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  1. history

    In What Ways Was The Threat Of American Expansion Into British North America A Reason For Federal Union
  2. Math, Algebra

    The area of the cone is: A=3.14*r*(r+sqrt(r^2+h^2)) Here: r=4 h=sqrt(7^2-4^2)=sqrt(33) A=3.14*4*(4+sqrt(16+33))=3.14*4*11=132*3.14=414.48 inches squared
  3. health

    She is right!!! U guys r not right when u post completely wrong answers if u don’t want to help then don’t!!
  4. Math

    2017 answers B A C D 100% correct
  5. algebera

    B C B A D
  6. Help?

    A B B is correct 100%
  7. chemistry- can you check my answers?

    Actually, a is not no effect