biosphere? (1 point) Slide Merry Go Round Swing Seesaw
  27. physics

    A spiral spring extends from length 10.01m to 10.00cm when a force of 20N is applied on it. Calculate the constant force
  28. physics

    A force of 40N is applied at the end of a wire 4m long and it produces an extension of 0.24mm.if the diameter of the wire is 2.0mm.calculate the stress and strain of the wire
  29. Math

    Is 4 + 10 = 10 + 4a commutative
  30. Health P.E. (Check answers)

    Ur freaking wrong man
  31. algebra

    Luke is tiling a square patio in his backyard. He has 121 square-shaped tiles that will cover the entire patio. The maximum number of tiles that Luke can fit along one side of the patio is
  32. math

    In a particular tour group, 30% of the tourists are men, and there are 20 more women than men. How many tourists altogether are there in the group? Explain your reasoning.
  33. Social studies

  34. Social studies

    1: What are the functions on money select all that apply store of value* producer of resources unit of account* medium of exchange* record of finances unit of output 2: What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering Things that people usually trade have very ...
  35. Math

    the answers for connexus grade 6 are 1: A 2: C 3: A 4: D 5: C
  36. maths

    Six of the classes at your school are going to the pool for a swimming party. That means 125 students need to get on buses and each bus hold 48 students. How many buses will the school need?
  37. Math

    1 b 2 c 3 d 4 a 5 d 6 d 7 b 8 d 9 c 10a 11b 12c 13c 14d 15d 16c 17c
  38. Math

    you were wrong thanks a lot
  39. Math

    are that correct
  40. Math

    Oh b: 9/49
  41. Math

    OHHH IS IT D??
  42. Math

    the prob is 3/4 i think
  43. Math

    Is it A?
  44. Math

    One bag contains 4 white balls and 3 black balls. If someone draws one ball from the bag and then replaces it and draws another, what is the probability that both will be black? A: 8/12 B: 9/49 C: 1/6 D: 3/7
  45. sociology

    discuss the sociology of deviance and compare and constract the labeling theory of deviance with the functionalist approach to deviance
  46. sociology

    identify and describe the methods employed in four types of sociological research design
  47. math

    For connexus students the answers are 1= C 2= A 3= B 4= C 5= B I got a 5/5 100% And just for more further proof: Lesson 7: Circumference of a Circle CE 2015 Essential Math 6 B Unit 3: Geometry and Measurement
  48. Algebra

    In a two-digit number the units’ digit is 7 more than the tens’ digit. The number with digits reversed is three times as large as the sum of the original number and the two digits. Find the number.
  49. Math help FAST

    I need the answers like now pls help someone
  50. Geometry

    The side lengths of an equiangular octagon are $1$, $2$, $3$, $4$, $1$, $2$, $3$, and $4$ in clockwise order. Find the octagon's area. I don't know how to do this.
  51. Math-Ratios

  52. Math

    If the shadow of a 45 foot building is 60 feet long what time of day is it?
  53. Geometry

    The Varignon parallelogram of the Varignon parallelogram of quadrilateral ABCD is a 3*4 rectangle. Find AC+BD. I don't understand the Varignon parallelogram, so solving this problem is difficult.
  54. Algebra

    Yay thank you
  55. Algebra

    Write an inequality for the word sentence: k is less than zero. A. k > 0 B. k ? 0 C. k < 0 •••• D. k ? 0
  56. Reading Process LA Q

    YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG THANKS TO YOU GUYS I HAVE EARNED MYSELF A 0% :((( The correct answers are: 1.a 2.a 3.d 4.b 5.d
  57. Ed tech

    Ur right...
  58. Maths

    A coat cost 84 pounds It's price is reduced by 10 percent in a sale What is the sale price of the coat?
  59. Math

    In simplist form why is 2^2/2^5 a fraction
  60. probability

    The population of 1500 construction trucks has load distributed normally with 6 tons and the standard deviation of 1 ton, find the probability that its load greater than 7
  61. History

    Why is urbanization associated with the industrial revolution? The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture •• The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities Settlers expanded the frontier west of the Mississippi River ...
  62. math

    12, ?9, 6, ?3, .. whats the arithmetic function?
  63. math

  64. math

    Which of the images above represent a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem? Explain your choice, and then explain how the figure proves the Pythagorean Theorem. Figure A: Leg a= 9 units (length) Leg b= 36 units (bottom) Leg c= 64 units (diagonal length) Figure B: Leg a= 25 units (...
  65. Social studies

    what was one strength of the articles of confederation? A. It allowed states to make decisions for themselves. B. it gave the federal government power to impose taxes.•• C. It gave congress the authority to overturn decisions made by the president. D. It provided ...
  66. Math

    (4y to the fifth power) to the fifth power
  67. chemistry

    how many grams of barium would be found in 1.72g of barium sulfate 1.72(137.3/233.4)
  68. chemistry

    How many GRAMS of carbon dioxide can be produced from 3.70 grams of oxygen ?
  69. Math

    What is the sum of the first 60 odd numbers?
  70. ela

    Thanks 100%
  71. Wold History

    A is wrong ignore them
  72. Wold History

    which is right?
  73. Please check my answers(Social Studies)

    Yep correct
  74. Math

    China population is approximately 1.325 billion. The United States has approximately 0.304 billion. How many times as many people live in China than in the U.S. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.
  75. Math

    I would say it would be 62|352 😊😊
  76. Physics

    31.17691454 or 31.2
  77. Math

    When you have a 76% in math and you need to get your grade up to a b and daily assignments are 10% and quizzes are 80%. How will I get my grade up to a b in 5 weeks
  78. Algebra

    A club has 4 members. From these members, the positions of president, vice-president, and treasurer have to be filled. In how many different ways can these 3 positions be filled?
  79. Algebra

    A 12ft tall building casts a shadow. The distance from the top of the building to the tip of the shadow is 18 ft . Find the length of the shadow.
  80. Math

    ∆ABC has the points A(1, 7), B(-2, 2), and C(4, 2) as its vertices. The measure of the longest side of ∆ABC is units. ∆ABC is triangle. If ∆ABD is formed with the point D(1, 2) as its third vertex, then ∆ABD is triangle. The length of side AD is ...
  81. Biology

    Describe the traits that distinguish animals from other organisms Explain the diversity of invertebrates, chordates, and primates using the theory of evolution Describe the structures and body systems of animals that allow them to maintain homeostasis Describe the structures ...

    1. yes 2. i think is B but you might be right
  83. Language Art

    3. Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider's approach to living? A- "I don't know much about being a father." B- "It's hard to put things to a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another person.&...
  84. Algebra

    Make a box-and-whisker plot to represent each set of data. 13. Movie ratings: 1 4 1 2.5 3 2 3.5 2 3 1.5 4 2 41 1 3 4.5 15. Camera prices: $280 $220 $224 $70 $410 $90 $30 $120
  85. Criminal Investigation

    @Writeacher I don't know the answer to these three questions and I can't find it in my book.
  86. Criminal Investigation

    Safety precautions that should be observed in searching for a booby trap? What significance does a fire’s point of origin have regarding the investigation of a suspected arson fire? Discuss and compare the relationship between fire and police departments and the insurance...
  87. Chemistry

    Suppose the osmotic pressure of blood at 37 °C is 7.65 atm and you are preparing an intravenous (IV) NaCl solution for a patient. What concentration (in M) of NaCl solution should you prepare so the resulting IV solution is isotonic with blood, if the van’t Hoff ...
  88. Art

    Nvm, it's B :D
  89. Art

    What message was the designer of this hamburger ad hoping to send with the catchphrase homestyle? This burger will allow you to experience new exotic tastes. This burger will taste as good as one you would make with the family. this burger is your best bet for a quick tasty ...
  90. Chemistry

    Suppose the osmotic pressure of blood at 37 °C is 7.65 atm and you are preparing an intravenous (IV) NaCl solution for a patient. What concentration (in M) of NaCl solution should you prepare so the resulting IV solution is isotonic with blood, if the van’t Hoff ...
  91. Math

    Is -49 rational or irrational
  92. math algebra

    An​ employee's new salary is ​$18,165 after getting a​ 5% raise. What was the salary before the increase in​ pay?
  93. essay

    does March change by Geraldine brooks
  94. Social Studies

    3. Which type of judgeship has the least restrictive qualifications? 4. Which types of judgeships are elected statewide and which are elected countywide?
  95. math

    What is the minimum value of the expression 2x^2+3y^2+8x-24y+62 for real x and y?
  96. English

    Thanks, I guess I should of thought of that, but I was correct :)
  97. English

    My answer is A.
  98. English

    Which statement from "Zoos: Joys or Jails?" best captures the author's point of view? "At the zoo they are treated with care, but they should be treated with reverence." "Animals behave differently than they would in their natural surroundings.&...
  99. Algebra 2

    Use summation notation to write the series 2+4+6+8 for 10 term in each of these images, the lower limit of the summation notation is either n=1, or n=0
  100. Algebra 2

    Is there a common ratio for the geometric sequence and what are the missing terms? 2, -4, -16, -36..